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VIIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

November 20-23, 1998 - Easton, USA

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Determination and comparison of the mechanical properties of microcapsules
Dautzenberg H., Schuldt M., Grasnick G., Lerche D.
O1-2 Halloysite : a natural mineral for entrapment and release of active agents
Gaber B.P., Price R.
O1-3 Internal and external gellation techniques for DNA encapsulated in sodium algina
Quong D., Ho J., Neufeld R.J.
O1-4 Whey protein-based microcapsules for controlled and sustained core release appli
Rosenberg M.
O2-1 Key characterization parameters of alginate for use in biomedical and pharmaceut
Melvik J.E., Kristensen A.H., Dornish M., Skaugrud O.
O2-2 Microencapsulated diets for fish larvae : current State of the Art
Yufera M., Kolkovski S., Fernandez-Diaz C., Dabrowski K., Thies C.
O2-3 Evaluation of protein release from chitosan-alginate microcapsules produced via
Vandenberg G.W., Drolet C., Scott S.L., de la Noue J.
O3-1 Potentialities of magnetoliposomes on affinity purification of enzymes
Martins F., Moraes A., Santana M.
O3-2 New development in multilayer microencapsulation
Pommersheim R., Hessel V., Ehrfeld W.
O3-3 Superactivity of enzymes in surfactant reversed micelles in organic solvents
Klyachko N., Levashov A.V.
O4-1 The development of a new polymeric glucose-triggered drug delivery device
Kanokpanont S., Wheatley M.A.
O4-2 Encapsulation, stability and catalytic characteristics of lactate dehydrogenase
Sukhorukov G.B., Saburova E.A., Bobreshova M., Elfimova L.I., Sukhorukov B.I., S
O5-1 Preparation and characterization of beta-cyclodextrin complexing drugs used for
Lima H., Moraes A., de Moraes F., Zanin G., Santana M.
O5-2 Capsules based on cellulose sulfate provide a promising rool for biomedical appl
Saller R.M., Lohr J.M., Muller P., Pelegrin M., Dautzenberg H., Pluss R., Bauch
O5-3 Microencapsulated liposomes : an approach to controlled drug delivery
Dhoot N., Wheatley M.A.
O6-1 Heavy metal removal using encapsulated bacterial based biosorbants
Pazirandeh M., Bang S.
O6-2 Production and application of gellan gum microbeads for in-situ bioremediation o
Moslemy P., Millette D., Guiot S., Neufeld R.J.
O6-3 Bioconversion of renewable resources to 1,3-propanediol
Willke T., Jekel M., Wittlich P., Reimann C., Lutz J., Vorlop K.-D.
O7-0 Properties of milk protein beads and alginic acid beads
Onwulata C.I., Konstance R.P.
O7-1 Stability of vitamin D in aerosil tablets
Dmitrenko O.