27th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Marseille, France - June 7-10, 2022

Submission deadline
Oral submissionsPoster submissionOral & grant selection
Before April 30, 2022Before May 15, 2022May 15, 2022

To be eligible for grant attribution, you must submit your contribution before April 30, 2022

Authors' Instructions and recommendation

The purpose of the abstracts is to draw attention to your contribution and your research, but also to allow the scientific committee to make a good selection for the orals and for scholarship attribution. We then advise you to submit high quality content with scrupulous respect of the authors's recommendations.Text not respecting the authors's recommendations will be rejected.

Participants could submit several contributions. The first author/contributor is always the person who submit the abstract. He/she will have to present either as a poster or oral the contribution during the conference. Scholarships are be attributed only to the contributors.

The process of submitting a contribution includes

  1. You have to be registered and log in to submit a contribution
  2. Click on Your contributions
  3. Fill and submit the form Add one contribution
    • Submit a short title, maximum 1 line, only in lower case.
    • Select the session of the most appropriate for your abstract.
  4. Download the template and read carefully the instructions.
  5. Write your text using the template.
    • Avoid copy and paste from word processor or you have to transfer trough a non formatted text editor.
    • Word processor transfers code and style instructions that modify the template.
    • Use the BRG style to format your text from the menu bar or the style pane.
    • Copy and pass figures and tables from the template and replace their content to respect their style
  6. Your text must include
    • Title, identical to the contribution form
    • Authors, maximum 4, and (only) the affiliation of the first authors/contributor
    • Picture of the contributor,
    • Your text itself may be divided in Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion & Conclusions, References and affiliations,
    • Figures and tables are included in the text,
  7. Submit your text through the form "Yours contributions"