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XVII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Groningen, Netherlands - September 24-26, 2009
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01-1 Cell encapsulation in inorganic polymers: recent achievements, future challenges Coradin T., Amoura M., Roux C., Nassif N., Livage J.
O01-2 Development of microcapsules as a tool for producing multicellular spheroids Sakai S., Ito S., Ogushi Y., Kawakami K.
O01-3 Immobilization of xylanase produced by a new isolate Bacillus pumilus MTCC8964 Kumar D., Verma R., Savitri, Chand D., Bhalla T.C.
O01-4 Stability and activity of laccase and glucose oxidase in PEI microcapsules Rochefort D., Zhang Y.
O02-1 Encapsulates to deliver great flavours to food products Zuidam N.J., Jublot L., Suijker M.J., Ziere A., Smit G.
O02-2 Properties of microcapsules based on pea protein, pectin and maltodextrins Gharsallaoui A., Chambin O., Saurel R.
O02-3 Drying of encapsulated herbal extract in a packed bed system Yim Z.H., Mansa R.F., Ravindra P., Chan E.S.
O02-4 Low-energy nano-emulsifications: Overview and potentials in microencapsulation Anton N., Li X., Vandamme T.F.
O02-5 A novel preservation and delivery technology for live probiotics, enzymes and vi Harel M., Tang J.
O03-1 Process control for fluid bed coating Poncelet D., Elmafadi S., Prata A.S., Boilleraux L.
O03-2 Preparation of cephalexin microspheres by double emulsion technique Okonogi S., Chaisri W., Hennink W.E.
O03-3 Preparation of polymer microspheres and their use in enzyme immobilzation Shukla P.G., Shinde S.A., Karndikar S.K., Prabhune A.A.
O03-4 Development of a new technology of microencapsulation to cell therapy based on a Martin Del Valle E., Perez Herrero E., Galán M.A.
O04-1 Polymers for microencapsulation in biomedicine De Vos P.
O04-2 Double encapsulation of insulin: a new pharmaceutical vector for oral route Parat A., Danicher L., Frere Y., Reix N., Seyfritz E., Sigrist S.
O04-3 The influence of coat to core ratio on the production of legumes proteins isolat Pierucci A.P.T.R., Pereira H.V.R., Andrade L.R., Pedrosa C.
O04-4 Nanoimprinted, magnetically assembled microcontainers for cell therapy Gimi B., Kwon J., Trivedi K., Krishnamurthy N.V., Hu W., Lee J.B.
O04_4 Taste masking through microencapsulation Wysshaar M.
O05-1 Fats in Microencapsulation Applications: Benefits and Limitations Lakkis J.
O05-2 Microencapsulation-based technologies for effective delivery of micronutrients Li Y.O., Diosady L.L.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O05-3 Microencapsulation of Fish Oil: Comparison of Three Production Methods Anwar S.H., Kunz B.
O05-4 Evaluation of protein matrices as structural safeguards for controlled delivery Doherty S., Ross P.R., Stanton C., Fitzgerald G.F., Brodkorb, A.
O06-1 Opportunities for (bio)encapsulation in cosmetics Wiechers J.W.
O06-2 Bioencapsulation of Curcuma aromatica extract in Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) Ampasavate C., Warinthip N., Yotsawimonwat S.
O06-3 Fluorescent dissolved-core alginate microsphere glucose biosensors Chaudhary A., Raina M., Srivastava R.
O06-4 Delivery of microcontainers with active components to cells Rivera Gil P., De Geest B.G., Parak W.J.
O07-1 Microencapsulation and agrifood (bio)technology- achievements and prospects Socaciu C.
O07-2 Entrapped Mixed Microbial Cell Process for Biological Wastewater Treatment/Reuse Yang P.Y., Zhu J.
O07-3 Photosynthetic algae entrapped in silica in the quest for novel bioreactors Rooke J., Leonard A., Su B.-L.
O07-4 Enzyme triggered release of antimicrobials from gelatin microcapsules Papen-Botterhuis NE, ten Cate AT, Kolijn J, Eversdijk J, Nagtegaal R, Slaghek T
O07-5 Production of bio-ethanol by free and HEC immobilized yeast cells Velickova E., Winkelhausen E., Kuzmanova S.
O08-1 Biological control of Solanaceous plant bacterial wilt by seed coating Arwiyanto T., Simbolon F.M.
O08-2 Encapsulated in sol-gel biohybrids Humicola lutea cells cultivated in bioreactor Chernev G., Kabaivanova L., Aleksieva P., Nacheva L., Djambaski P.
O08-3 Application of lipospheres in cell biology and tissue engineering Costa V., Mazzitelli S., Tosi A., Nastruzzi C.
O08-4 Thylakoids and chloroplasts entrapped into porous silica gel. Meunier C.F., Van Cutsem P., Su B.-L.
O09-1 Microvascular endothelial cell specific lipid based drug delivery systems Kamps J.A.A.M., Asgeirsdottir S.A., Molema G.
O09-2 Physico-chemical changes of alginate-based immunoisolating microcapsules Spasojevic M., Schouten A.J., Busscher H., de Vos P., Faas M.M., de Haan B.J.
O09-3 Modified-chitosan nanoparticles : application for oral delivery of insulin Callet A., Sigrist S., Danicher L., Frere Y.
O09-4 Enhancement of insulin s action by PLGA-Cyclodextrin esters nanoparticles Soares A., Gèze A., Choisnard L., Ribuot C., Faure P., Carvalho R., Jones J., V
O10-1 Local delivery of recombinant proteins from encapsulated cells reduces glioma gr Niclou S.P., Johansson M., Utvik J., Barthelemy V., Sanzey M., Bjerkvig R.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O10-2 Controlled release of chemotherapeutics for cancer therapy Gu F.
O10-3 Alginate based microbeads containing Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells Mazzitelli S., Penolazzi L., Piva R., Nastruzzi C.
O10-4 Pancreatic cell encapsulation by alginate emulsion and internal gelation Hoesli C.A., Raghuram K., Donald C., Kiang R., Kieffer T.J., Piret J.M.
P-01 Chitosan-alginate matrices as the carriers for the liposomal medical products Manaenkov O., Kislitza O., Sidorov A., Savin A.
P-02 Research and Development of Sol-Gel Hybrids for Obtaining of Hybrid Biomaterials Kabaivanova L., Chernev G., Aleksieva P., Nacheva L., Salvado I.M.M.
P-03 Natural matrix biocapsules as base to specificity biocenocomplexes Voropaeva N., Ruban I., Kalimbetova R., Shadmanov R., Ochilov R., Sagdullaev A
P-04 Prospects of the use new technology of the exfoliate capsulation of rice seeds Sharipov M., Ruban I., Voropaeva N., Yusupov K.
P-05 Microparticles specific for lung delivery: in-vivo drug distribution in monkeys Verma R.K., Misra A.
P-06 Information transmission possible mechanisms in natural capsule Ruban I., Voropaeva N., Sharipov M.
P-07 Coated cationic liposome-based lipid carriers for antisense therapy Sikorski A.F., Chmielewska M., Kuliczkowski K., Walasek M., Wyrozumska P.
P-08 A model for evaluating the capability of dermal papilla cells to induce hair fol Li Y., Lin C.M., Cai X.N., Li G.Q.
P-09 Encapsulation of sesame oil by microemulsion technique: Study of phase diagram Okonogi S., Saeio K., Chaiyana W., Yotwimonwat S., Niwatananan W.
P-10 Factors affecting phase behavior of microemulsions comprising Cymbopogon citratu Okonogi S., Chaiyana W., Saeio K., Yotwimonwat S., Niwatananan W.
P-11 Chitosan microspheres of carvedilol for nasal delivery: in vivo characterization Patil S., Babbar A., Mathur R., Mishra A., Sawant K.
P-12 Nanoencapsulation of Insulin with HPMCP Using Supercritical Antisolvent Techniqu Zhao Y.P., Jing H.Y.
P-13 Microencapsulation of retinol-acetate in alginate microspheres Kislitza O., Manaenkov O., Savin A.
P-14 Alginate microcapsule with liquid core templated by gelatin microparticles Ito S., Sakai S., Kawakami K.
P-15 Glass transition and water sorption of spray dried mussel meat hydrolysate Silva V.M, Park K.J., Hubinger M.D.
P-16 Dexamethasone loaded microspheres as carriers for biosensor inflammation control Jayant R.D., Srivastava R.
P-17 Chemiluminescent peroxyoxalate nanoparticles for hydrogen peroxide analysis Joshi A., Srivastava R.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-18 Application of polyelectrolyte coated alginate microspheres for optical sensing Swati M., Srivastava R.
P-19 Encapsulation of emulsion drops Szczepanowicz K., Szyk-Warszyńska L., Bouzga A., Yang J., Simon Ch., Warszyńsk
P-20 Fabrication and characterization of gold nanostructures for cancer therapy Desai P., Dhanya S., Srivastava R.
P-21 Encapsulation of biopesticide Metarhizium Anisopliae: Improved soil stability Badgujar M.D., Bhaskar C., Shukla P. G.
P-22 Oral delivery of chitosan microspheres for peyer’s patch targeting against dis Khare P., Jain S.K.
P-23 Synthesis and evaluation of acetamide derivatives – synthesis intermediate app Kopal S., Kumar V.
P-24 Encapsulation of a BCS Class IV Drug in order to Improve its Absorption Sae Houer P., Anton N., Zhao M., Kling E., Vandamme T.F.
P-25 Encapsulation of a BCS Class IV Drug in order to Improve its Absorption Kabakov A., Makarova Y., Kudryavtsev V.
P-26 Increase in stability of organophosphorus hydrolase by immobilization technique Lyagin I., Ivanov R., Lozinsky V., Efremenko E., Varfolomeyev S.
P-27 Biological activity of bee venom after encapsulation within PLGA MS for Immunoth Trindade R.A., Buenos da Costa M.H.
P-28 Sol-gel encapsulation of Arthrobacter sp lipase:resolution of drug intermediates Chaubey A., Parshad R., Koul S., Taneja S.C.
P-29 Treatment of wastewater containing toxic amides by amidohydrolase activity of ag Chand D., Vitzthum F., Kumar D., Bhalla T. C.
P-30 Encapsulated insulin in layer-by-layer assembly for effective per oral delivery Gupta G.K., Verma A., Mishra P.R.
P-31 Ciprofloxacin surf-plexes as emulsion to improve antimicrobial efficacy Mishra P.R., Gupta G.K., Jain V., Keshava G.B.S., Shukla P.K.
P-32 Polyelectrolyte multilayer assembly bearing ketoprofen for transdermal delivery Gupta R., Yadav P., Saraf S.A.
P-33 3-D in vitro model based on microencapsulated multicellular tumor spheroids for Markvicheva E., Tsoy A., Zaytseva-Zotova D., Uglanova S., Klyachko N.
P-34 Microencapsulated multicellular tumor spheroids as in vitro model Tsoy A.M., Uglanova S.V., Klyachko N.L., Markvicheva E.A.
P-35 Hofmeister ions series protected protein during contact with organic interface Rescia V.C., Bueno da Costa M.H.
P-36 Cultivation of mammalian cells within semi-permeable microcapsules Zaytseva-Zotova D., Balabashin D., Balysheva V., Panina A., Aliev T., Markvichev
P-37 Novel grafted copolymer self-assembled as nanocarrier for Amphotericin B Kumar V., Bholenath, Dhaked D.K., Mishra P.R., Dwivedi A.K
Ref. Contributions 81 to 100 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-38 Calcium carbonate as modifier of mechanical properties of alginate/Ca microbeads Sobecka K., Bartkowiak A.
P-39 Nanoscale analysis of insulin-biopolymeric nanoparticles using AFM Woitiski C.B., Pimentel V., Neufeld R., Ribeiro A., Veiga F.
P-40 Production of isonicotinic acid using agar entrapped whole cells of Nocardia glo Bhalla T.C., Mehta P.K., Sharma N.N., Bhatia S.K
P-41 Immobilization of cells in biocompatible films to cell therapy Martin Del Valle E., Perez Herrero E., Galán M.A.
P-42 Polylelectrolyte capsules as carrier systems for biosensing and drug delivery del Mercato L.L., Abbasi A.Z., Kreft O., Bédard M., Sukhorukov G.B., Parak W.J.
P-43 Fabrication of PVA Hydrogel/Chitosan capsules for Bioencapsulation Patil S., Manna U.
P-44 Novel polymer coupled lipid nanoparticle based in-situ docetaxel formulation Singodia D., Kalra N., Verma A., Gupta G.K., Shukla P., Mishra P.R.
P-45 Bioethanol from plum waste by SSF process catalyzed by immobilized yeast cells Stepanov N., Semenova M., Scherbakov S., Sinitsyn S., Efremenko E.
P-46 Efficacy trial of multiple micronutrient food supplement on children Vinodkumar M., Rajagopalan S.
P-47 Use of entrapped algal beads for development of biocathode for wastewater treatm Yadav A.K., Panda P., Rout P., Behara S., Patra A. K., Nayak S. K.
P-48 Production of feso4 microparticles using pea protein concentrate as wall materia Citelli M., Pedrosa C., Bittencourt L., Finotelli P., Ricci E., Pierucci A.
P-49 Microfluidic synthesis of liposome for drug delivery system Phapal S., Tuhina V., Mahendra A., Sunthar P., Tirumkudulu M.S., Khakhar D.V.
P-50 Ultrasound preparation of antipsychotic-loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) Silva A., Gonzalez E., Egea M., Garcia M., Santos D., Ferreira D., Souto E.
P-51 Preparation of triclosan microcapsules and printing on cotton textiles Sumiga B., Ocepek B., Forte-Taveer P., Boh B.
P-52 Microencapsulation of antimicrobial agents by three chemical methods Boh B., Sumiga B., Salar-Behzadi S., Viernstein H.
P-53 Microencapsulated Gold Nanorods in Thermosensitive Polymer for Drug Delivery Srivastava R., Yadav S., Shah A.
P-54 Controlled release of microencapsulated strains of Lactobacillus plantarum in a Vandamme T., Gbassi G.K., Ennahar S., Marchioni E.
P-55 Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles on the polyelectrolyte microcapsules shells Orlova O.A., Bukreeva T.V.
P-56 Encapsulation of recombinant cells E. coli catalysing Baeyer-Villiger oxidations Bucko M., Gemeiner P., Krajcovic T., Vikartovska A., Lacik I., Mihovilovic
P-57 Silver/fibroin/alginate microspheres for wound and ulcer therapy Bucco M., Chlapanidas T., Farago S., Vigo D., Faustini M., Marazzi M., Torre M.
Ref. Contributions 101 to 120 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-59 Adipose stem cell as a novel feeder in regenerative medicine Bucco M., Tosca M.C., Crovato F., Chlapanidas T., Faustini M., Vigo D., Marazzi
P-60 Microspheres containing an extract of Crataegus for oral administration Bucco M., Gaggeri R., Lucconi G., Chlapanidas T., Rossi D., Faustini M., Collina
P-61 Controlled release of imidacloprid from seed encapsulated with low molecular wei Wilkins R.M., Mu K.G.
P-62 Covering of mineral fertilizers with chitosan Lubkowski K., Grzmil B., Bartkowiak A.
P-63 Novel Alginate-Poly(ethylene glycol) Hydrogels for Immobilization and Delivery Mahou R., Wandrey C.
P-64 Immobilization of lipase by sol-gel method Kmiecik J.M., Wojcik M.
P-65 Metabolic synchronization of encapsulated yeast cells: Effect of gel matrices. Bolyo J., Mair T., Kuncova G., Hauser J.B.M.
P-66 Bioluminescent Biosensor of toluene Kuncova G., Adamova N., Hlavata A., Pazlarova J., Ripp S., Sayler G.S.
P-67 Evaluation of microcapsules release properties influenced by core composition Zvonar A., Gašperlin M.
P-68 Systematic development of emulsion for treatment of diaper dermatitis Silva K.G.H., Santiago R.R., Silva K.C.H., Alexandrino Jr F., Egito E.S.T.
P-69 Copaiba oil microemulsions: A new system for future use in inflammatory diseases Silva K.G.H., Xavier Jr F.H., Morais A.R.V., Alencar E.N., Egito E.S.T.
P-70 Designing sesame oil emulsions for sunscreen actives Silva K.G.H., Gouveia I.S.L., Farias I.E.G., Santiago R.R., Egito E.S.T.
P-71 Nanoencapsulation of bovine lactoferrin for oral hygiene applications Costa C., Morsy T., Matos C., Amorim M., Pintado M., Gomes A., Teixeira J., Balc
P-72 Effluent treatment: Copper biosorption on seaweed/chitosan beads Nussbaum F., Crelier S.
P-73 Preliminary tests of oils absorption by wool entrapped into alginate capsules Mizielinska M., Bartkowiak A., Krawczyńska W.
P-74 Loaded red blood cells as natural micro carriers for drug delivery Sternberg N., Georgieva R., Abdallah Z., Mueller A., Baumler H.
P-75 Development of prolonged release somatropin (growth hormone) liposomes Averineni R.K. Trivedi A., Shavi G., Nayak U., Meka S.R., Pandey S., Udupa N.
P-76 The kinetics of alginate-based microcapsules after adsorption of proteins de Haan B.J., Rossi A., Sonvico F., Colombo P., Faas M.M., De Vos P.
P-77 Liquid-core microcapsules: small packages & big potential Whelehan M., Dobson L., Marison I.W.
P-78 Properties of propolis microencapsulated Silva F.C., Thomazini M., Alencar S.M., Favaro-Trindade C.S.
Ref. Contributions 121 to 137 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-79 Xanthan chitosan polyionic hydrogels for microencapsulation of probiotics Soma P.K., Lo Y.M.
P-80 Stability of spray-dried microencapsulated citral Loksuwan J.
P-81 Pharmacological activity from arrabidea chica verlot bioencapsulated with arabi Rodrigues R.A.F., Jorge M.P., Sousa I.M. de O., Lima J., Ruiz A.L.T.
P-82 Milk fat globule as a nano/microscale release device: effect of breed Faustini M, Chlapanidas T, Colombani C Lazzati M, Conte U, Vigo D, Torre ML
P-83 Biosynthesis of aroma esters in miniemulsion as potential green media Fonseca L.P., de Barros D. P. C., Cabral J. M.S., Weiss C. K., Landfester
P-84 Biocatalysts prepared by the entrapment of inulinase and penicillin G acylase in Fonseca L. P., Bernardino S.M.S.A. , Santa G.L.M., Fernandes P.
P-85 Viability of probiotics exopolymers beads exposed to specific in vitro condition Jimenez-Pranteda M.L., Poncelet D., Ramos-Cormenzana A., Monteoliva-Sanchez M.
P-86 Chitosan as bioavailability enhancer of nanoparticle containing biopharmaceutics Neto A., Gehm C., Teixeira J., Martins S., Ferreira D., Sarmento B.
P-88 Rhizobacteria protection by adhesion to starch granules Schoebitz M., Simonin H., Poncelet D.
P-90 Inceased Anticancer Potancy of I3C by Some Life Essential Metals. Modi G., Pitre K.S.
P-91 Bioencapsulation of beta-carotene in three different methods Ozcelik B., Karadag A., Ersen, S.
P-92 Delivery of encapsulated Human Recombinant Crystalline Insulin from PLGA Microsp Hrynyk M., Martins-Green M., Barron A.E., Neufeld R.
P-94 Microencapsulation of flavours in Caranauba wax Bugarski B., Levic S., Milanovic J., Manojlovic V., Nedovic V.
P-95 Virial stress- A key control parameter for immobilized hybridoma cells Bugarski B., Pajic-Lijakovic I., Manojlovic V., Bugarski D., Stojanovic R., Plav
P-96 Comparison of various wall materials for the micrencapsulation of essential oils Baranauskiene R., Venskutonis R.
P-97 Formulation and evaluation of gastric-mucoadhesive microcapsules of captopril Altaf M. A., Imran A., Talath. S., Fatima S., Hasanpasha S
P-98 Ultrasonic vs. clasical nozzles in probiotics encapsulation applications Ciric Al., Toma Al.