12th Microencapsulation Training School

Berlin, Germany - March 1-4, 2021

Contributions are limited to student who wish to get a fellowship
Abstract submissionsAbstract selection
Before February 1, 2021February 1, 2021
  • To be eligible for fellowship, submit your contribution before February 1, 2021
  • The fellowship will be attributed on merit for the quality of content, but also the respect of the authors' instructions.
  • A participant could submit ONLY ONE contribution.
  • The 12 best abstracts will be selected to present orally during 5 minutes.
  • Your contribution may be a report of some results and/or your future project on microencapsulation.
Authors' Instructions and recommendation
  • Upload the template, fill it and submit as PDF file
  • If you resubmit an abstract, the previous one will be erased
  • You are advised to ...
    • start your text by short paragraphs describing your objectives,
    • include some text describing your results and/or your experimental plan
    • finalize the contribution by some conclusion pointed out the innovative aspects of your work or project.
  • You may use graphs or tables. However, they must not represent more than half of the page.
  • Your text must be synthetic but complete to allow reviewers to understand your objectives and contribution to the domain.
  • Respect the template
    • Time new Roman 12px, Title in bold upper case, authors' list in italic
    • Automatic 0,6 cm indentation of the paragraph, no line between paragraphs, 6px will be automatically added between them
    • Title and authors' list must be limited to one line
    • You are requested to provide a short CV in 3-4 lines maximum
    • maximum one page including the CV, maximum 3 references)