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XIX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Amboise, France - October 5-8, 2011
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 26 years of encapsulation for cosmetic applications, and we still expect a lot! Perrier E.
O1-2 New insights into the microencapsulation properties of milk proteins Drusch, S. , Serfert, Y., Schwarz, K.
O1-3 Novel encapsulation technology for the preparation of core-shell microparticles ten Cate T., Craenmehr E., van den Eijnden P., Stevens R., Eversdijk J, Houben R
O1-4 Probiosis and Bioencapsulation, where do they meet? Lacroix C.
O2-1 Fruit juice clarification using free and immobilized xylanase from Pseudomonas Chand D. and Kumar P.
O2-2 Influence of emulsion composition on the quality of spray dried orange oil Weissbrodt J., Markovic M.
O2-3 Release of aroma compounds from a complex matrix like a biscuit De Hoog, E.H.A; Müller-Maatsch, J; Burseg, K.M.M.; De Kok, P.M.T.; de Roode, B.
O2-4 Coating effect on alginate beads containing sea buckthorn juice during... Pop O. L., Socaciu C.
O3-1 Effect of digestive processes on encapsulated lactic acid bacteria Gorecka E. and Motyl I.
O3-2 Versatility of maillard products in the formulation of spray-dried microcapsules Augustin MA., Sanguansri L.
O3-3 Evaluation of milk protein matrices to protect probiotic cells in simulated gast Burgain J, Gaiani C, Taube K, Jeandel C, Cailliez-Grimal C, Ghoul M, Scher J
O3-4 Peroxidase encapsulated in chitosan matrix as the basis of optical sensor films Veselova, I.A.; Malinina, L.I.; Buslova, T.S.; Shekhovtsova, T.N.
O4-1 Application of ultrasound for encapsulation of ?-3 fatty acids and enrichment of Abbasi S., Sheikhshoaei F., Sahari MA.
O4-2 Microencapsulation of a polyphenol extract derived from apple pomace... Kühn, S.; Schulze-Kaysers, N.; Wollseifen, H.R.; Saß M.; Galensa R.; Kunz B.
O4-3 A novel method of soil bioremediation with immobilized enzyme preparation Sirotkina M., Efremenko E.
O4-4 Microencapsulated essential oils : from fragrant fabrics to repellent textiles Hermida, L., Miró Specos, M.
O4-5 The development of encapsulated formulations of semiochemicals for the managemen Riley C. M. and Carter N.
O5-1 Nanoencapsulation enhances graft survival and function in diabetic mice of islet Zhi Z.-l., Pickup J.
O5-2 Encapsulation of Living Cells in Polymer Microcapsules Falk , J., Maywald, M. and Sieber, V.
O5-3 Human pancreatic islet encapsulation in microfluidic device Dalle P., Morales S., Persoons V., Richard M-J., De Fraipont F, Lauro D.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O5-4 Polyelectrolyte microcapsules for immune protection of pancreatic islets toward Lacík I., Qi M., Rokstad A.M., Kolláriková G., Strand B.L., Formo K. et al
O6-1 Stability of microencapsulated enzymes produced by Fusarium oxysporum Angelo T.; Freitas L. A. P. and Cabral H.
O6-2 Industrial Encapsulation Processing Versic, R.J.
O6-3 Encapsulation of animal cells as a tool to obtain high density cell cultures and Whelehan M. Byrne K., Muhonen P. and Marison I.W.
O6-4 Encapsulated chlorhexidine for sustained release antibacterial effects Pirot F. ; Duccini Y.; Trouvé G.
O7-1 Characterization of surface modified alginate-based microcapsules Spasojevic M., de Haan B.J., Vorenkamp E.J., de Vos P., Schouten A.J.
O7-2 Two novel types of hybrid hydrogel microspheres for cell microencapsulation Mahou, R., Gonelle-Gispert, Meier, Schmitt, Kollarikova, Tran, … Wandrey, C.
O7-3 Supramolecular structures produced from BSA and HM pectin as the building blocks Arsianti,Y., Sagis, L.
O7-4 A novel approach for local and temporary release of anti-inflammatory agent for Haan de B., Faas M.M., and Vos de P
O7-5 Autologous magnetic biogenic vesicles for multimodal anti-tumoral therapy Andriola Silva A. K., Bonneau S., Luciani N., Gazeau F. , Wilhelm C.
O8-1 Development and characterization of autolymphotropic carrier system for oral bio Paliwal, R., Vyas S. P.
O8-2 Oral absorption enhancement of insulin-loaded chitosan-coated solid lipid nanopa Fonte, P., Andrade, J.C., Seabra, V., Ferreira, D., Sarmento, B.;
O8-3 Ligand anchored surface engineered carbon nanotubes for targeting potential to c Mehra N.K, Jain N.K.
O8-4 Multicomponent nanoparticle for dual drug delivery and hyperthermia treatment of Shanavas A., Sonara D., Aslam M., Bahadur D., Srivastava R.
O8-5 Insulin microcapsules in alginate dressing provide controlled bioactive delivery Hrynyk M., Martins-Green M., Barron A.E., and Neufeld R.J.
O9-1 Target-sensitive liposomes for the delivery of thrombolytic agents: in vitro/in Vaidya, B., Agrawal, G.P., Vyas, S.P.
O9-2 Liposomes in situ gelling system for mucosal vaccination Tiwari S., Vyas S.P.
O9-3 Microencapsulation of tumor cells as a useful tool for anticancer drug screening Zaytseva-Zotova, D., Drozdova, M., Yablokova, T., Andreeva, E., et al.
O9-4 Linear block copolymer Dextran-b-Poly(D,L-lactide) nanoparticles for ocular drug Liu, S., Verma, M. S., Gu, F. X.
P-001 Comparative cytotoxicity study between spray-dried and cross-linked xylan/Eudrag Silva AE, Gomes MCS, Marcelino HR, Oliveira EE, Nagashima Jr T
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-002 Hybrid sol-gel matrices used for entrapment of Aspergillus oryzae PP cells for Kabaivanova L., Chernev G., Evstatieva Y., Nikolova D., Yordanova M., Ilieva S.
P-003 The microencapsulation fish (Engraulis encrasicolus L) oil by various wall mater Kahyaoglu T., Dervisoglu M., Tatar F., Tunc M.T., and Cekmecelioglu D.
P-004 Determination of organic acids in fermented whey permeate microcapsule produced da Costa J.M.G.; Silva E.K.; Borges S.V.; Alves, J.G.L.; Malta, M.R.
P-005 Production of 6-APA for semi-synthetic antibiotics using covalent immobilization Elnashar, M.M.; Ali, O.A.; Hassan, M.E.
P-006 Isolation and characterization of oil bodies from Gevuina avellana and Madia sat Acevedo, F., Rubilar, M., Shene, C.
P-007 Amphiphilic dendrimers for encapsulation of transition metal complexes Bouquillon, S.; Balieu, S; Gatard, S.; Dupont, L.
P-008 Solving lactose health and environmental problems using immobilized lactase on b Elnashar, M.M., Hassan, M.E., Ali, O.A., Yassin, A.A.
P-009 Perfume release from PSf capsules Peña B., Gumí T. and Garcia-Valls R.
P-010 Lipases in hierarchically structured montmorillonite. Kuncova G., Sabata S., Kucerova L., Fuzik T., Duchek P.
P-011 Continuous transesterification catalyzed with immobilized lipase. Sabata S., Hetflejs J., Kuncova G., Machackova E.,
P-012 Insulin Encapsulation into polymeric micelles Andrade, F., Antunes, F., Videira, M., Ferreira, D., Sarmento, B.
P-013 Nanochips for presowing seed treatment by capsulation Voropaeva N., Karpachev V., Savenkov V., Varlamov V,. Shilovskikh I.
P-014 Multifunctional ecologically safe (nano) chips for rice seeds capsulation Voropaeva N., Ruban I., Yusupov K.,Varlamov V, Saimnazarov Yu.
P-015 PVA and sol-gel carriers for entrapment of ?-galactosidase for production of gal Jovanovic-Malinovska, R., Fernandes, P., Winkelhausen, E., Fonseca, L.
P-016 Synthesis and characterization of antibacterial chitosan microspheres for textil Crespo L, Serret A, Paul R, Bautista L, Esteve H, De la Varga M, Surribas A
P-017 Gellan microgels obtained from atomization followed by ionotropic gelation Pires Vilela, J. A., Perrechil, F. A. and Cunha, R. L.
P-018 Behaviors of tumor cells enclosed in alginate microcapsule with liquid core temp Inamoto K., Sakai S. and Taya M.
P-019 Control system with two parameters in fluidised bed coating Maudhuit, A., Prata, A., Boillereaux, L., Poncelet, D.
P-020 Encapsulation of orange peel essential oil using ethanol as a cosurfactant Abbasi S., Amiri S., Ezzatpanah H.
P-021 Immobilisation of porcine pancreatic lipase in oil-core calcium-alginate capsule Abang S., and Poncelet D.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-022 Difficulties of protein encapsulation into the biodegradable polymers; a way to Hamishehkar, H.; Emami, J.
P-023 Combination of two different molecular weight methoxy polyethylene glycols for c Aghajani-Lazarjani H., Vasheghani-Farahani E. , Hashemi-Najafabadi S. ,
P-024 Immobilization of invertase produced by a new isolate Saccharomyces sp. Kumar D., Sharma A., Devi P., Kumari A. and Verma R .
P-025 Development of in situ gellable and fast degradable hydrogel under the existence Inagagki H., Sakai S., Matsuyama T., Liu Y., Kawakami K. and Taya M.
P-026 Perfect TRAP to prevent malignant cell outgrowth in transplant recipients. Bhujbal S. , de Haan B.J., Spasojevic M. Niclou S., de Vos P.
P-027 Sorption isotherms of microencapsulated essential oil oregano (Origanum vulgare da Costa, J.M.G.; Hijo, A.A.C.T.; Borges, S.V.; Silva, E.K.; Marques, G.R.
P-028 Development of a basil and corn soup powder enriched with microencpasulated lins Rubilar M., Morales E., Contreras K., Ceballos C., Acevedo F., Villarroel M., Sc
P-029 Synthesis and applications of scented microcapsules in textile products Boh, B., Staresinic, M., Sumiga, B.
P-030 Encapsulation of green coffee oil by spray dryer: morphological and thermal char Angelo, T.; Nosari A.B.F.L.; Machado M.O. and Freitas L.A.P.
P-031 Antimicrobial analysis of microemulsions containing Lipoid® S100, Tween® 80 and Silva, K.G.H., Silva, K.S., Santiago, R.R., Svidzinski, T.I.E., Egito, E.S.T.
P-032 Design parameters on alginate beads produced with high electric potential i.e. e Poncelet D., Sayad M., Davarci F., Guessasma S.
P-033 Solubility and stability evaluation of microparticles of quercetin Tavora I.G., Rodrigues R. A. F.
P-034 Colloidosmes : Emerging Novel Carrier for Delivery of Insulin to Colon Shilpi S. and Jain SK
P-035 Encapsulation for Delactozation Purposes Ciric A.
P-036 Characterization of micro particles of oregano essential oil produced by spray d Borges, S.V. ; Botrel D.A. ; Fernandes R.V.B. ; Viana, A.D.
P-037 Effect of microencapsulation on viability and cytokine production of LS29 in alg Cho C.S., Bajracharya P, Islam M.A., Tao J., Kang S.K., Park I.K., Choi, Y.J.
P-038 Micro and nanoencapsulation of EGCG for chemoprevention and co-therapy of colore Rodrigues C., Andrade J., Sarmento B. and Oliveira B.
P-039 Microencapsulation of inverse emulsions by in situ and interfacial polymerisatio Sumiga, B.; Zvonar, A.; Boh, B.
P-040 Cannabinoid-loaded poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles for oral ad-mini Martín-Banderas L., Holgado M.A., Álvarez-Fuentes J.
P-041 Increasing islet viability with protein microfibers in alginate microparticles Steele J., Carmona E., Hallé J.P., and Neufeld R
Ref. Contributions 81 to 100 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-042 Novel colorimetric detection of a serum biomarker with polydiacetylene-based nan Chan, T., Gu, F.X.
P-043 Wax encapsulation to improve shelf-life and sensory properties of cheese Gonzalez-Ariceaga C. C., Jacquot M., Afzal M. I. and Cailliez-Grimal C.
P-044 Industrial information system on microencapsulation Sumiga, B.; Zvonar, A.; Stepancic, L.; Boh, B.
P-045 Quantification of probiotics entrapped in Ca-alginate beads during storage Oketic, K., Bogovic Matijasic, B., et al.
P-046 Entrapment of PDLLA microbeads loaded with TRAP-6 within modified macroporous PV Drozdova, M., Zaytseva-Zotova, D., Tsoy, A., Akasov, R., Prudchenko, I. et al.
P-047 First approach for the mathematical study of high pressure homogenization Durán, M., Martín-Banderas, L., Fernández-Arévalo, M.
P-048 The influence of type and molecular mass of polyquaternium polymers on mechanica Sobol M., Bartkowiak A.
P-049 Survey of in vitro models for gastric transit of food – relevance for encapsulat Brodkorb A., Recio I. and Dupont D.
P-050 Effects of heat treatment on the properties of alginate-chitosan hybrid membrane Karaoglan, E.; Poncelet, D.
P-051 Complement activation by nanoparticles as an indicator of biocompatibility Huang, J.G.; Meerasa, A.; Gu, F.X.
P-052 Yeast cells immobilization on HPC/SiO2 sol-gel based materials for removal of Cr Peshev D., Rangelova N., Georgieva N.and Chernev G.
P-053 Study of variables in complex coacervation process Prata, A.S., Grosso, C.R.F.
P-054 Evaluation of amphotericin B “superaggregates” micelle systems. Egito E., Silva-Filho M. , Siqueira S., Silveira W., Araújo I.
P-055 Microemulsion systems to carrier amphotericin B for ocular use. Egito E., Silveira W., Silva-Filho M., Ferreira L., Brasil F., Damasceno B.
P-056 Activity of zinc oxide emulsion against yeasts isolated from health worker hands Egito E., Silva K., Santiago R., Ferreira M., Shinobu C., Svidizinsk T.
P-057 Fibroin non-woven mats as support of adipose stem cells and pancreatic islets fo Lucconi, G., Chlapanidas, T., Antonioli, B, Tosca, M.C., Faragò, S., Bertuzzi
P-058 Adipose derived stem cells on silk fibroin film as feeder layer for bioengineere Lucconi, G., Chlapanidas, T., Galuzzi, M, Tosca, M.C., Faragò, S., Antonioli, B
P-059 Adipose-derived stem cells as drug stores in alginate capsules Lucconi, G., Chlapanidas, T., Mantelli, M., Avanzini, M.A., Tosca, M.C., et al.
P-060 Influence of spray driying on reconstitution properties of sweet corn extract Borges, S.V.; Marques, G.R.; Alves, J.G.L.F.1and Costa, J.M.da
P-061 Enzyme-catalyzed disassembly of multicompartment particles and capsules with pol Marchenko I; Yashchenok A.; Borodina T.; Bukreeva T.; Skirtach A.; Plotnikov G.
Ref. Contributions 101 to 120 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-062 Encapsulation of lipase in alkyl-silicate on silicate nanofibers for transesteri Sakai S, Liu Y, Taya M, and Kawakami K
P-063 Targeting of encapsulated clozapine towards heteromers of dopamine D2 and seroto Lukasiewicz, S., Szczepanowicz, K., Bzowska, M., Warszynski, P., Wasylewska, M.
P-064 Nano-structure of a starch-based hydrogel, crosslinked by Concanavalin A Kesselman E., Shazman A., and Shimoni E.
P-065 Chitosan/alginate pellets with rutin for inflammatory bowel disease treatment Rabiskova, M.; Bautzova, T.; Gajdziok, J.; Dvorackova, K.; Lamprecht, A.
P-066 Microcontainers based on CaCO3 and TiO2 porous particles for the intranasal drug Bukreeva, T.V.; Borodina, T.N.; Degtev, I.V.; Moiseeva, Yu.V.; Gulyaeva, N.V.
P-067 Vigna unguiculata and Phaseolus vulgaris protein hydrolysates with antioxidant a Betancur-Ancona D., Ruiz-Ruiz J., Segura-Campos M., Chel-Guerrero L.
P-068 Carboxymethylated flamboyant (Delonix regia) seed gum for microencapsulation of Segura-Campos M., Pacheco-Aguirre J., Chel-Guerrero L. and Betancur-Ancona D.
P-069 Preparation Characterization and Evaluation of Gel Cored Liposomes for Deli-very Tiwari S., Vyas S.P.
P-070 Microparticles containing a high amount of protein Grosso, C., Rodrigues, J. B., Souza, F. N., Leitão, N. J.
P-071 Microencapsulation of Bifidobacteriu breve ATCC 15700 with amaranth starches Falfán CRN, Martínez BF, Gaytán MM, Grosso CRF, Arvizu MSM, Amaya LSL
P-072 Development of CO2 releasing beads to control soil borne insect pests - first re Vemmer, M., Patel, A. V.
P-073 Study of the encapsulation of methyl jasmonate by natural and modified cyclodext López-Nicolás, J.M., Escorial, M., García-Carmona, F.
P-074 Encapsulation of ascorbic acid: impact of loading rates Nizori,A.,Small,D.M.
P-075 Functional nanocapsules for targeted drug delivery Szczepanowicz, K., ?ukasiewicz, S., Dziedzicka-Wasylewska, M., Warszynski, P.
P-076 Microencapsulation of enzymes produced by Eupenicillium javanicum Angelo T.; Hamin-Neto Y. A. A.; Freitas L. A. P. and Cabral H.*
P-077 Fundamentals of dripping for microencapsulation applications Poncelet D., Davarci F., Sayad M., Guessasma S.
P-078 Effect of selected incubation parameters on the efficiency of bacteria immobiliz Kuzmicz U., Bartkowiak A.
P-079 A comparative study of two nanoencapsulation techniques to trap vitamin C to aqu Jimenez-Fernandez, E. Zuasti-Sanchez,E. Antonio J. Ribeiro and Fernandez-Diaz, C
P-080 Oral administration of insulin: Study of effect of different synthesis methods o Auberval, N., Bekel, A. and Frère, Y.
P-081 Nonwoven gauzes functionalization with liposomes entrapping piroxicam Ferreira, H., Silva, R., Silva, C. and Cavaco-Paulo, A.
Ref. Contributions 121 to 125 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-082 Experimental settings for the production of amphotericin B-loaded PLA nanopartic Silva, A.E., Silva, K.C.H., Silva, K.G.H. and Egito, E.S.T
P-083 Estrogen receptor targeted delivery of an anticancer agent for breast cancer the Rai, S., Agrawal, G.P., Vyas, S.P.
P-084 Novel angiogenic biotherapies for heart failure using microcapsules for the deli Banquet S, Gomez E, Nicol L, Edwards-Lévy F, Henry JP, Schapman D, et al.
P-085 Acid adaptation improves viability of winemaking Saccharomyces cerevisiae UP3OY5 Chu-Ky S, Pham T-H, Do M-T, Tu V-P, Vaysse L, Liengprayoon S, Sriroth K, Le T-M
P-086 Skin-cleansing compositions for cosmetic applications enriched with Vitamin-E en Poonam Kaushik