27th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Marseille, France - June 7-10, 2022

2022 Poncelet Prize for Innovation in Microencapsulation

Nominations are requested for outstanding candidates to be considered for the 2022 Poncelet Prize for Innovation in Encapsulation Technology, cosponsored by Procter & Gamble and by the Bioencapsulation Research Group (association BRG). The Prize was established in 2011 and presented to Denis Poncelet, the President of the BRG, to recognize and honour his leadership and contributions to the field of Bio and Microencapsulation. Subsequent recipients of the award have been

  • Christophe Lacroix (presented in 2012, Orillia),
  • Ronald Neufeld (2013, Berlin),
  • Paul de Vos (2014, Bratislava),
  • Elena Markvicheva (2015, Delft),
  • André Brodkorb (2016, Lisbon),
  • Stephan Drusch (2017, La Chapelle sur Erdre) and
  • Alessandro Ofner (2019).

In preparation for the 2022 annual conference of the BRG to be held in Marseille, France from June 07-10, the award recipient will be invited to present a keynote lecture at the conference, and will be presented with the Poncelet Prize which includes a trophy, 1500€ provided through Procter & Gamble's sponsorship, a travel award provided through the BRG's cosponsorship support (conference registration and accommodation plus 500 euro toward expenses). The recipient will be invited to submit a short paper based on the keynote lecture.

The award is not intended as a life-time achievement award. It rather recognizes innovation in the field of microencapsulation, which could arise from process design and modernisation, development of new core and shell materials, innovation in characterization methods, or innovation in emerging fields of applications. The innovative contribution should significantly contribute to progress in our understanding of encapsulation and/or have outstanding potential for commercialization application.

Self-nominations will not be accepted, so the relationship between the nominator and nominee must be clearly stated. Deadline for submission of nominations is March 31, 2022.

The nomination should include:

  • a summary introducing and nominating the potential candidate (maximum one page)
  • a description of the innovation addressing the state of the art, the nature of the innovation, a technical description and the innovative potential in terms of scientific progress and/or commercialisation (maximum two pages),
  • one item as supplementary material (e.g. a publication, a patent, …),
  • optional: a curriculum vitae

The award selection panel will include 3 industrials and 3 seniors researchers coming from different fields and having different expertise. Following consultation with the prize selection panel, the award for 2022 will recognize candidates for a specific innovative contribution. For a candidate to be considered for the prize, the specific innovative contribution or achievement must be clearly stated, identified and supported. Most preferably innovation has been published, patented or commercialised within the last five years.

The nomination including above mentioned documents must be submitted as one pdf file to: PonceletAward@bioencapsulation.net for distribution to the award panel. The nominated candidate must be available to attend the BRG conference and present their work as a keynote lecture, in order to receive the Prize.

We invite you to diffuse the invitation by downloading the PDF version