27th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Marseille, France - June 7-10, 2022

  • BRG will offer scholarships consisting in free registration and accommodation.
  • Scholarships are attributed to young students, less than 30 years old, and exceptionally, on request, to young researchers coming from developing countries.
  • To applied for a scholarship, simply select the option grant request "as_student" or "as_emerging_country" during the registration process
  • To be eligible, candidates must have submitted a contribution that strictly fits with the authors'recommendations.
  • Scholarships will be attributed by beginning of May 2021 and status consultable through the registration page.
  • If you have applied for scholarship do not pay registration before obtaining information about the selection.
  • Scholarships are attributed by the scientific committee, decision is not debatable.
  • No answer will be provided regarding scholarship attribution.