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XVI International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Dublin, Ireland - September 4-6, 2008
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01-1 Paper modified with microencapsulated enzymes: towards bioactive paper Rochefort D., Kouisni L., Gendron G., Zhang Y.
O01-2 Polymeric system entrapping genetically engineered stem cells for cancer therapy Goren A., Machluf M.
O01-3 The use of microfluidics to encapsulate therapeutic cells Workman V.L., Kille P., Dunnett S. B., Palmer D. D.
O01-4 Microfluidic device for alginate-based cell encapsulation Le Vot S., Berthier J., David N., Freida D., Fuchs A., Benhamou P.Y., Rivera F.
O02-1 Spray Drying of biodegradable polymers in Laboratory Scale Arpagaus C., Schafroth N.
O02-2 Immobilized enzymes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry Schoevaart R.
O02-3 Microencapsulation and Industrial applications Brandau T., Brandau E., Schmallenbach A.
O02-4 Does size matter ? Neufeld R.J.
O03-1 Microchannel Emulsification for Monosized Droplets and Microcapsules Nakajima M., Kobayashi I.
O03-2 Fabrication of cell-enclosing capsules with hollow-core via enzymatic functions Sakai S., Ito S., Ogushi Y., Hashimoto I., Kawakami K.
O03-3 Production and optimization of SLM by flow-focusing technology Capretto L., Mazzitelli S., Tosi A., Focaroli S., Balestra C., Nastruzzi C.
O03-4 Dry starch particle coating:optimization and coating quality measurement by CLSM Bilancetti L., Loisel C., Depypere F., Dewettinck K., Pieters J.G., Poncelet D.
O04-1 Using plant macromolecules to produce adjustable microcapsules by spray-drying Gharsallaoui A., Chambin O., Saurel R.
O04-2 Biocompatible titania hydrosols and hydrogels as bio- and drug delivery systems Kessler V.G., Seisenbaeva G.A., Hakansson S., Unell M.
O04-3 Micro particles for protein vaccination Gilert A., Machluf M.
O04-4 Mechanical stability of multicomponent polysaccharide microcapsules Bartkowiak A., Brylak W.
O05-1 Sunflower oil as shell material for oral food delivery systems of micronutrients Wagdare N.A., Marcelis A.T.M., van Rijn C.J.M.
O05-2 Functional foods in the 21st century : delivering on the promise Smithers G., Augustin M.A., Sanguansri L., Crittenden R.
O05-3 Encapsulation of genistein in amylose complexes Cohen R., Orlova Y., Kovalev M., Ungar Y., Lesmes U., Shimoni E.
O05-4 MW profile of the matrix affects the stability of microencapsulated fish oil Drusch S., Mannino S.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O06-1 Acrylamide synthesis using immobilized cells of R. rhodochrous PA-34 Bhalla T.C., Raj J., Prasad S.
O06-2 Bioencapsulation of protein therapeutics within pH-responsive alginate Chan A.W., Whitney R.A., Neufeld R.J.
O06-3 Molecular Gastronomy : Chefs are inspired by encapsulation ! Nicolay X.
O06-4 Continuous production of complex microbial consortium from Raclette cheese Grattepanche F., Jost T., Lacroix C.
O07-1 Industrial Enzyme Encapsulation into PVA Lentikats Stloukal R., Kyslik P., Rajasekar V.W.,Martinkova L.
O07-2 Isolation and accelerated analysis of microorganism by means of encapsulation Ogalla E., ClaroC., Rodriguez-Gil A., Ganan-Calvo A.M., Flores M., Chave S.
O07-3 Controlled encapsulation of biocatalysts for chiral immobilized biotechnology Bucko M., Gemeiner P., Vikartovska A., Lacik I., Chorvat D., Mihovilovic M.
O07-4 Entrapment of extensive studied fungal species for environmental applications Yadav A.K., Lakhvinder Singh, Satya S., Sreekrishnan T.R.
O08-1 Recent trends in enzyme and cell immobilization by entrapment and encapsulation Fonseca L.P., Fernandes P., Lourenco N., Cordas C., Berna S.
O08-2 Bioluminescent bioreporters encapsulated in silica gel Kuncova G., Trogl J., Demnerova K., Ripp S., Sayler G.S.
O08-3 Acrylic acid synthesis using amidase activity of gel entrapped resting cells Chand D., Vitzthum F., Kumar D., Bhalla T.C.
O08-4 Cells viability of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in alginate-starch beads Schoebitz M., Simonin H., Poncelet D.
O09-1 Encapsulated HepG2 cells in a pilot-scale bioreactor for a bioartificial liver Erro E., Coward S., Mavri-Damelin D., Legallais C., Hodgson H., Selden C.
O09-2 Development of Chemotherapeutic Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Therapy Gu F., Langer R., Farokhzad O.
O09-3 Survival and protein adsorption on immunoisolated islet grafts de Haan B.J., Rossi A., Sonvico F., Colombo P., Faas M.M., De Vos P.
O09-4 CNTF reduces cognitive impairment in a mouse model of Alzheimer s disease Utvik J.K., Youssef I., Kriem B., Garcia P., Oudin A., Oster T.
O10-1 Bioactive cell-hydrogel microcapsules for cell-based drug delivery Orive G., De Castro M., Kong H.J., Hernandez R.M., Ponce S., Mooney D., Ped J.L.
O10-2 In-vivo bioavailability and radiographically study of tulsion microspheres Jain A., Jain S.K.
O10-3 Biocompatibility and efficiency of drug-loaded P(3)HB microspheres Shishatskaya E.
O10-4 Encapsulation of bone marrow stromal cells in alginate microbeads Bugarski D., Obradovi B., Jov i G., Bugarski B.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P01 Particularities of the use herbicide in presowing technologies by capsul s Sharipov M., Ruban I., Yusupov. K., Voropaeva N.
P02 Development of microcapsules for producing spherical tissues of < 150 m in size Ito S., Sakai S., OgushiY., Hashimoto I., Kawakami K.
P03 Nanoencapsulation of Centella asiatica bioactive extract Okonogi S., Sirithunyalug J., Chen Y.
P04 The molecular design of natural biocapsules - alive organisms s cells. Dynamics Ruban I.N., Voropaeva N., Sharipov M.D.
P05 Microencapsulation of fruit juices by spray-drying: prickly pear as study case Obon J.M., Castellar M.R., Alacid M., Fernandez-Lopez J.A.
P06 Nanoengineered alginate microspheres towards an optical urea biosensor Srivastava R., Swati M.
P07 Chitinase production by free and immobilized cells of Penicillium janthinellum Vassilev N., Reyes A., Garcia M., Vassileva M.
P08 Microencapsulation of phase change materials by in situ polymerisation Boh B., Knez E., Sumiga B.
P09 Effect of temperature on enzyme activity of immobilized microbial cells Kabaivanova L., Emanuilova E., Aleksieva P., Spasova D., Nacheva L., Chernev G.
P10 Thermocontrolled release of some bioactive substances from PNIPA hydrogel matrix Tatykhanova G., Kudaibergenov S.
P11 Stability of biocatalysts synthesized by sol-gel method containing lactic acid Chernev G., Samuneva B., Djambaski P., Kabaivanova L., Emanuilova E., Salvado I.
P12 Immobilization of a thermostable and alkaline protease produced by Bacillus sp. Kumar D., Gupta G., Sharma S., Chand D., Bhalla T.C.
P13 Effective encapsulation of ascorbic acid bioactive in chitosan nanoparticles Ampasavate C., Langcharoen P., Anantaworasaku P., Saengsitthisak B., O-ariya N.
P14 Beta- casein micelles as nano-delivery vehicles for chemotherapeutic drugs Livney Y.D., Shapira A., Assaraf Y.G.
P15 Properties of docetaxel-containing nanoemulsion as a dosage form Uglanova S.,Golovin Yu., Korenkov V., Abrikosova Yu., Lyakina A., Ivanov R., Kly
P16 Chitosan particles as new essential oil carrier for antimicrobial application Sarmento B., Sao PedroA. , Ferreira D., Cabral-Albuquerque E.
P17 Immobilization of tannase from Paecilomyces variotii by ionic gelation Makovskaya Y., Gordienko M., Menshutina N.
P18 Biological activity of chitosan in compositions of herbicides Voropaeva N., Ruban I., Sharipov M., Jusupov K.
P19 Biotoxicity evaluation of singlet oxygen generated by immobilized porphyrin Rychtarikova R., Kuncova G., Krulikovska T., Svirakova E., Hetflejs J.
P20 Microencapsulation of glucosyltransferase by ionic gelation Contesini F. J., Ibarguren C., Audisio C., Sato H. H., Grosso C. R. F.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P21 Box-Behnken design: Optimization of insulin-loaded nanoparticles Woitiski C., Veiga F., Ribeiro A., Neufeld R.
P22 Cubebin PLGA microparticles preparation and characterization Saraiva J., Lira A.A., Bastos J.K., Gaitani C.M.,. Albuquerque S, Marchetti J.M.
P23 Population balance model for quality control of coating proces in fluidised beds Vanderroost M.,Ronsse F. , Dewettinck K., Pieters J.G.
P24 Effect of polyelectrolyte coatings on DEXA release from alginate microspheres Jayant R. D., Srivastava R.
P25 Layer by layer assembly on inorganic microparticles for enzyme encapsulation Joshi A., Srivastava R.
P26 The role of biometal Fe (II) in increased medicinal potency of curcumin Modi G., Pitre K.S.
P27 Microencapsulation of the Yeast using a Sol-Gel Method Mellati A., Attar H.
P28 Improvement of mechanical and leaching stability of Novo435 by silicone coatings Wiemann L.O., Demir S., Thum O., Ansorge-Schumacher M.B.
P29 Novel polyurethane microcapsules containing variety of bioactive agents Shukla P.G.
P30 Influence of core material in microparticles formation by complex coacervation Prata A.S., Grosso C.R.F.
P31 Preparation and properties of polyhydroxybutyrate microspheres as drug carriers Goreva A., Shishatskaya E.,Volova T.
P32 PLA microparticles for pulmonary delivery of AntiTB drugs: biodistribution study Verma R. K., Kaur J., Yadav A. B., Kumar K., Misra A.
P33 Use of whey proteins as coating material for improving microbial cell protection Gbassi G.K. , Marchioni E., Ennahar S., Vandamme T.
P34 Encapsulation of enzyme lysing group A streptococci to improve its stability Filatova L., Levashov A.V., Dmitrieva N.F., Eshchina A.S., Klyachko N.L.
P35 Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Inhalable microparticles in Rhesus Monkeys Kaur J., Verma R.K., Yadav A. B., Kumar K., Misra A.
P36 Amphiphilic poly-N-vinylpyrrolidone nano-carriers for protein encapsulation Kuskov A. , Shtilman M., Villemson A., Larionova N., Tsatsakis A.
P37 Encapsulation of a RIP II protein in liposomes Manojlovica V., Winkler K., Bunjes V., Neub A., Bugarski B., Leneweit G.
P38 Lyophilised Eucalyptus Globulus coacervates based on beta-lactoglobulin & acacia Fendoung G. H. D., Ngassoum M. B., Sanchez C., Poncelet D.
P39 Probiotic Protection by whey-protein based networks Doherty S. , Ross P. R., Stanton C., Fitzgerald G. F., Brodkorb A.
P40 Drug microencapsulation by electrostatic atomization Ciach T.
Ref. Contributions 81 to 100 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P41 Drug eluting coating for coronary stents Ciach T.
P42 Mesenchymal Stem Cells encapsulated in alginate: microspheres vs microcapsules Trouche E., Tortosa F., Mias C., Parini A., Cussac D., Girod S., Sallerin B.
P43 Microbeads for synchronized hormone release in animal production Rintoul I.
P44 Alginate-chitosan microbeads/microcapsules with entrapped synthetic removal Markvicheva E. , Selina O.,Bartkowiak A., Bovin N.
P45 Effect of microcapsule composition upon specific antibody induction Baluisheva V.I., Vlasova N.N., Markvicheva H.A., Belov S.Yu., Kapoustin O.V.
P46 Novel approach for characterization of microspheres made by solvent evaporation Li M. , Xue J., Zhang Z-B., Rouaud O., Poncelet D.
P47 Paclitaxel delivery by micro/nano encapsulation using layer-by- layer assembly Gupta G. K., Jain V., Mishra P.R.
P48 Microencapsulation in textiles Ocepek B., Forte Taveer P.
P49 Photodynamic effects of chlorine e6 on bioencapsulated tumour spheroids Zaytseva-Zotova D., Udartseva O., Bolotine L., Goergen JL., Markvicheva E.
P50 Inulin hydrolysis by inulinase immobilized in polyvinyl alcohol based hydrogel Fernandes P., Fonseca L.P.
P51 Rheology of interfacial layers of composite materials intended for encapsulation Gigli J., Piazza L.
P52 SOD/catalase conjugated with block ionomer - antioxidant delivery system Klyachko N.L., Batrakova E.V., Kurova V., Kabanov A.V.
P53 Carnauba wax as a carrier for aroma encapsulation Bugarski B., Milanovic J., Levic S., Stojanovic R., Manojlovic V., Nedovic V.
P54 Dimensionless number analysis for production of spherical ca-alginate beads Chan E. S., Lee B. B., Ravindra P., Poncelet D.
P55 Multicompartimental microcapsules for cell entrapment Mazzitelli S., Capretto L., Luca G., Mancuso F., Tosi A., Nastruzzi C.
P56 Encapsulation of Piper sarmentosum within ca-alginate beads Yim Z.H., Mansa R.F., Ravindra P., Chan E.S.
P57 Structural analysis of chitosan cross linked membrane by microscopy Ongmayeb G., Le Tilly V., Poncelet D.
P58 Microencapsulation of alachlor for reducing its pollution in soil-water system Sopena F., Maqueda C., Morillo E.
P59 Comparison of cutinase bioencapsulation in sol-gel & PVA versus lyophlized form de Barros D.P.C., Bernardino S.M.S.A., Fernandes P., Fonseca L.P., Cabral J.M.S.
P60 Oligochitosan as potential antioxidant agent during the spray-drying of fish oil Krawczynska W., Bartkowiak A.
Ref. Contributions 101 to 120 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P61 Immobilization of fish oil in hydrogel alginate/oligochitosan microcapsules Tarnowiecka-Kuca A., Bartkowiak A.
P62 Immobilization of microbes to various supports and its application in BOD sensor Kumar R., Dhall P., Kumar A.
P63 Application of an alkaliphilic bacterium, Kurthia sp. for treating wastewaters Kumar A., Kumar R.
P64 Encapsulation of resting cells of Nocardia globerula NHB-2 in alginate gel beads Singh R., Chand D., Pandey D., Bhalla T. C.
P65 Recovery of geldanamycin using liquid-core microcapsules as a novel approach Whelehan M., Burlet J., O Shea D.G., Marison I.W.
P66 Encapsulation of resting cells of Nocardia globerula in agar beads, optimisation Pandey D., Chand D., Singh R., Bhalla T. C.
P67 Alginate microparticles produced by spray-drying for oral insulin delivery Bowey K., Neufeld R.
P68 Olerosome-rich pectin network as a new, natural bioencapsulation matrix Socaciu C. , Baciu A., Trif M.
P69 Study of the encapsulation of resveratrol with several cyclodextrins using HPLC Lopez-Nicolas J. M., Garcia-Carmona F.
P70 Bioencapsulation of antigen secreting cells as a vaccination strategy Hrynyk M.T., Rosenthal R., Neufeld R.J.
P71 DOM _ Domestication of Microorganisms Hakansson S., Sundh I., Schnurer J.
P72 Organic solvent free microparticles from a novel melt dispersion method Irfan M., Seiler M., Skillas G., Kobus A.
P73 Ca-, Ba- and Al-alginate matrices as carriers for phosphatidylcholine liposomes Manaenkov O.V., Sidorov A.I., Sulman E.M.
P74 Hydrogel microspheres for cell immobilization: Approaches to improve stability Mahou R., Wandrey C.
P75 Nutritional modulation of colon cancer with a microencapsulated symbiotic Chavarri M., Maranon I., Marzo F., Urdaneta E., Villaran M.C.
P76 Trigger enzymes for pectin based bioresponsive polymers Schneider K., Schroeder M., Rollett A., Hasmann A., Wehrschuetz E., Guebitz G.
P77 A new concept for controlled drug release devices based on enzymatic activity Hasmann, Wehrschuetz-Sigl, Kanzler,.Schneider, Schroeder, Guebitz
P78 Controlled release of microcapsule fertilizer using ethylene vinyl acetate polym Abedi-Koupai J., Varshosaz J., Mesforoosh M.
P79 A new pharmaceutical vector for oral administration of Insulin Callet A., Danicher L., Frere Y.
P80 Multilayer deposition on B. longum to improve probiotic stability Cramer C., Braga A., Zammaretti P.
Ref. Contributions 121 to 125 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P81 1- vs 2-step protocols result in different properties of SA-CS/PMCG microcapsule Kollarikova G., Lacik I., Danko M., Chorvat Jr. D.
P82 Microencapsulation with gum arabic and spruce galactoglucomannan Laine P., Lampi A.-M., Tenkanen M., Jouppila K.
P83 Encapsulation of metronidazole benzoate in poly E-caprolactone nanofibers Varshosaz J., Morshed M., Zamani M.
P84 Preparation of Micro-porous Silica Xerogel with Magnetic Properties Bernardino S.M.S.A., Fernandes P., Fonseca L.P.
P85 Immobilization of proteins in new-ionic-conducting-based materials - Ion Jelly Cordas C. M., Lourenco N. M. T., Fonseca L.P.