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XXI International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Berlin, Germany - August 28-30, 2013
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01_1 Novel Hydrocolloid Carriers for Efficient Biocontrol of Soilborne Plant-Pathogen A. Nussinovitch
O01_2 Controlled temperature responsive particle production by membrane emulsification Vamanu M.P., Holdich R.G.
O01_3 Biocide-loaded microcontainers obtained by water-based ultrasound chemistry Borodina T., Marchenko I., Bukreeva T., Galatenko O., Terekhova L.,et al.
O01_4 New binary polyelectrolyte systems for bacteria encapsulation. Sobol M. and Bartkowiak A.
O01_5 WOW Multiple microencapsulation of food ingredients. The organic alternative Gimeno M.
O01_6 Development of CO2 releasing beads as attractive component for novel « attract- Patel, A. V., Beitzen-Heineke, W., Vemmer, M.
O01_7 Encapsulation and release of active species for protective coatings and correspo Tedim, J., Maia, F., Fernandes, S., Silva, A.P., Cunha A., Almeida A., et al.
O01_8 Enhanced biosurfactant synthesis by cryogel entrapped bacteria Kabaivanova L., Christova N., Petrov P.
O02_1 Alternative way for tailoring acid stability, barrier and/or adsorbent propertie Ré M.I, Da Costa Neto B.P., Da Mata A.L.M.L, Lopes M.V., Rossi-Bergmann B.
O02_2 Shellac coating enhances survival of probiotics during storage and the possible Ying DY, Zhu SC, Cheng LJ, Sanguansri L and Augustin MA
O02_3 Encapsulation of structured phenolic lipids by complex coacervation method Aziz S., Neufeld R.J., and Kermasha S.
O02_4 Viability of encapsulated probiotics; effect of encapsulation materials and food Martin-Villena M., Dijkstra A.R., De Hoog, E.H.A
O02_5 Effect of wall structure and formulation on O2 barrier of spray dried flavorings Reineccius G. A
O02_6 Encapsulation of betalain into double w/o/w emulsion Kaimainen M., Marze S., Järvenpää E., Anton M., Huopalahti R.
O02_7 Protection of oxygen-sensitive ingredients using composite microencapsulation ma Ten Cate A.T., van Ee R.J., Eversdijk J.
O02_8 Saponin-based micelles as carrier for lutein: Effect of pH and presence of gluco Tippel J., Gohde L., Drusch S.
O03_1 Emulsions and nanoparticles on innovative biocatalysis, design of drug delivery Fonseca L.P.
O03_2 Novel Alginate Based Amphiphilic Drug-Conjugated Graft Copolymers for Controlled Kapishon V, Cunningham M, Neufeld R, Whitney R and Champagne P.
O03_3 Supercritical fluid extraction of emulsions for the production of vitamin E nano Prieto C., Calvo L.
O03_4 Encapsulation of polyphenol rich extract from Syzygium aromaticum in solid lipid Cortés-Rojas D.F., Souza C.R.F., Oliveira W.P.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O03_5 Development of 3D nanoprisms for specific detetction of bacteria in complex envi Lacroix C. and Yaffee M.
O03_6 Encapsulation of oil in Ca-alginate microcapsules by inverse gelation technique Martins E., Renard D., Davy J., Marquis M. and Poncelet D.
O03_7 Encapsulation by membrane emulsification Dragosavac M. M., Vladisavljević G.T., Holdich R.G
O03_8 Thermoprotective bioencapsulation of chlorella cells within silica/titania nanos Ko E. H., Yoon Y. and Choi I. S.
O04_1 Microcapsule design for encapsulation of islets of Langerhans: An ongoing effort Lacik I.
O04_2 In vitro simulation of in vivo performance of oral dosed nanoparticulate insulin Neufeld R.J., Golkaran F., Pinto Reis C., and Damgé C.
O04_3 Long-lasting eye drop delivery platform for targeted ocular delivery application Liu S., Verma M.S., Jones L., Gu F.X.
O04_4 Engineered Hydrogels for Cell Microencapsulation and Subsequent Transplantation Mahou R, Borcard F, Meier RPH, Gonelle-Gispert C, Bühler LH, Wandrey C
O04_5 Synthetic Polymer Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation and as Cell Supports Stover H.
O04_6 Design of polymeric-based nanoparticles for treatment of skin conditions: atopic Silva C., Gomes A., Candeias S., Rijo P., Pinto Reis C., et al.
O04_7 Beta-glucans for developing multifunctional drug delivery platforms Verma M.S., Lehtovaara B.C., Jones L.W. and Gu F.X.
O04_8 CellEnc TM: new microfluidic platform for automated cell encapsulation ForviE DalleP BoizotF AlessioM BelleminA CostaG CaillatP BenhamouP RiveraF
O05_1 From art to science in fluid bed coating optimization Meesters G.
O05_2 A CLSM method for the dynamic observation of pH within alginate matrices Cook M.T., Saratoon T., Tzortzis G., Edwards A., Charalampopoulos D., Khuto
O05_3 Behaviour of different proteins exposed to microencapsulation process: influence Trindade RA, Melo-Filho AC, Carvalho LR, Veloso-Junior PHH
O05_4 Self-assembly of submicron-sized colloidosomes with tailorable nanopores Bollhorst T., Grieb T., Rosenauer A., Fuller G., Maas M., Rezwan K.
O05_5 Spectral screening to monitor the encapsulation yield and controlled release of Socaciu C., Trif M., Vodnar D. and Pop O. L.
O05_6 A complement-based approach to studying nanomaterial biocompatibility : Studying Huang J. G., Gu F. X.
O05_7 Preparation, Optimization And Surface Modification Of Magnetic PLGA Nanoparticle Shubhra Q.T.H., Feczkó T. and Gyenis J.
O05_8 Case Sudy for Stabilization and controlled release of microorganisms based on fl Jacob M., Gary D.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_01 Batch and fed-batch synthesis of butyrohydroxamic acid using alginate gel entrap Chand D., Arora K., Pandey D., Kumari P., Devi N. and Singh R.
P_02 Stability of curcumin encapsulated in blends of maltodextrin, gum Arabic and mod Telis V. R. N., Cano-Higuita D. M.
P_03 Influence of homogenization processes on curcumin encapsulation by freeze and sp Telis V.R.N., Malacrida C.R.
P_04 Encapsulation via Microfluidics: An Economic Feasibility Study Rodrigo-Gomez R., Gasull-Morales A., Fernandez-Prieto S., Smets J.
P_05 Spray drying of grape juice as affected by carrier agent concentration and dryin Moser P., Telis V.R.N.
P_06 Whey protein concentrated/maltodextrin blend as carrier agent to grape juice spr Moser P., Janzantti N.S., Souza R.T., Telis V.R.N.
P_07 Different Techniques for the Encapsulation of Probiotics Ghorbani M., Jafari S.M.
P_08 Enzyme Bioencapsulation Using Magnetic Fe3o4-Chitosan Costa-Silva T.A., Marques P.S., Souza C.R.F., Said S., Oliveira W.P.
P_09 Influence of a limited enzymatic hydrolysis on the functional properties of β-l Tamm F., Gies K., Serfert Y., Drusch S.
P_10 Influence of drying technologies on encapsulation of green tea catechins in lipo Souza C.R.F., Secolin V.A., Oliveira W.P.
P_11 Novel synthesis route of silica based networks for immobilization of a hydrogen Patel A., Homburg S. V., Kraushaar K., Kroke E., Müller C.
P_12 Micro/nanoencapsulation of citriodiol with ethyl cellulose for repellent textile Hermida L., Arata J., Specos M., Topollan D., Gauna R., Arabia F., Córd
P_13 Computational modelling of air suspension coating for bioencapsulation Ying DY, Hilton JE, Sanguansri L and Cleary PW
P_14 Platelets responce to hydroxyapatite-alginate matrixes Krylova E, Krasheninnikov M.,Makarov M.,Novikova N
P_15 Peroxide filled poly (methyl methacrylate) microcapsules for non-pulmonary oxyge McHugh M.A., Mallepally R., Ward K.
P_16 A new method for fungal genetics: flow cytometry of microencapsulated filamentou Smet F., Delgado-Ramos L., MarcosA.T., Cánovas D. and Chávez S.
P_17 Water sorption isotherms of spray dried cherimoya puree Morales-Medina R., Muñío M.M., Guadix A. and Guadix E.M.
P_18 Protection of bioactive peptides using spray coating Gough R., Miao S., Brodkorb A., Hill C. and Rea M. C.
P_19 Encapsulation in yeast - new challenge for promising applications in food techno Pham-Hoang B.N., Waché Y.
P_20 Hyphenated thermoanalytical methods for characterization of essential oil microp Oliveira W.P., Fernande, L.P., Novák Cs.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_21 Encapsulation of probiotic yeast cells with pectin Tanangteerapong D., Overton T.W., Thomas C.R. and Zhang Z.
P_22 Binary and quaternary inclusion complexes containing Lippia sidoides essential o Oliveira W.P., Freitas P.N.F., Souza C.R.F.
P_23 Factors influencing the mechanical stability of alginate beads Bhujbal S.V., Paredes G., Niclou S.P. and de Vos P.
P_24 Chemical Modifications of Sodium Alginate for the Microencapsulation of Islets o Borcard F., Mahou R., Montanari E., Bollinger A., Bühler L., Wandrey C.
P_25 Role of danger signals from the enveloped cells in immune responses against micr Paredes-Juarez G.A., de Haan B.J. and de Vos P.
P_26 Evaluation of antibiofilm activity of copaiba essential oil emulsion Faria M.A.S. et al.
P_27 Emulsions based on buriti (Mauritia flexuosa) oil from the Brazilian Amazonia Faria M.A.S. et al.
P_28 Nanotransporter for the delivery of anticancer drugs : A potential therapeutic t Elumalai R., Patil S., Kondaiah P. and Raichur A.M.
P_29 Intracellularly triggered biopolymer based polyelectrolyte nanocapsules for targ Pulakkat S., Balaji S., Rangarajan A. and Raichur A. M.
P_30 Encapsulation of Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases as a tool for research of biooxi Bucko M., Gemeiner P., Schenkmayerova A, Illesova A., Vikartovská A., Lacik I.
P_31 Quality control of bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana Shaw) oil: a contribution for the Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_32 Antifungal assay for an ophthalmic formulation of amphotericin B-microemulsion Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_33 Release and skin permeation of lapachol from microemulsion and gel dosage forms Leal L.B.,Tabosa M.A.M., Sousa G.D., Castelo Branco D.M.,Santana D.P.
P_34 In vitro permeation study of microemulsions containing cidofovir Santana D.P., Lima E.N., Melo E.K.S., Leal L.B.
P_35 Bitterness-Masking Ingredient and Method Yamada K. and Yamada Y.
P_36 In vitro toxicity evaluation against red blood cells of an ophthalmic amphoteric Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_37 Effect of cross-linking agent on the characteristics of chitosan nanoparticles d Al-Kassas R., Gharaei E. and Shelling A.N.
P_38 Effects of various process parameters on fluidized bed particle coating Karaoglan E., Maudhuit A., Poncelet D.
P_39 Analyses of amphotericin B superagreggates stability by oxidant agent and size b Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_40 Physicochemical stability evaluation of the lyophilized amphotericin B superaggr Silva-Filho M.A., Siqueira S.D.V.S., Silva C.A., Araújo I.B. and Egito E.S.T.
Ref. Contributions 81 to 100 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_41 Optimization of Microspheres Formulation by a Co-extrusion Method Henry N., Buchala L., Gueraud F. and Poncelet D.
P_42 Encapsulation of Yeast Cells as Probiotics by Tableting Pancholi S., Thomas C., Justen P., Sampsonis C., and Zhang Z.
P_43 Challenges in HPLC to UHPLC method conversion Kaimainen M., Aisala H., Suomela J.-P., Huopalahti R.
P_44 Microencapsulation of xylitol by double emulsion followed by complex coacervatio Santos M.G., Munichshofer D.D., Moraes I.C.F., Favaro-Trindade C.S.
P_45 Targeted liposomal genetic drug carriers for leukemia treatment. Meissner J., Toporkiewicz M. and Sikorski A.F.
P_46 FTIR spectroscopy as a tool for surface characterization of SA-CS-PMCG polyelect Treľová D., Kleinová A., Dvoranová D., Lacík I.
P_47 Encapsulation of beta-carotene in yeast: influence of culture condition Ta TMN., Tran HD., Ho TTM., Pham TV.
P_48 Microencapsulation of Gac oil in chitosan bead Tran HD., An TT., Ta TMN.
P_49 Evaluation of ascorbic acid microcapsules obtained by microfluidic devices Comunian T.A., Abbaspourrad A., Favaro-Trindade C.S., Weitz D.A.
P_50 Optimization of wall material mixtures for anthocyanins microencapsulation by sp García-Tejeda Y., Salinas-Moreno Y., Trápaga-Martínez L and Martínez-Bustos
P_51 Investigations of Contact Angle and Adhesion Properties of Food Grade Coating So Kape A., Ruick B. and Drusch S.
P_52 Effect of cyclodextrins as encapsulating agents for stimulating mycelium growth López-Nicolás J.M., Pérez M., Lozano M.C., García F. and Morte A.
P_53 Determination of the molecular weight cut off of microcapsules with a fluorescen Demont A., Cole H., Bones J., Marison I.
P_54 Microencapsulation of DL-α-tocopherol in bakers’ yeast cells Czerniak A., Jankowski T.
P_55 Encapsulation of thyme and oregano CO2 extracts in Ca-alginate hydrogels for ant Vemmer M., Fredrich E., Brune I., Tauch A., Patel A.
P_56 Use of fibrillar β-lactoglobulin for microencapsulation of lipophilic ingredien Serfert Y., Tan C.-P., Lamprecht C., Selhuber-Unkel C., Drusch S., Schwarz K.
P_57 Cell growth in monodisperse water-in-oil emulsion droplets using microfluidics Oprea A.M., Hirata K., Washio N., Ono T.
P_58 The project ATTRACT: Protection of crops from soil-borne insect pests with a nov Humbert P., Vemmer M., Beitzen-Heineke W., Kleeberg H., Vidal S., Patel A.
P_59 Dye decolourization using alginate gel entrapped laccase from Cercospora sp. Chand D., Thakur V., Kumari A. and Lata J.
P_60 Stability of chitosan nanoparticles Vnuková D., Semak V., Kasák P., Janikovičová L., Lacík I.
Ref. Contributions 101 to 117 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_61 Delivery of oseltamivir phosphate and gemcitabine from plga in the treatment of Allison S, Ellis J, Abdulkhalek S, Lappan C, Hrynyk M, Szewczuk M, Neufeld R
P_62 Co-culture tumor spheroids in microcapsules to study tumor-normal cells interact Akasov R., Zaytseva-Zotova D., Burov S., Markvicheva E.
P_63 Comparison of spray drying and spray chilling methods to obtain microparticles c Alvim I. D., Sousa F. S., Koury I. P., Jurt, T., Baggio S. R., Soares B. M.
P_64 Alginate-based microparticles coated with whey protein: gastrointestinal resista Alvim I. D., Tello F., Grosso C.R.F.
P_65 Encapsulation of fungi in novel formulations for soil pest control Przyklenk M., Hanitzsch M., Patel A.
P_66 Microencapsulation by complex coacervation: Study of the emulsification step Ach D., Briançon S., Broze G., Chevalier Y.
P_67 Microencapsulation of cinnamon oil for antimicrobial coating application Tan Q., Bartkowiak A.
P_68 Coating of single living cells in micro-organized polyelectrolyte shells using l Nguyen T.D., Waché Y., Lherminier J., Saurel R. and Husson F.
P_69 Preliminary design of freeze-dried microemulsion containing Amphotericin B Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_70 Evaluation of the antifungal activity of microemulsions containing Amphotericin Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_71 Monodisperse Pickering emulsions using Au nanoparticles for bioencapsulation Yamanaka K., Nishino S., Naoe K., and Imai M.
P_72 Microencapsulation of pufa rich oil using pea protein and pectin Aberkane L., Roudaut G. and Saurel R.
P_73 Emulsions based on copaiba essential oil: a source of treatment for infectious d Faria M.A.S. et al.
P_74 Surface activity of hexane extract of egg yolk. A preliminary study Bryla A., Rojewska M., Prochaska K., Lewandowicz G.
P_75 Encapsulation of waxes Alvim I.D., Prata A.S., Grosso C.R.F.
P_76 Entrapment of DNA plasmids into modified poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) nanoparticles Zaytseva E., Markvicheva E., Selina O., Kulikov P., Balysheva V. et al.
P_77 Solid lipid nanoparticles entrapping curcumin by supercritical fluid technology Sao Pedro, A.; Caliceti, P.; Elvassore, N.; Bertucco, A.; Albuquerque, E.C.