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24th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

24th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Rotterdam, The Netherlands - May 2-5, 2022

What means Exhibition booth ?
  • A (2m x 3m) area.
  • One table (0,75m x 1,5m), 2 chairs.
  • Electric plugs.
  • Hotel does not have poster boards. We will try to find a solution on site.
Shipping - Mounting instruction

Shipping must be done to ...

Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre & Mainport by Inntel Hotels
c/o Marigot Laddrak
Leuvehaven 77
3011 EA Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 – 2175719
Specifying for 24st Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Booth installation will be possible on Monday June 6, 2022, staring at 15:00
Position of the booths will be organized on site to optimize your participation

Exhibitor presentation

If you are not speakers, you may make a short presentation during the first session

  • This is only a short introduction of your activities (3 minutes).
  • You are allowed to provide only 3 slides.
  • Slides will be collected before the first session and compiled in one file to avoid switching between presentations.
Registration as Exhibitor

The first staff member of an exhibiting company registers as Exhibitor.
Additional members of the same exhibiting company register as Exhibitor2 and benefit from reduced fees. Accompanying persons do not have access to the lecture/exhibition rooms, coffee breaks, lunches. Accompanying fees include 3 nights accommodation breakfast included, May 2-5, 2022, in a shared double/twin bedroom with a participant requesting a double room accommodation, and the event dinner. For an accompanying person registration, please contact us through the "Contact" page.

Class Exhibitor Exhibitor2 Accompanying

Before January 31st, 2022 2000 € 500 € 250 €
Before April 1st, 2022 2200 € 500 € 250 €
After April 1st, 2022 2400 € 700 € 250 €

AccommodationCost per nights per person
Inntel Hotel ****
Before April 1st, 2022Single room120 €
Double/Twin room70 €/per person
After April 1st, 2022Will be updated according to availability and seasonal rate of the rooms.

Mainport Hotel *****
Before April 1st, 2022Single room150 €
Double/Twin room90 €/per person
After April 1st, 2022Will be updated according to availability and seasonal rate of the rooms.

Registration fees include:

  • If you register before January 31st, 2022, your logo will be included on the second and the third paper invitations.
  • Entrance to the conference and exhibition rooms, proceedings, coffee breaks, lunches, conference dinner.
  • One booth in the conference exhibition room;
  • Five minutes oral presentation during the conference first session;
  • Company name and logo associated with one Oral Session;
  • Logo published on the conference web site and in the conference proceedings;
  • Participants data listing transmitted in a EXCEL file at the end of the conference;
  • Full page advertisement included in the conference proceedings;
  • BUT is not included transport to the conference.