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Industrial Symposium on Applied Microencapsulation

February 3-5, 2009 - Brussels, Belgium

Abstract : [1 to 17]

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 17 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1_1 Fundamentals of Microencapsulation Technologies
Neufeld R.J.
O1_2 Nanopharmaceutical Delivery Systems
Soma E.
O2_1 Controlled Release in Crop Protection
Henriet M.
O2_2 Encapsulation and controlled delivery in foods
Pouzot M.
O2_3 Euroagri : Collaborative Projects
Villettaz J.C.
O3_1 Development of innovative vaccines using encapsulation
Elouahabi A.
O3_2 Opportunities and obstacles in the application of mammalian cell encapsulation
de Vos P.
O3_3 Natural antimicrobial release system to preserve fresh-cut fruit
Fernando Ayala-Zavala J.
O3_4 Microsieve-enabled monodisperse spray-drying
Girones M.
O4_1 Microencapsulated Phase Change Materials : Latent Heat Storage Systems
Benlahmar O.
O4_2 Determining Wear Resistance of Coated Particles Using Repeated Impacts
Meesters G.
O4_3 Spherizator S : A powerful and easy to use Microencapsulation device
Brandau T.
O4_4 Spray Drying in Laboratory Scale : Mini Spray Dryer B-290
Meuri M.
O5_1 Microcapsules in consumer and diversified products
Smets J.
O5_2 Physico-chemibcal Aspects of Flavor Encapsulation
Uhlemann J. and Reiss I.
O5_3 Technology Platform Microencapsulation ; Collaborative Networked Research Projec
Margutti S.
O5_4 Microencapsulation and powder generation by high pressure spraying processes
Kilzer A.