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15th Industrial Symposium and 6th Trade Fair on Microencapsulation

March 20-22, 2012 - Archamps/Geneva, France

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O-01 Encapsulation: Overview on Technologies and Applications
Ronald Neufeld
O-02 Opportunities and challenges in encapsulation for Home & Personal Care Products
Katherine Thompson
O-03 Spray drying technologies and applications
Stephan Drusch
O-04 Fluid Bed Coating: Theory and Practice
Charles Frey
O-05 Commercial Scale Microencapsulation : from lab bench to commercial manufacture
Brian Frost & Hugues Forget
O-06 Microencapsulation by chemical methods
Dennis Vriezema
O-07 Silicon-based microencapsulation
Leon Marteaux
O-08 Colloidal Polyelectrolyte Complexes for the Delivery of Pharmaceuticals
Thierry Delair
O-09 Cosmetics and microencapsulation
Sven Gohla
O-10 Performance of industrial enzym formulations through the years, with respect to wear resistance
Gabrie Meesters
O-11 Stable Core/Shell microcapsules for industrial applications
Klaus Last
O-12 Flavour encapsulation
Jenny Weissbrodt