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Polymers: Delivering new performances to microcapsules - ncapsolutions

November 9-10, 2004 - Liege, Belgium

Abstract : [1 to 12]

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O01 Microencapsulation ?
Poncelet D.
O02 Thermodynamic assessment of polymer based delivery systems
Bencsedi D.
O03 Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Characterization of Microcapsules
Toffanin R.
O04 Particle size analysis: a multidimensional approach
Grandfils C.
O05 Encapsulating with chitosan
Gautier S.
O06 Microencapsulation of sensitive food ingredients
Goldberg C.
O07 Proteins: natural and flexible materials for microencapsulation
Vingerhoeds M., Harmsen P.
O08 Silicones as material for sustained release systems
Stoller C., Colas A., Marteaux L.
O09 Comparison of polysaccharide based polyelectrolyte complexes to generate microca
Kauper P.
O10 Selection of coating and immobilizing materials for stabilization of probiotics
Picot A.
O11 Biodegradable polyesters fur drug delivery systems. An overview
Enderle A.
O12 Hot-Melt Coating with lipid excipients
Jannin V.