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18th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

April 22-23 , 2015 - Eindhoven, Netherlands

Abstract : [1 to 14]

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O-01 Microencapsulation technology overview
Gisele Ongmayeb
O-02 Designing Fragance release systems for superior performances
Johan Pluyter
O-03 Using Microfluidic Encapsulation for developing microsphere sustained release drug products
Robin de Bruijn
O-04 Protection and Delivery of Therapeutics using Silica Micro-Encapsulation Technology
Chris Barbe
O-05 Iron Stabilization in Food - An Industry Perspective
Edwin Habeych
O-06 Testing Fragrance Encapsulation in-vitro and in-vivo
Claudio Ortiz
O-07 A Guide to Industrial Encapsulation Applications
James Oxley
O-08 Microencapsulation of water-soluble and water-insoluble actives by in-situ polymerization in non-aqueous medium
Shukla Parshuram
O-09 Next Generation Spray-Drying by Uniform Inkjet Printing-Drying
Joris Salari
O-10 Challenges for microencapsulated formulations in agriculture
Ulrich Steinbrenner
O-11 Scalable nanotechnology: atomic layer deposition for coating particles
Ruud van Ommen
O-12 Physico-Chemical Challenges of Designing Delivery Systems for Consumer and Industrial Applications
Fanwen Zeng
O-13 Enzyme encapsulation for industrial applications
Douglas Dale
O-14 Supercritical CO2 encapsulation
Hayley Every