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XIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

Strasbourg, France - May 25-27, 2003
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Encapsulation and granulation Pfutze S.
O1-2 Encapsulation of proteins in microspheres prepared by sequential adsorption of b Larionova N.I., Balabushevich N.G., Tiourina O.P., Sukhorukov G.B.
O1-3 Scale-up of the jetcutter technology Pruesse U., Jahnz U., Wittlich P., Vorlop K.
O1-4 On the synthesis of oil-containing cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol microcapsules Kiparissides C., Bachtsi A.R., Alexandridou S., Kammona O.,
O1-5 On-line studies of membrane formation Bourdillon L., Wandrey C.
O2-1 Formulation and characterization of calcium pectinate hydrogel beads for drug de Chung J.T., Zhang Z.
O2-2 Comparative encapsulation of paraffinic material by complex coacervation and int Argillier J.-F., Bhattacharyan A., Soto-Portas L., Zydowicz N.
O2-3 Biological material from whey proteins and their use as bioencapsulation and del Subirade M., Beaulieu L., Remondetto G., Viel L.-M.
O2-4 Swelling behavior and controlled release of aroma in protein gels Renard D., Lavenant L., Robert P.
O3-1 Calcium silica pectate gel for whole cell and enzyme . Bioencapsulation and its Nahalka J., Wu B., Shao J., Gemeiner P., Wang P.G.
O3-2 Encapsulation and drying of Pseudomonas fluorescens for biological pest control Patel A., Bublitz M., Vorlop K.-D.
O3-3 Molecular design for biologically signifiant inorganic capsules : [(VO)3(SbW9O33 Yamase T., Shigeta S.
O3-4 Encapsulated multicellular tumor spheroids as a novel in vitro model to study sm Markvicheva E., Bezdetnaya L., Bartkowiak A., Marc A., Goergen J.-L., Guillemin
O4-1 A new procedure for higher fungi cryoproservation in alginate beads Guarc Y., Lanau J.M., Gracia E.
O4-2 Gluconobacter oxydans biosensors Tkac J., Vostiar I., Gemeiner P., Sturdik E.
O4-3 A new method for the greening of oysters immobilized cells of the diatom haslea Lebeau T., Gaudin P., Robert J.M.
O4-4 Synthesis of nanosponge molecular reservoirs for the removal of organic contamin Dini E., Kammona O., Kiparissides C.
O4-5 The potential of coniferous needle extracts Vilesov A., Eichler K.
O5-1 Hydrodynamics of the Wuster coating process in a fluid bed El mafadi S., Hayert M., Poncelet D.
O5-1 Modelling of particle motion in the Wuster coating process El mafadi S., Hayert M., Poncelet D.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O5-2 Modeling environment for drying process design Puchkov M., Leuenberger H., Menshutina N.
O5-3 Mass transfer ranking of poly-lysine, poly-ornithine and poly-methylene-co-guani Rosinski S., Lewinska D., Orive G., Pedraz J.L.
O5-4 Mechanical properties of beads hosting hepatocytes in fluidized bed bioarticial Barbe L., David B., Legallais C.
O6-1 Study of the interaction of polycations with human red blood cells Grandfils C., Barakat I., Verraes S., Sondag-Thull D., Dandrifosse G.
O6-2 Shear induced solvent release from micro-gels and capsules Budtova T., Vervoort S., Zanina A.
O6-3 Monitoring of the effect of dimethyl sulfoxide on the growth and viability of im Vankova R., Kuncova G., Podrazk O.y, Gaudinova A., Vanek T.
P01 Lentikats as potentiel carriers for brewing yeast Nedovic V., Obradovic B., Bezbradica D., Leskosek-Cukalovic I.
P02 Bioreporter Pseudomonas fluorescens HK 44 Immobilized in silica matrix Trogl J., Ripp S., Kuncova G., Sayler G.S., Demnerova K.
P03 Sustained release of a biologically active peptide by PGA-HSA microcapsules embe Hurteaux R., Edwards-Levy F., Laurent-Maquin D., Levy M.-C.
P04 Application of liposomes in vivo : are they adequate delivery systems? Bugarski B., Nedovic V., Obradovic B., Boltic Z., Burarski D.
P05 Different approach to the hydrogel beads preparation with a static mixer by emul Belyaeva E., Bone S., Della Valle D., Poncelet D.
P06 Encapsulation of alfa- chimotrypsine in k-carrageenan beads produced with the st Belyaeva E., Bone S., Della Valle D., Poncelet D.
P07 New injectable vehicles Aucouturier J., Deville S., Dupuis L., G. Trouve G.
P08 Influence of rotation on extrusion of alginate solution through a nozzle Bartos S., Grubecki I., Kopinski L., Wojecik M.
P09 Non ionic nanoparticles by miniemulsion copolymerization of vinyl acetate and ol Bone S., Rajot I., Graillat C., Hamaide T.
P10 Spray-dried chitosan microgranules Adamiec J., Modrzejewska Z.
P11 A new approach for encapsulation of macromolecules by incorporation into matrix Volodkin D.V., Petrov A.I., Larionova N.I., Sukhorukov G.B.
P12 Complex coacervation of whey proteins and gum arabic Weinbreck F., De Kruif K.
P13 Approaches to new derivatives of cellulose as designed pharmaceutical excipients Schwarz B., Loppert R., Praznik W., Unger F.M., Kahlig H., Viernstein H.
P14 Designer hydrogels for lipase immobilization Kaushal R.K., Sen U., Chauhan G.S.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P15 The influence of graft encapsulation on host immune system Kinasiewicz J., Godlewska E., Sitarek E., Orlowski T.
P16 Membrane immobilized bacterial cells for nitrile degradation Kabaivanova L., Dobreva E., Dimitrov P., Emanuilova E.
P17 In vitro investigation of a controlled release of ophthalmic drug from thermo-se Tsaitler P.A., Eremeev N.L., Nikolskaya I.I.
P18 Survival and release of bifidobacterium lactis from alginate and alginate-chitos Liserre A.M., Franco B.D.G., Re M.I.
P19 Multienzymatic system encapsulation: a case study Jacquot M., Miclo A., Scher J., Poncelet D.
P20 Insulin loaded multilayer dextran sulfate/protamine microparticles Balabshevich N.G., Sukhorukov G.B., Larionova N.I.
P21 Poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid copolymers as biodegradable injectable implant sys Goracinova K., Mladenovska K., Porjazoska A., Nica V., Celevska B., Cvetkovska M
P22 Biodegradable microspheres for drug administration Maia J.L., Santana M.H.A., Re M.I.
P23 Application of encapsulated microorganisms in solubilization of insoluble minera Vassilev N., Vassileva M., Frederici F., Fenice M.
P24 Studies on co-encapsulation of probiotic bacteria Chandramouli V., Kailasapathy K., Peiris P., Chin J.
P25 Immobilization of bacillus circulans ATCC 21783 cells for cyclodextrin glucanotr Vassileva A., Burhan N., Beschkov V., Ivanova V., Tonkova A.
P26 Theoritical aspects of the use of polymers for seeds bioencapsulation Ruban I., Gushchin S., Voropaeva N., Rashidova S.
P27 Chitin and its derivatives-biologically active substances for(bio)capsulation Rashidova S., Voropaeva N., Akhmedova H., Ruban I.
P28 Preparation microcapsules as drug delivery system Rashidova S., Gorbacheva O., Tolmasov V., Voropaeva N., Ruban I.
P29 Nanostructural polymers systems-perspective materials for bioencapsulation techn Rashidova S., Voropaeva N., Nikonovich G., Yugay S., Burkhanova I., Reshetnikova
P30 Nanoporus native polymers systems. Possibilities to use for bioencapsulation Ruban I., Nikonovich G., Voropaeva N., Yugay S., Burkhanova I., Yosunov M., Sind
P31 To the question of effective metals extraction by alkaline from the rock with th Kukanova S., Zainitidinova L., Airopetova J., Rashidova S., VoropaevaI N., Ruban
P32 Encapsulation of local anaesthetic drug richlocain within novel polybetaine hydr Kudaibergenov S., Makysh G., Bimendina L., Murzagulova K.
P33 Alginate microbeads for delivery of pharmaceutical compounds Ruiz F., Ciampi L., Farias C.
P34 Cell attrapment and coated-system immobilization (CECSI Technology) for the biol Nicolay X., Therasse P., De Maesschalck E., Simon J.-P.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 66 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P35 Continous prefermentation of milk by an immobilized mixed culture of one nisin Z Grattepanche F., Lacroix C., Audet P.
P36 Implementation and validation of an in vitro model for the study of a fluidized David B., Dufresne M., Legallais C.
P37 Immobilization fecal flora used in a 3-three stage chemostat to simulate infant Cinquin C., Le Blay G., Fliss I., Lacroix C.
P38 Influence of formulation and preparation on gel and surface characteristics of a Sainz Vidal D., Lekka M., Kulik A., Wandrey C.
P39 Bioencapsulation approaches used in biocontrol and biomonitoring by flow calorim Stefuca, S. Gemeiner P., Vikartovska A., Malik F.
P40 Encapsulation of lactobacillus rhamnosus in whey proteins and survival en a dyna Ainsley Reid A., Britten M., Arcand Y., Fanrworth E., Vuillemard J.C., Champagne