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XX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Orillia, Ontario, Canada - September 21-24, 2012
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01_1 Microencapsulation of omega-3 oils with food biopolymers: in-vitro and in-vivo v Augustin M., Sanguansri L., Shen, Z.
O01_2 Nano-encapsulation of tea polyphenols in casein micelles- The effect of EGCG-cas Haratifar S., Paliyath G., Meckling K., Corredig M.
O01_3 Co-encapsulation of fish oil, phytosterol ester and limonene using dairy protein Quek S.Y., Chen Q., Wen J., McGillivray D, Zhong F.
O01_4 Protein based materials as delivery systems of active compounds Subirade Muriel
O02_1 Novel approaches to microencapsulation of animal cells using smart chitosan-poly Markvicheva, E.
O02_2 Encapsulation of active compounds for incorporation in multifunctional coatings Maia F., Tedim J., Zheludkevich M.L. and Ferreira M.G.S.
O02_3 Interfacial engineering in spray-dried microcapsules Drusch, S. and Serfert, Y.
O02_4 Supramolecular Microcapsules from Microfluidic Droplets Coulston R., Zhang J., Abell C., Scherman O. A.
O03_1 Role of pathogen-associated molecular patterns in immune responses against algin Paredes-Juarez G.A., de Haan B.J. and de Vos P.
O03_2 A New Double Capsule for Human and Porcine Islet Transplantation Safley, S.A., K. Gordon, G. Barber, et al.
O03_3 Noninvasive in vivo comparison of the vascular response to syngeneic and xenogen Krishnan,R., Arora,R., White, SM., Storrs,R., Botvinick,E., Choi,B., Lakey, JRT.
O03_4 Emulsion-based encapsulation of insulin-producing cell clusters Hoesli C.A., Kiang R.L.J., Charman E., Lo, B. K., and Piret J.M.
O03_5 Microfluidics based single islet encapsulation with real time 3D oxygen sensing Shen, A., Chen, Chen, W., Lisowski, M., Khalil, G., Sweet, I.
O04_1 Pluripotent stem cell recovery from polymer microcarriers produced by Membrane E Vamanu M.P. and Holdich R.G
O04_2 Bioencapslation based on artificial cells : (1) Bioencapsulation of stem cells f Chang Thomas Ming Swi
O04_3 Developing polymeric delivery system for the entrapment of insulin-producing ste Chaimov, D., Meivar-Levy, I., Ferber, S. and Machluf, M.
O04_4 Polymer Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation Stover Harald, Casey Gardner, Rachelle Kleinberger, Alison Stewart, Nick Burke
O05_1 Cell-templated Biosilicification for Encapsulation of Single Cells and Multicell Rickus J, Jaroch D, Madangopal R, Lu J, Mirmira R.
O05_2 Cold set whey protein microgels as immobilization matrices for food bioactives Egan, T. Rosenberg, M. O'Sullivan, M. O'Riordan, D. and Jacquier, J.C.
O05_3 Attachment of liposomes on magnetotactic bacteria acting as self-propelled drug Taherkhani S., Mohammadi M., Daoud J., Essa S., Martel S., and Tabrizian M.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O05_4 Biopolymeric microcapsules for the spatiotemporally-controlled delivery of growt Edwards-Levy Florence, Mallet Pauline, Ebba Brakenhielm
O06_1 Marquette,S; Goole,J; Langers,I; Amighi,K; Peerboom,Cl; Yates,A; Denis,L Monoclonal antibody encapsulation in polymer microspheres
O06_2 The triple fortification of salt with iodine, iron, and folate using spray dried McGee E. and Diosady L.
O06_3 Controlling the release rate of actives in industrial areas Voepel J., Larsson A.
O06_4 Supercritical CO2 as highly efficient innovative process for proteins encapsulat Hassani L.N, Calvignac B, Beuvier T, Hindre F, Gibaud A, Boury F
O07_1 Utilization of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) in the delivery of curcumin in co Guri A. Gulseren ?. and Corredig M.
O07_2 Nano-encapsulations liberated from plant protein microparticles for oral deliver Chen L., Wang R. and Tian Z.
O07_3 Kinetic evaluation of nanoparticle biocompatibility for predicting in vivo behav Huang, J.G.; Gu, F.X.
O07_4 Nanotechnology for medical and environmental applications Carty, A. and F. Gu
O08_1 Bioencapsulated tumor spheroids as a 3D model to study cytotoxicity of novel ant Akasov R., Drozdova M., Zaytseva-Zotova D., Yuablokova T., Marc A., I. Ch
O08_2 Proliferation of lymphocytes immobilized in polyelectrolyte capsules Zambrano K., Raup A., Hubner H., Werner M., Buchholz R and Freitag R.
O08_3 Fibronectin-alginate microcapsules improve cell viability and protein secretion Sayyar B., Dodd M., Marquez-Curtis L., Janowska-Wieczorek A., Hortelano G
O08_4 Bioencapsulation and microbial transplant, what's the use? Lacroix, C., Zihler, A., Dostal, A., Fehlbaum, S., Chassard, C.
O08_5 Encapsulation of probiotics for cereal bars Champagne C., Raymond Y., Guertin N.
O09_1 Calcium carbonate microparticles as carriers for intranasal drug delivery system Trushina D.B., Borodina T.N., Artemov V.V., Nabatov B.V., Bukreeva T.V.
O09_2 Polymer microcapsules as multifunctional carrier systems for sensing and deliver Ochs M., del Mercato L.L., Carregal-R., S. Abbasi, A.Z., Yu, X., Parak, W.J.
O09_3 Encapsulation of biopharmaceuticals improves their stabilities and provides cont Luo, Y., Wang, Q.
O09_4 Pharmaceutical microparticles by spray-drying Vandamme Thierry and Anton Nicolas
O10_1 Encapsulation of insect repellent for veterinary application Minost, A.; Fessi, H.; Delaveau, J.; Bolzinger, M.A.; Elaissari, A.
O10_2 Controlled Release of Agrichemicals Using a Root Targeted Delivery Vehicle Davidson, D., Gu, F.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O10_3 Development of nanospheres as carrier systems for herbicides aiming agricultural Fraceto L.F., Grillo R., Pimentel C.Z., Rosa A.H., de Lima R.
O10_4 Biological deteriorated alginate beads containing bacteria and microalgae provid de-Bashan, L.E., Cruz, I., Covarrubias, S.A., Bashan, Y.
P_01 Optical fiber whole cell bioluminescent sensor Kuncova, G., Pospisilova, M., Solovyev, A.
P_02 Hydrogel Bead Processing for Mammalian Cell Culture Raghuram K, Hoesli C, Piret JM
P_03 Design considerations for alternate site nanofiber islet encapsulation devices Bowers D. Chhabra P. Langman L. Brayman K. Botchwey E.
P_04 Polymeric nanoparticles for encapsulation of lipophilic drugs by coacervation m Figueiredo, J. S. L., Materon, E. M., Santos, M. L., Riccardi, C. S., Bueno
P_05 Elaboration of complex pharmaceutical vector for oral peptid delivery: applicati Auberval N., Bekel A. and Frere Y.
P_06 1,3-beta-glucans as structural and functional units for drug delivery Verma M. S., Lehtovaara B. C. and Gu F.X.
P_07 Optimization of biodegradable microparticles loaded with TRAP-6 for tissue engin Drozdova,M., Privalova,A., Demina,T., Akopova,T., Grandfils,Ch., Markvicheva,E.
P_08 Crosslinked polyion complex micelles based on biopolymers for colon-targeted dru Li J. and Subirade M.
P_09 Microencapsulation of pomegranate peel phenolics Cam, M., Icyer, N.C.
P_10 Keeping Probiotics Alive - Technological and Applications Challenges Sanguansri L., Weerakkody R, Ying D., Augustin, MA.
P_11 Encapsulation of laccase in chitosan carriers by spray drying technique Kaspar, O., Tokarova, V., Stepanek, F.
P_12 Microencapsulation of thyme oil by coacervation: production, characterization an Martins I. M., Rodrigues S. N., Barreiro F., Rodrigues A.E.
P_13 Stability by Microencapsulation - A novel formulation for long term preservation Brandau T., Pop O.
P_14 Protein-based micro-beads for improved protection of sensitive ingredients durin Brodkorb, A., Doherty, S.B. and Auty, M.A.
P_15 In vivo imaging of the fate of a hybrid nanoparticulate BMP-7 drug delivery syst Nayef L., Hamdy R. and Tabrizian M.
P_16 Application of microencapsulation in the development of alternatives to antibiot Wang Q., Ma, Y., Zhang, Y., Tang, Z., Gong, J., Sabour, P., Chambers, J., de La
P_17 Saponin-based micelles for the solubilisation of lipophilic food ingredients Drusch, S. and Tippel, S.
P_19 Design Improvements to Insulin In Vitro Release and Oral Bioavailability via Nan Donya Golkaran, Catarina Pinto Reis, Camile Woitiski, Kaitlin E. Reilly and Ro
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_20 A European survey and recommendation for in vitro models for gastric transit of Brodkorb, A., Recio, I., Mackie,A. and Dupont, D.
P_21 Polymeric nanoparticles as carrier system: the investigation of citotoxicity and Lima R.,Yamawaki P.C., Feitosa L.O, Melo N.F.S., Campos E.V., Fraceto L.F.
P_22 One-pot synthesis and encapsulation of iron iodate (Fe(IO3)3) hybrid nanoparticl Ladj, R.;Valour, J.P.; Mugnier, Y.; Le-Dantec, R.; Fessi, H.; Elaissari, A.
P_23 Synthesis, encapsulation and antibacterial studies of ternary copper(II) complex Sousa, I., Feio, M.J., Pereira, E. and Gameiro, P.
P_24 Characterization of Adhesion Between Chemical Robots and Biological Substrates Tokarova, V., Ullrich, M., Haufova, P., Pittermannova, A., Stepanek, F.
P_25 Microencapsulation of bio-control bacteriophage by spray drying method Islam G. Wang Qi. Sabour P. Warriner Keith
P_26 Encapsulation of gallic acid in zein electrospun sub-micron fibers Neo Y.P., Ray S., Gizdavic-Nikolaidis M., Jin J. and Quek S.Y.
P_27 Mucoadhesive nanoparticles for topical ocular drug delivery Liu S., Verma M., and Gu F. X.
P_28 Raspberry wine fermentation by immobilized yeast cells Kalusevic, A., Dordevic, R., Levic S., Vunduk, J., Leskosek Cukalovic,I
P_29 Encapsulation of tissues in cage-like living cell layer using microcapsules Shinji Sakai, Hitomi Inagaki, Kazuya Inamoto, Masahito Taya
P_30 Development and characterization of natural antioxidant-containing chitosan nano Baptista da Silva S., Oliveira A., Ferreira D., Pintado M., Sarmento B
P_31 A novel approach for encapsulation of cells to overcome cell protrusion. Bhujbal S.V., de Haan B.J., Niclou S.P. and de Vos P.
P_32 Alginate-inulin microbeads encapsulating antioxidants from Pterospartum tridenta Kalusevic A., Isailovic B., Dordevic V., Coelho M.T., Alves D.V., Bugarski
P_33 Synthesis of novel low molecular weight alginate-pMMA hybrids using living radic Vitaliy Kapishon, Michael Cunningham, Ralph Whitney and Ron Neufeld
P_34 Alginate beta-galactosidase microcapsules for lactose intolerance prevention Ciric, Al., Kiss, C.
P_35 Whey protein retention in particles obtained by ionic gelation Rodrigues, J.B., Grosso, C.R.F.
P_36 Encapsulation and release kinetics of bioactives from whey protein microgels O'Neill, G. Jacquier, J.C. O'Sullivan, M. O'Riordan, E. D.
P_37 Biopolymer capsules as carrier for crop-specific microbial consortia Muller, H., Zachow, C., Furnkranz, M., Berg, G.
P_38 A polyanhydride sustained release devices for hydrophliic drugs Liu, T.H., Chu I.M.
P_39 A novel approach to the polymer microcontainer fabrication Borodina T.N., Marchenko I.V., Grigoriev D.O., Bukreeva T.V.
Ref. Contributions 81 to 81 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_42 Synthesis of a nanovector for increased antibiotic efficiency against bacterian Jinan Abdel kader, Hassan Oulyadi, Geraldine Gouhier, Thierry Jouenne