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24rd International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 21-23, 2016 - Lisbon, Portugal

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Cell encapsulation in microparticles by inkjetting and enzymatic cross-linking
Sakai, S., Yamamoto, Y., Enkhtuul, G., Taya, M., Nakamura, M.
O1-2 Engineering a vascularised encapsulation device to overcome islet hypoxia
Fernandez, S.A., Dussault, M.-A. et al.
O1-3 A high throughput screening method for human hepatocyte alginate encapsulation
Iansante, V., Mitry, R.R., Fitzpatrick, E., Dhawan, A., Filippi, C.
O1-4 Microparticles for yeast encapsulation produced by membrane emulsification
Morelli S., Holdich R.G., Dragosavac M.M.
O1-5 Biocatalytic pva and chitosan hydrogels
Fernandes, P., Neves, A.
O1-6 Effect of encapsulation in hydrogel sheath through cell cycle progression
Hotta, T., Sakai, S., Taya, M.
O1-7 Enzyme immobilization in regular-sized microspheres by membrane emulsification
Piacentini, E., Giorno, L.
O1-8 Confocal raman microscopy: a powerful tool for characterization of microcapsules
Kronekov·, Z., Pelach, M., LacÌk, I. et al.
O2-1 3D Co-Culture Model Based On Tumor And Normal Cells In Microcapsules
Markvicheva E., Akasov R., Gileva A., Burov S., Zaytseva-Zotova D.
O2-2 Frankincense oil based docetaxel nanoemulsions for enhanced oral bioavailability
Mittapelly N.,Pandey G., Mishra P.R.
O2-3 Potential of encapsulated hepatocytes spheroids for liver supply
Pereira U., Pandolfi M., Fleury M.J., Dufresne M., Legallais C.
O2-4 Design of nanostructured lipid carriers for vitamin A palmitate delivery
Pinto, F., De Barros, D.P.C., Fonseca, L.P.
O2-5 Controlled release of biocides by encapsulation
Eskesen, J., Jepsen, L. H. et al.
O2-6 Magnetic liposomes for remote controlled release of anticancer drug
Petrunin A., Gileva A., Vlasova K. et al.
O2-7 Optimization of antioxidants content in microemulsions by factorial design
Morais,A.R.V., Souza,G.F.P., Silva,T.S., Alencar,E.N., Reynaud,F., Egito, E.S.T.
O2-8 Surface modified alginate-particles by antibody for targeted drug delivery
Karasov·, A., Pittermannov·, A., ät?p·nek, F. and Kr·l, V.
O3-1 Alginate: Why The Fuss?
Neufeld, Ronald
O3-2 Co-crystallization as process for encapsulation of natural colorant
Federzoni, V., Alvim, I.D., Fadini, A.L., Silva, L.B., Queiroz, M.B.
O3-3 Beneficial effects of extracellular matrix components on microencapsulated islet
Llacua, LA., de Haan, BJ., de Vos, P.
O3-4 Production of carnauba wax particles for coating in fluidized bed
Paulo, B., Prata, A. et al.