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XX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 21-24, 2012 - Orillia, Ontario, Canada

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01_1 Microencapsulation of omega-3 oils with food biopolymers: in-vitro and in-vivo v
Augustin M., Sanguansri L., Shen, Z.
O01_2 Nano-encapsulation of tea polyphenols in casein micelles- The effect of EGCG-cas
Haratifar S., Paliyath G., Meckling K., Corredig M.
O01_3 Co-encapsulation of fish oil, phytosterol ester and limonene using dairy protein
Quek S.Y., Chen Q., Wen J., McGillivray D, Zhong F.
O01_4 Protein based materials as delivery systems of active compounds
Subirade Muriel
O02_1 Novel approaches to microencapsulation of animal cells using smart chitosan-poly
Markvicheva, E.
O02_2 Encapsulation of active compounds for incorporation in multifunctional coatings
Maia F., Tedim J., Zheludkevich M.L. and Ferreira M.G.S.
O02_3 Interfacial engineering in spray-dried microcapsules
Drusch, S. and Serfert, Y.
O02_4 Supramolecular Microcapsules from Microfluidic Droplets
Coulston R., Zhang J., Abell C., Scherman O. A.
O03_1 Role of pathogen-associated molecular patterns in immune responses against algin
Paredes-Juarez G.A., de Haan B.J. and de Vos P.
O03_2 A New Double Capsule for Human and Porcine Islet Transplantation
Safley, S.A., K. Gordon, G. Barber, et al.
O03_3 Noninvasive in vivo comparison of the vascular response to syngeneic and xenogen
Krishnan,R., Arora,R., White, SM., Storrs,R., Botvinick,E., Choi,B., Lakey, JRT.
O03_4 Emulsion-based encapsulation of insulin-producing cell clusters
Hoesli C.A., Kiang R.L.J., Charman E., Lo, B. K., and Piret J.M.
O03_5 Microfluidics based single islet encapsulation with real time 3D oxygen sensing
Shen, A., Chen, Chen, W., Lisowski, M., Khalil, G., Sweet, I.
O04_1 Pluripotent stem cell recovery from polymer microcarriers produced by Membrane E
Vamanu M.P. and Holdich R.G
O04_2 Bioencapslation based on artificial cells : (1) Bioencapsulation of stem cells f
Chang Thomas Ming Swi
O04_3 Developing polymeric delivery system for the entrapment of insulin-producing ste
Chaimov, D., Meivar-Levy, I., Ferber, S. and Machluf, M.
O04_4 Polymer Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation
Stover Harald, Casey Gardner, Rachelle Kleinberger, Alison Stewart, Nick Burke
O05_1 Cell-templated Biosilicification for Encapsulation of Single Cells and Multicell
Rickus J, Jaroch D, Madangopal R, Lu J, Mirmira R.
O05_2 Cold set whey protein microgels as immobilization matrices for food bioactives
Egan, T. Rosenberg, M. O'Sullivan, M. O'Riordan, D. and Jacquier, J.C.
O05_3 Attachment of liposomes on magnetotactic bacteria acting as self-propelled drug
Taherkhani S., Mohammadi M., Daoud J., Essa S., Martel S., and Tabrizian M.