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VIIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

November 20-23, 1998 - Easton, USA

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O7-2 Increased nisin Z production of supplemented whey permeate by repeated-cycle bat
Bertrand N., Fliss I., Lacroix C.
O7-3 Experimental validation of a model for cell release from gel beads during contin
Prioult G., Lacroix C., Fliss I.
O7-4 Modeling of continuous lactic acid production from whey permeate with lactic aci
Schepers A.W., Lacroix C., Thibault J.
O7-5 Effect of inoculum composition and low KCl supplementation on the biological and
Lamboley A.W., Lacroix C., Vuillemard J.C., Champagne C.P.
O8-1 Effects of alginate composition on the metabolic, secretory, and growth characte
Constantinidis I., Rask I., Long R.C., Sambanis A.
O8-2 Long term survival of protein-secreting cells encapsulated in serum albumin-algi
Dervillez X., Edwards-Levy F., Duret V., Levy M.C., Cohen J.H.M.
O8-3 Production system for baculovirus infected insect cell cultures based on microca
Huebner H., Steinau T., Buchholz R.
O8-4 Modelling of beer fermentation with encapsulated enzyme
Dulieu C. Poncelet D.
O8-5 Effect of yeast and Leuconostoc oenos immobilization on the formation of flavour
Durieux A., Nedovic V., Van Nedervelde L., Rosseels P., Vandegans J., Plaisant A
O9-1 Machine vision system for measuring capsule size and sphericity
Schlameus W., Marshall M.
O9-2 Improvement of bead monodispersity by fields of high electrical tension
Pluss R., Brandenberg H., Saller R.
P1 Bioencapsulation high-throughput screening of combinatorial biology expression l
Legler T., Nasby N., Brian P., Evans P., Silva C., Hansen A., Murphy P., Xu H.
P10 Polycation-induced structural rearrangements in the negative lipid membrane
Yaroslavova E.G.
P11 Preparation and characterization of alginate/poly(L-lysine) microcapsules contai
Hsu F.Y., Tsai S.W., Wang Y.J.
P12 Preparation and characterization of biodegradable magnetic carbidopa microsphere
Arica B., Kas H.S., Sargon M.F., Hincal A.A.
P13 Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite-alginate granules
Krylova E.A., Ivanov A.A., Muravev E.N., Orlovskii V.P., Plashchina I.G., Poncel
P14 Preparation of hydroxyapatite-gelatine microspherical granules by coprecipitatio
Krylova E.A., Ivanov A.A., Kistenev E.V., Orlovskii V.P., Plashchina I.G., Braud
P15 Preparation, characterization and in-vivo distribution of terbutaline sulfate lo
Selec H., Kas H.S., Ercan M.T., Sargon M.F., Capan Y., Hincal A.A.
P16 Preparation of polysaccharide microspheres loading insulin
Li X., Tian H.
P17 Preparation of whey proteins microparticles for bioencapsulation : effect of pro
Beaulieu L., Paquin P., Subirade M.