11th Microencapsulation Training School

Loughborough, U.K. - April 9-12, 2019

Submission deadline
Oral submissionsPoster submissionOral & grant selection
Before February 28, 2019Before February 28, 2019March 15, 2019

Be aware

  • To be eligible for grant attribution, you must submit your contribution before February 28, 2019
  • The grant will be attributed on merit for the quality of content of the contribution, but also the respect of the authors' instructions.
  • A participant may submit several contributions.
  • Contribution may be a report of your research or a project plan for starting PhD.
  • Report any problem to 2019_Loughborough@bioencapsulation.net
Authors' Instructions and recommendation

Here is the procedure to submit your contribution :

  1. To access to the contributions, you must be registered and log in
  2. Click on Your contributions
  3. Fill and submit the form Add one contribution
    • Enter a short title, maximum 100 chars, only in lower case except first letter.
    • Verify contributor's name and affiliation : the participant who submit a contribution will present it oraly or as a poster.
  4. Click on Create your contribution
  5. You are now able to fill and modify your abstract by clicking on the corresponding zone:
    • Title
    • Contributor
    • Picture of the contributor
    • Your text itself divided in Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion & Conclusions, References, Authors and affiliations
    • Figures and tables are included in the text
  6. You have to save your abstract at least every 15 minutes to ensure the data is saved.
  7. When you close your abstract, you can still come back later to re-edit it by selecting it in Your contributions.
  8. When you click on a part of the form, a menu appears allowing you to select the styles and functions available in this section (see below).

    • Before you start editing your abstract, prepare all the images and keep them in png, jpeg, jpg or gif in high resolution.
    • You must also convert the equations into images.
    • Images must be uploaded using the menu and not pasted from any software.
    • Avoid copy/paste from any word editor. The style information and the picture will not be pasted.
    • Do not include any blank line.

    Editing menu