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19th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

April4-6 , 2016 - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Abstract : [1 to 13]

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O-01 Microencapsulation technology overview
Denis Poncelet
O-02 Carbohydrates based microencapsulation
Fred Heinze
O-03 Multifunctional additives for non-pharmaceutical applications
Georg Duerr
O-04 Industrial implementation of glass encapsulation systems: approaches, technologies and case studies
Job Ubbink
O-05 Cost effective encapsulation of active ingredients in the agricultural chemical and microbial control industries
Ian Tomlinson
O-06 Encapsulation at BASF
Roland Staff
O-07 CLNs : Coacervated lipidic nanocapsules for skin and hair care
Josep-Lluis Viladot
O-08 Pharmaceutical Technology of Soft-gel Capsules
Shoji Tachikawa
O-09 Rheological aspects of atomization processes for encapsulation
Marios Avgousti
O-10 Considerations for creating a biocompatible bioartificial pancreas
Paul de Vos
O-11 Particle Size and Shape with Dynamic Image Analysis
Alexander Kaestner
O-12 Thermal triggered stable core/shell microcapsules for industrial applications
Raul Amado Munoz
O-13 Technologies for dermatology and cosmetics, delivering instant and long lasting skin benefits
Samuel Shefer