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Aquaculture and Microencapsulation

November 25-27, 2009 - Puerto-Varas, Chile

Abstract : [1 to 14]

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O1_1 Aquaculture: the Chilian challenge
Alvial A.
O1_2 Introduction to encapsulation
Poncelet D.
O1_3 Aquaculture in Brazil
Portella M.C.
O1_4 Fulfilling the dietary requirements of fish. Nutrition needs technology
Dias J.
O2_1 Challenges in the delivery of nutrients to marine suspension-feeders
Langdon C.
O2_2 Microencapsulated diets for early fish larvae. Yesterday s utopia, tomorrow s re
Yufera M.
O2_3 Delivery of water soluble nutrients to live feed
Nordgreen A.
O2_4 Mass production and use of liposome for feeding filter feeders in aquaculture
Barr Y.
O2_5 Development of delivery devices through microencapsulation and their use in Braz
Moraes A.M.
O3_1 Oral immunity against fish pathogens: the SRS vaccine example
Tobar J.
O3_2 Listeria control in fish aquaculture
Schoebitz R.
O3_3 Probiotics for aquaculture
Riquelme C.
O3_4 Encapsulation of fish oil
Drusch S.
O3_5 Immobilized algua for water treatment
de-Bashan L.