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COST865 Workshop

Ljubljana, Slovenia - April 25-26, 2008
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
C01 Hepatocytes microencapsulation for medical application : bioartificial liver Gautier A., Dufresne M., Vu Dinh Q., Carpentier B., Paullier P., Legallais C.
C02 Materials for food encapsulation - State of the art overview Wandrey, C.
C03 Industrial flavor Encapsulation Poncelet D.
C04 How to select encapsulates for use in food products? Zuidam K.J.
C05 Microencapsulation patents - a source of innovation and trend analysis Boh B.
C06 Industrial and Business Applications for Controlled Release Versic, R. J.
C07 Immobilised catalysts: production and application in industry Vorlop, K.-D.
P01 Oxidative stability and physical characteristics of oil microcapsules Jacquot M., Elmira Arab Tehany, Claire Gaiani, Michel Linder
P03 Preparation and characterisation of calcium shellac microparticles Xue J., Zhang Z.
P04 Functionalisation of biomaterial for encapsulation of probiotics & bioactives Partanen, R., Alakomi, H.-L., Forssell, P., Lantto, R., Buchert, J., Saarela, M.
P05 A novel approach to immobilization of whole microbial cells in alginate capsules Grubecki I., J. Milek, Wojcik M.
P06 Impact of micro- and nanostructure on autoxidation of microencapsulated LCPUFAs Drusch, S., Mannino, S.
P07 Influence of selected parameters on sorptivity of microencapsulated powders. Adamiec J.
P08 Alpha-Bisabolol Entrapped into Chitosan Particles for Antimicrobial Applications Sao Pedro, A.; Cabral-Albuquerque, E.C.M.; Velozo, E. S.; Ferreira, D.; Sarmento
P09 Biocatalytic response of multi-layer assembled nano-engineered capsules Sousa F, Sukhorukov G, Kreft O, Moehwald H, Kokol V
P10 Preparation and characterization of NLC as ocular flurbiprofen delivery system Gonzalez, E., Souto, E.B., Egea, M.A., Garcia, M.L.
P12 Nano- and microspheres for pharmaceutical and medical applications Schutz, C., Mahou, R., Wandrey, C.
P13 Biosynthesis of ethyl caproate and other short alkyl esters catalyzed by cutinas Dragana P. C. de Barros, Luis P.Fonseca
P14 Encapsulation of a flavour compound in alginate microparticles Manojlovic V., Rajic N., Djonlagic N., Obradovic B., Nedovic V., Bugarski B
P15 Lipid Carriers for Genetic Drugs in Gene Therapy Sikorski, A.F., Chmielewska, M., Kuliczkowski, K., Wyrozumska, P.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 38 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P16 Problem of optimal resolution in modeling of microenvironmental restricted cell Pajic-Lijakovic I, Plavsic M, Nedovic V, Bugarski B
P17 Study of surface adsorption on sodium alginate/poly-L-lysine beads by M-FTIR Rossi A., de Hann B.J., Sonvico F., de Vos P., Colombo P.
P18 Rheology of fats and their coating characteristics Grabsch C., S. Gruner, F. Otto, K. Sommer
P19 Pressure-sensitive microcapsules for controlled release of essential oils Knez E., Boh B.
P20 Fermentation and product formulation Strasser-Altrogge, S.; Neureiter, M.; Geppl., M; Braun R.; Danner, H.
P21 Physical Properties of Films Containing Shellac Viernstein H., Stefanie Stummer, Sharareh Salar-Behzardi
P22 Stable nano and micro particles from whey proteins and chitosan oligomers Brodkorb, A., Allen, D.T., Mounsey, J.S., Bartkowiak, A. and Stanton, C.
P23 Printing of nanosilver particles with antimicrobial properties on textile Ocepek B., Tomsic B., Simoncic B., Forte-Tavcer P.
P24 Fat Coating of hygroscopic drugs by spray-drying Vandamme T., Marie-Anne Golema, Pierre-Yves Marzolf, Firas Alshihabi
P25 Improving of compression by coating granules with the cellulosic derivative. Vandamme T., Pierre-Yves Marzolf, Marie-Anne Golema, Firas Alshihabi
P26 Production of Carnauba wax microbeads by melt dispersion technique Milanovic J., Stojanovic R., Levic S., Samardzic D., Zuidam K.-J.,Bugarski B.
P27 Encapsulation of flavour compounds in wax particles Samardzic D., Milanovic J., Manojlovic V., Levic S., Rajic N., Nedovic V.
P28 Yeast cell immobilization on wood chips aimed for continuos beer fermentation Stojanov V., Viktor Nedovic, Bugarski B., Bojana Obradovic
P29 Electro-dripping & Interfacial reaction Ongmayeb G., Poncelet D.
P30 Contributions to microencapsulation Poncelet D. (and many students)
P31 Emulsification & Microencapsulation Ongmayeb G., Legrand J., DellavalleD., Poncelet D.
P32 Innovations in particle coating El Mafadi S., Billancetti L., Picot A., Poncelet D.
P33 Rhizobacteria for reduced fertilizer inputs in wheat Schoebitz M., Poncelet D., Simonin H.