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XIVth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

Lausanne, Switzerland - October 5-7, 2006
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 The application of microcapsules in bioconversion reactions Marison I.
O1-2 Production of the autolytic culture Lb. delbrueckii ssp. lactis FAM-10991 using Koch S., Wettstein M., Eugster-Meier E., Meile L., Lacroix C.
O1-3 Analysis of hydrodynamic parameters of pneumatic air lift bioreactors with immob Bugarski B., Milivojevic M., Pavlou S., Nedovic V.
O1-4 Encapsulation as a powerful tool for cell therapies and GMP biomanufacturing Heinzen C., Berger A., Fux C.
O2-1 Cell encapsulation: Will it ever become part of the clinical arsenal? Aebischer P.
O2-2 Current insights in factors influencing long-term survival of encapsulated cells De Vos P.
O2-3 A Clinically Relevant Microcapsule for Islet Transplantation Safley S., Cui H., Burden C., Cauffiel S., Holbrook B., Weber C.
O2-4 Application of cells microencapsulation for bioartificial liver in fluidized bed Gautier A., Carpentier B., Dufresne M., Paullier P., Legallais C.
O2-5 Cell Based Therapy Using Genetically Modified, Encapsulated Cells O. Hauser, S. Schwab, W. Tabotta, WH Gunzburg, B. Salmons, H. Holzmuller
O3-1 Formulation optimizing for aqueous enteric coating systems Salar Behzahdi S., Zohrer K., Schaffer D., Viernstein H.
O3-2 Layer by layer adsorption of polyelektrolytes to encapsulate enzymes in polyelec Baumler H., Garbers E., Georgieva R.
O3-3 Bioencapsulated nanoparticles with the control of particle s morphology and the Kim J.-H., Kim Y.-W., Jo J.-E., Lee J.-M., Lee J.-Y.
O3-4 Delivery of probiotic and prebiotic synergy using microencapsulation Ying D.Y., Parkar S., Luo X.X., Seelye R., Sharpe J.C., Saunders J., Schroeder R
O3-5 The adsorption of immunoglobulin on alginate-based microcapsules Tam S.K., de Haan B., Halle J.-P., Yahia L.H., de Vos P.
O4-1 Structure engineering and processing of reactive multi-component microcapsules Windhab E.
O4-2 Chitosan-based nanoparticles by ionotropic gelation process Kauper P., Forrest M.
O4-3 Cell-compatible covalent alginate beads obtained from a chemoenzymatically engin Rokstad A.M., Donati I., Borgogna M., Oberholzer J., Strand B.L., Espevik T., Sk
O4-4 Improvement of alginate microbeads by enzymatic modification Morch Y., Strand B., Donati I., Skjak-Braek G.
O5-1 Influence of hydrocolloid interactions on their encapsulation properties using s Weissbrodt J., Kunz B.
O5-2 Application of encapsulation into UV curable ORMOCER in a construction of opti Kuncova G., Betancour L., Rose K., Scully P., Sasek L.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O5-3 A novel encapsulation method for probiotics using an interpolymer complex in sup Moolman F.S., Labuschagne P.W., Thantsha M.S., van der Merwe T.L., Rolfes H., Cl
O5-4 The use of confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) to quantify microcapsule fi Depypere F., Van Oostveldt P., Timmerman J., Pieters J.G., Dewettinck K.
O5-5 Protein crystallisation in hydrogels Willaert R.
O6-1 Chitosan microspheres: preparation, characterization, design-of-experiment and r Lacik I., Bubenikova S., Alexy P., Vodna L., Chorvat Jr. D., Bakos D.
O6-2 Using microorganisms for encapsulating polymeric structures: introducing and man Kilcher G., Duckham C., Tirelli N.
O6-3 Transition Metal Oxide Shells for Sol-Gel Encapsulation of (Micro)Organisms Kessler V.G., Seisenbaeva G.A., Hakansson S.
O6-4 Influence of the emulsification processes on the size of the droplets and on the Smola M., Vandamme T., Zapolski R., Sokolowski A.
O6-5 SLN and NLC as viscoelastic enhancers for topical drug delivery Souto E.B., Almeida A.J., Muller R.H.
O7-1 Recent trends in the role of microencapsulation in the development of functional Kailasapathy K., Madziva H., Anjani K., Seneweera S., Phillips M.
O7-2 Mechanism of action of Lactobacillus reuteri in an in vitro model of intestinal Lacroix C., Cleusix V., Le Blay G., Vollenweider S.
O7-3 Flavouring of sponge cake : retention of encapsulated aroma compounds Madene A., Jacquot M., Scher J., Desobry S.
O7-4 Nanoencapsulation of Hydrophobic Nutraceutical Substances within Casein Micelles Livney Y.D., Semo E., Danino D., Kesselman E.
O7-5 Encapsulating probiotic bacteria by ultrasonic vacuum spray drying Semyonov D., Ramon O., Shimoni E.
O8-1 Encapsulation of Enzyme : Applications Poncelet D.
O8-2 Biogranules on the base of calcium hydroxyapatite for dosimetry control Krylova E.A., Ivanov A.A., Plashchina I.G., Kleshchenko E.D., Pantelkin V.P.
O8-3 Instant and Reliable estimation of BOD by Developing a Mixed Culture Based BOD B Kumar R., Dhall P., Kumar A., Singh V.P.
O8-4 Encapsulation of brewing yeast in polyvinyl alcohol for continuous beer fermenta Nedovic N., Mirkovic M., Leskosek-Cukalovic I., Levic S., Spsas V., Bugarski B.
P0-1 Encapsulation of radionuclides contaminated soil particles of Semipalatinsk Test Kudaibergenov S., Bimendina L., Yashkarova M., Orazzhanova L.
P0-2 Microencapsulated animal repellents for agricultural applications Boh B., Knez E., Skerlavaj V.
P0-4 Lecithin/chitosan self-organizing nanoparticles as drug carriers for lipophilic Sonvico F., Barbieri S., Rossi A., Motta S., Bettini R., Deriu A., Colombo P.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P0-5 Orally administered microencapsulated lysozyme in the early stage of experimenta Zorzin L., Cocchietto M., Candido R., Fabris B., Toffoli B., Zabucchi M., Stebel
P0-6 Aroma retention and flavour release of peppermint essential oil encapsulated by Baranauskiene R., Zukauskaite J., Bylaite E., Venskutonis P.R.
P0-9 PGA-HSA coated microspheres : encapsulation and release of a bioactive peptide Callewaert M., Grandjean-Laquerriere A., Laurent-Maquin D., Edwards-Levy F.
P1-0 Metabolic activity of Jurkat cell line after encapsulation in PGA-HSA coated bea Munin A., Le Naour R., Guenounou M., Edwards-Levy F.
P1-1 Biodistribution of 131I labelled 5-Aminosalicylic acid loaded chitosan-Ca-algina Mladenovska K., Raicki R.S., Janevik E.I., Ristoski T., Pavlova M.J., Glavas M.,
P1-2 Stability tests of 5-Aminosalicylic acid containing solutions and chitosan-Ca-al Mladenovska K., Cruaud O., Richomme P., Belamie E., Raicki R.S., Venier M-C., Po
P1-3 Silica composite materials with algal polysaccharide used for immobilization of Kabaivanova L., Emanuilova E., Nacheva L., Aleksieva P.
P1-4 Optical monitoring of oxygen concentration and cells viability in polymer film w Bolyo J., Kuncova G.
P1-5 Sol-gel hybrid materials for bioencapsulation Chernev G., Samuneva B., Djambaski P., Kabaivanova L., Emanuilova E., Salvado I.
P1-6 A novel technique for preparation of gel-entrapped fungal spores Vassilev N., Nikolaeva I., Vassileva M.
P1-7 Approaches to prevent gastric enzymatic degradation in nanoencapsulated insulin Reis C., Ribeiro A.J., Neufeld R., Veiga F.
P1-9 Alginate matrices ultrasonic modification for the develop the drug delivery syst Manaenkov O.V., Sidorov A.I., Sulman E.M.
P2-0 Barium Alginate controlled release capsules for stallion spermatozoa delivery Faustini M., Torre M.L., Villani S., Munari E., Conte U., Riccardi A., Scocca S.
P2-1 Three-dimensional hormone-free coculture for the maturation of swine oocytes: an Munari E., Asti A., Benzoni E., Colombani C., Sesso L., Faustini M., Riccardi A.
P2-2 Encapsulation of poorly soluble substances via self-assembling of amphiphilic co Larionova N., Villemson A., Couvreur P., Gref R.
P2-3 Encapsulation and controlled release human growth hormone using dextran sulfate- Sarmento B., Neufeld R., Ribeiro A., Veiga F., Ferreira D.
P2-4 A novel approach for immunoisolation of pancreatic islets de Haan B.J., Faas M.M., de Vos P.
P2-5 Development of silk fibroin-based gel beads for immobilized cell fermentation Yildirim S., Borer M.E., Meinel L., Lacroix C.
P2-6 Animal cells immobilized into microgranules and microcapsules and their function Balysheva V., Markvicheva E.
P2-7 Feasibility studies of lipid-based carriers for dermal applications Souto E.B., Almeida A.J., Muller R.H.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P2-8 Study of the influence of the viscosity of microemulsified systems on the sizes Smola M., Vandamme T., Kozlecki T., Sokolowski A.
P2-9 Collapse of stimuli-sensitive enzyme-containing polymeric matrix and immobilized Eremeev N., Belyaeva E.
P3-0 Preparation and Evaluation of Chitosan-Treated Alginate Microparticles for the S Lira A., Nanclares D.M., Neto A.F., Marchetti J.M.
P3-1 Long-term delivery of murine EPO using cell encapsulation technology Orive G., De Castro M., Hernandez R.M., Gascon A.R., Pedraz J.L.
P3-2 Bioencapsulation of tumor cells in novel alginate-(Chitosan - PVA) microcapsules Markvicheva E., Zaitseva-Zotova D., Akopova T., Zelenetski A.
P3-3 Production of 3-hydroxypropionaldehyde with immobilized Lactobacillus reuteri ce Ruetti D.P., Vollenweider S., Wiederkehr D., Lacroix C.
P3-5 Effect of glutaraldehyde or transglutaminase in the release of coacervated micro Grosso C.R.F., Zanin M.H., Re M.I., Prata A.S.
P3-6 Effect of chemical or enzymatic crosslinking on drying of microparticles produce Grosso C.R.F., Alvim I.D.
P3-7 Production of alginate microbeads through air atomization technique Abang S., Loh P.E., Chan E.S.
P3-8 Alginate-chitosan Microencapsulation Technology and Platform for Cell Implantati Ma X.
P3-9 Particle coating using dry powder technology Bilancetti L., Poncelet D., Hayert M., Loisel C.
P4-0 Microencapsulation of essential peppermint oil during spray drying Adamiec J., Kalemba D.
P4-1 Evolution and modelling of Listeria spp. growth in a k-carrageenan matrix Diaz M., Laca A., Noriega E.
P4-3 Bioenergy beads: a tool for regeneration of ATP/NTP in biocatalytic synthesis Nahalka J., Bucko M., Gemeiner P., Wang P.G.
P4-4 A novel approach to entrapment in alginate-silicate sol-gel matrix Badowska M., Milek J., Grubecki I., Wojcik M.
P4-5 Multipurpose application of same immobilized fungous spores Efremenko E., Senko O., Spiricheva O., Podoroshko E., Lozinsky V.
P4-6 The use of microfluidics to encapsulate cells Workman V.L., Kille P.
P4-7 Optimization of sparkling wine production with immobilized biocatalyst Stepanov N., Efremenko E.
P4-8 Microencapsulation by solvent evaporation Li M., Rouaux O., Poncelet D.
P4-9 Production of low-molecular weight inhibitory agents using cell-immobilization t Lacroix C., Truttmann S., Miescher Schwenninger S., Meile L.
Ref. Contributions 81 to 100 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P5-0 Formation of Alginate-Membrane Capsules by using Co-Extrusion Dripping Technique Chan E.S., Hong W.O., Lee B.B., Ravindra P.
P5-1 Novel Encapsulation of a Fibrinolytic Enzyme (Nattokinase) by Shellac Law D., Zhang Z.
P5-2 Comparison of stability between Kaso (Tetracarpidium conophorum) and safou pulp Dzondo-Gadet M., Jacquot M., Linder M., Desobry S.
P5-3 Oral delivery of drugs by means of lipid nanoparticles Silva A.C., Ferreira D.C., Souto E.B.
P5-4 New multicomponent polysaccharide microcapsules Brylak W., Bartkowiak A.
P5-6 Immobilization of fish oil in alginate microcapsules as potential food additives Tarnowiecka A., Krawczynska W., Bartkowiak A.
P5-7 Preparation of agarose based microcapsules by emulsion and microdropplet generat Tosi A., Mazzitelli, S. Bozzuto N., Balestra, C. Bertini, B. Luca G., Nastruz
P5-8 Nanoemulsions for bioactive molecules: loading and application Klyachko N.L., Maydina, Belova A.B., Kovalev R.I., Levashov P.A., Levashov A.V.
P5-9 Photocatalytic degradation of atrazine using TiO2 encapsulated in alginate micro Mirovic I., Nedovic V., Jovanovic L., Leskosek-Cukalovic I., Raicevic V.
P6-0 Hyper-activation of lipase activity in poly(N-AEAAm-co- AAc)-cl-N, N-MBAAm hydro Kaushal R.K., Chauhan S., Chauhan G.S., Kanwar S.S.
P6-1 Stabilization of drug-loaded liposomes by polypeptide surface coating. Particle Volodkin D., Ball V., Mohwald H., Voegel J-C.
P6-2 The Effect of some Spray Drying Parameters on the Kinetics and Microencapsulatio Adamiec J.
P6-3 Phase-field modeling of immobilized yeast cell growth dynamics in Ca-alginate mi Pajic-Lijakovic I., Plavsic M., Bugarski B., Georgiu C.A., Kanellaki M., Nedovi
P6-4 Immobilization of active substances by electrostatic extrusion Bugarski B., Manojlovic V., Rajic N., Georgiou C., Nedovic V.
P6-5 Essential oil entrapment in Alginate gel to control Callosobruchus maculatus Kaushik P., Satya S., Naik S.N.
P6-6 Synthesis of Modified Chitosan as Medicine Sustained Releasing beads and Propert Ding P., Huang K.-L., Li G.i-Y.
P6-7 Functional properties and in vivo biocompatibility of microencapsulated Sertoli Tosi A., Giovanni L., Calvitti M., Calafiore R., Nastruzzi C.
P6-8 Porous CoTi Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds for Bone Graft Substitutes Krylova E.A., Plashchina I.G., Kamynina O.K., Sytschev A.E., Vadchenko S.G., Sel
P6-9 Wine Making using Freeze Dried Immobilized Cells into a Catalytic Multistage Fix Sipsas V., Kolokythas G., Kanellaki M., Bugarski B., Nedovic V.
P7-0 Simulated gastric and intestinal fluid survival of Bifidobacterium longum Bb46 e Thantsha M.S., Cloete T.E., Moolman F.S., Labuschagne P.W.
Ref. Contributions 101 to 113 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P7-1 Aroma release properties from yeast cell encapsulates in watery applications Heinrich E.
P7-2 A technique for encapsulation of high cell density aggregates Coakley W.T., Viogatzi E., Blair M., Bazou D.
P7-4 Intervertebral disc regeneration: morphological investigation of an in vitro rec Asti A., Riccardi A., Benzoni E., Faustini M., Munari E., Gaetani P., Rodriguez
P7-5 Alpha-amylase microspheres at low dose in weaning rabbit feed Scocca S., Torre M.L., Faustini M., Russo V., Villani S., Conte U., Michelis M.,
P7-6 Rapeseed Press Cake Immobilization for Removal of HOP in Water Breguet V., Pesquet F., Boucher J., Marison I.W.
P7-7 High Encapsulation Efficiency of Proteins using Triblock Copolymers O Neil C., van der Vlies A., Schoenmakers R., Hubbell J.
P7-8 Electrochemistry of microencapsulated laccase immobilized on electrodes Rochefort D., Kouisni L., Gendron K.
P7-9 Native nanoobjects and technology of capsulation increasing their stability to e Ruban I., Sharipov M., Voropaeva N.
P8-0 Native nanoobjects and technology of capsulation increasing their stability to e Ruban I., Sharipov M., Voropaeva N.
P8-1 Perspective polymer water-soluble blends for biocapsulation. Part II Rashidova S., Voropaeva N., Nikonovich G., Burkhanova N., Ruban I.
P8-2 Anti-Microbial Drug Loaded Mucoadhesive Nanoparticles for Ophtalmic Delivery Jain D., Banerjee R.
P8-3 Microencapsulation-Based Approaches for the Animal Health and Nutrition Markets Vilesov A., Nechaeva E., Belyaeva I.
P8-4 Protection of Probiotic Bacteria by Whey Protein based Gels Brodkorb A., Coghlan D., Meng X., Stanton C.