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Xth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

April 26-28, 2002 - Prague, Czech Republic

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Tolerance of gel-entrapped microorganisms to the drying process: case of yeast
Simon J.-P., Massart B., Durieux A.
O1-2 Selected aspects of microencapsulated cells cultivation exemplified for cell lin
Lewinska D., Rosinski S., Granicka L., Wozniewick B., Kawiak J., Werynski A.
O1-3 Reactor for continuous production of highly uniform capsules formed by polyelect
Anilkumar A. V., Lacik I., Wang T.G.
O1-4 Carcinocin KZ 213 synthesis by entrapped carnobacterium piscicola 213. Compariso
Khouiti Z., Giroux E., Durieux A., Simon J-P.
O1-5 Study of the dynamics of endogenous cytokinin levels using immobilized plant cel
Blagoeva E., Malbeck J., Gaudinova A., Vankova R.
O2-0 Immunoprotection of pancreatic islet grafts within alginate-based microcapsules
Calafiore R., Basta G., Luca G., Brunetti P.
O2-1 Mammalian cells cultivated in alginate-chitosan microcapsules as a tool for gene
Markvicheva E., MareevaT. , Kuptsova S., Yarovinsky F., Surovoy A.
O2-2 Encapsulation of thrombin receptor agonist peptide in PLGA beads
Grandfils C., MarkvichevaE.A. , Barakat I., Dugina T., Lange M., Strukova S.
O2-3 Effects of compression on lactobacillus acidophilus
Chan E. S., Zhang Z.
O2-4 Production of 1,3-propanediol with immobilized microorganisms
Bock R., Koschik I., Schlieker M., Wittlich P., Vorlop K.-D.
O2-5 To the mechanism of polymeric covers on seeds(capsulation). Biophysical aspects
Rashidova S.Sh, Voropaeva N.L., Ruban I.N.
O3-0 Control and modulation of probiotic cultures characteristics using immobilized c
Lacroix C.
O3-1 effect of yeast and oenococcus oeni immobilization on the formation of flavour c
Durieux A., Bodo E., Nedovic V., Simon J.-P.
O3-2 Modelling of coupled nitrification and denitrification processes with co-immobil
Annesini M.C., Pernetti M., Bruni R.
O3-3 Carbohydrates as elicitors in fungal cultures
Keshavarz T., Radman R., Saez T., Bucke C.
O3-4 Microbial growth in a fixed volume: studies with encapsulated lactic acid bacter
Dembczynski R., Krugiolka I., Jankowski T.
O3-5 Ecologically safe seeds capsulation technology
Rashidova S.Sh, Voropaeva N.L., Ruban I.N.
O4-1 Microcapsule biocompatibility in large and small animals: towards a clinical bio
Hunkeler D., Oberholzer J., Toso C., Wandrey C., Sainz Visal D., Espinosa D., Mo
O4-2 Interaction between the matrix network and the biological activity of recombinan
Wynant I., Moscoso A., Bohets H., Lavrijsen K., Durieux A., Simon J-P.
O4-3 Monitoring the viability of encapsulated bacteria in sol-gel
Nassif N., Coradin T., Roux C., Bouvet O., Livage J.