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Controlled Release Systems in Cosmetic and Personal Care

May 23-24, 2002 - Lyon, France

Abstract : [1 to 14]

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O01 Encapsulation Technologies
Perrier E.
O02 Overview of CR in the market place
Versic R.
O03 Rational design of tailor made systems
Shefer S.
O04 Mass transfer properties
Hayert M.
O05 Skin vital interface and topical delivery
Marty J.P.
O06 Skin morphology, function and models
Schaefers U.
O07 Spherulites: multilamellar vesicles as drug and antigen carriers
Laversanne R.
O08 Hydrogel and film forming material
Lafforgue C.
O09 Coacervation
Versic R.
O10 Dispersion technologies
Poncelet D.
O11 Cosmeto-Textile
Delaye E.
O12 Polyelectrolyte complex microcapsules
Wandrey C.
O13 Perfume and Aroma encapsulation: some industrial applications
Smith L.
O14 Drug effect obtained from membrane biodegradability
Bonnet I.