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3rd Latino-America Symposium on Microencapsulation

November 27-29, 2017 - Pucon, Chile

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Use of proteins as delivery vehicle of food bioactives
Brodkorb, A.
O1-2 Effect of size on load capacity and releaserate on microcapsules with carvacrol
Molina, V.,et al 2017.
O1-3 Polyphenols-loaded liposomes: incorporation stages and size reduction method
Silva-Weiss, A., Silva, W., Osorio, F., Giménez, B., Ahumada, M., Quilaqueo, M
O1-4 Cell-laden hydrogel bioprinting using enzymatic hydrogelation and inkjetting
Sakai, S., Enkhtuul, G., Ueda, K., Taya, M.
O1-5 Cellular solids & capsule formation, properties and food applications
A. Nussinovitch
O1-6 Essential oil loaded in freeze-dried lipid systems: an experimental design study
Baldim, I., Oliveira, W.P.
O2-1 Considerations for immunoisolation and transplantation of pancreatic islets
de Vos Paul
O2-2 Towards the pulsatile release of drugs encapsulated inside micro-antibubbles
Araya-Hermosilla, R., Derville, F.,Rotteveel, F.,Tran, T.,Picchioni, F.,Pescarmo
O2-3 Gallic acid loaded PEO-core/ZEIN-shell nanofibers for chemopreventive action
Guarda, M., Mora B. et al.
O2-4 Clove oil and amphotericin B lipid systems for Leishmania amazonensis treatment
Oliveira, W.P., Cortes-Rojas, D.F., Nakamura I.B., Gadelha F.R., Miguel D.C.
O2-5 Encapsulation of drugs, nutrients and particles in nano and microcarriers
Oyarzun-Ampuero, F.
O2-6 EGCG-coaxial nanofibers for gallbladder cancer therapy
Sanhueza, C., Mora, B., Guarda MJ., Hermosilla, J., Acevedo, F.
O2-7 Evaluation of folate-modified polymeric nanoparticles containg paclitaxel
Luiz, MT., Abriata, JP., Raspantini, GL., Emery, FS., Marcato, PD., Marchetti, J
O3-1 Encapsulation by membrane emulsification
Dragosavac M. M and Piaccentini E.
O3-2 From micro to nanoencapsulation, innovative particles and their applications .
Santos, G., BUCHI Latinoamérica, México.
O3-3 Synthesis and evaluation of rice starch laurate for pickering emulsions
García-Tejeda, Y.V., Barrera-Figueroa, V., Leal-Castañeda, J. -Instituto Politéc
O3-4 Coating of phase change materials (PCMs) in fluidized bed
Prata, A. S., Paulo, B., Andreola, K., Taranto, O.
O3-5 Carbonate-cyclodextrin-based nanosponges. Solvent and melt reaction.
Rubilar, M., Garrido, B., Guineo, J. et al.
O3-6 PCL-TPGS nanoparticles with docetaxel: development and characterization
Raspantini, GL., Luiz, MT., Abriata, JP., Marchetti, JM .
O4-1 Material properties of saponins and their use in encapsulation
Drusch, S.