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Instructions New registration Login

Please do not register twice. Use simple family name to be able to log in easily. Print your registration page before to submit it to be sure which family name you used.

How to register ?
  • Click on New registration,
  • complete the registration form and submit it.
  • You may then modify your registration, see your registration and grant status, get invoice, get invitation letter ...
To re-open your registration (login)
  • You have to Log in.
  • Enter your lastname (exactly like in your registration form !) and password to open your registration page.
  • If you lost your password, request a new one.
  • While logged in, you may modify your registration, see registration and grant status, get invoice, get invitation letter ...
Registration fees and payment
ClassStudents Academics Industrials
If registered before March 30th 425 R$
(265 US$)
(171 €)
650 R$
(405 US$)
(262 €)
1600 R$
(1000 US$)
(644 €)

If registered after March 30th 500 R$
(315 US$)
(201 €)
750 R$
(480 US$)
(750 €)
1800 R$
(1125 US$)
(725 €)

** subject to foreign exchange rate

*Registration fees include complete participation to the workshop: welcome reception, proceedings, pen drive with the abstracts, notepad and pen, coffee breaks with snack, 3 lunches BUT NOT accommodation.

  • Registration as 'student' means Master or PhD student, maximum 1 year after graduation and maximum 30 years old..
  • Cancellation done after April 15, 2011, full payment is due.
How to pay ?

You may pay by

  • For Brazilian, using a botelo
  • for foreigner, on the BRG account and in Euros
    • by credit card (easiest solution)
    • By bank transfer
    • By check

As you are registered, you may select payment with full information how to make the payment.