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VIIIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

Throndheim, Norway - September 13-15, 1999
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
IL-1 Mechanism of binary polysaccharidic microcapsule formation Bartkowiak A., Hunkeler D.
IL-2 Biomedical applications of encapsulation Jordan O., Aebischer P.
IL-3 Immune responses against alginate microcapsules Espevick T.
IL-4 Strategies for stable immobilized of enzymes in biosensors Grundig B.
O-01 Polyelectrolyte complex microcapsules and their mechanical resistance evaluation Poncelet D., Bertrand Y., Dhellem C., Jacquot M., Dulieu C.
O-02 Progress in adjusting the cutt-off of polyelectrolyte complex microcapsules Schuldt U., Woehlecke H., Ehwald R. , Lerche D.
O-03 NMR microscopy of polysaccharide gels Toffanin R., Murano E.
O-04 The effect of calcium ions on alginate gel network - increased binding of chitos Gaserod O., Skjak-braek G.
O-05 New possibilities for the implementation of PVA-cryogel carriers: supermacroporo Lozinsky V. I., Plieva F.M., Zubov A.L.
O-06 Scale-up strategies for bead production by jet cutting Prusse U., Dalluhn J., Sonnenburg R., Breford J., Vorlop K-D.
O-07 Application of low intensity ultrasonic wave fields to manipulate and direct the Radel S., McLoughlin A.J., Walsh P.
O-08 Proteases entrapped in hydrogels based on poly(N-vinyl caprolactam) as promising Kuptsova S., Markvicheva E., Pavlov D., Kochetkov V., Belokon Y., Rumsh L., Zubo
O-09 Bioconversion of glycerol to 1,3-propanediol by C. butyricium immobilized in Len Wittlich P., Schlieker M., Willke T., Vorlop K.-D.
O-10 Alginates - a family of polymers suitable for polysacharide engineering Skjak-Braek G., Valla S., Ertesvag H., Hartman M.
O-11 Electrostatic bead generator for immobilization of cells and macromolecules Melvik J.E., Skjak-Braek G., Gaserod O., Klokk T.I., Skaugrud O.
O-14 Genetically engineered producer cells encapsulated in alginate: a new treatment ReadT.A., Bjerkvig R.
O-15 Metabolic studies of microencapsulated rat and human islets of Langerhans King A., Sandler S., Skjak-Braek G., Andersson A.
O-16 Reversal of streptozotocin-induced diabetes in mice using intra-peritoneal trans Bloch K., Yussim A., Vardi P.
O-17 Bioartificial liver containing hepatocytes embedded within alginate beads for th Desille M., Fremond B., Desbois J., LebretonY., Campion J-P., Malledant Y., Cle
O-18 Characterization of the toxic and cytokine inducing properties of poly-L-lysine Strand B.L., Ryan L., In t Veld P., Kulseng B., Skjak-Braek G., Espevik T.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O-19 Retention of dsDNA within alginate beads Ho J., Neufeld R.J.
O-20 Cationic nano-and micro-spheres as gene delivery vectors Esposito E., Cortesi R., Nastruzzi C.
O-21 Bioencapsulation in food industry in general, and own applications Selmer-Olsen E.
O-22 Preparation and applications of amylose-coated potato starch microcapsules Myllarinen P., Lahtinen R., Mattila-Sandholm T., Poutanen K., Forssell P.
O-23 Preliminary studies on enhanced viability and improved delivery of probiotic bac Kailasapathy K., Sultana K., Godward G., Peiris P., Arumugaswamy R., Rodgers S.,
O-26 Entrapment in polyurethane foam and adsorption on porous glass- improved approch Stibor M., Jerabkova H., Kralova B.
O-27 Transport of gel microbeads through columns of aquifer material for in-situ bioa Moslemy P., Millette D., Guiot S. R., Neufeld R.J.
O-28 Immobilized Rhizopus nigricans beads for the removal of hexavalent chromium from Abraham T.E., Bai S.
P-01 New apparatus for the reproductible production of small lens-shapped hydrogel (L Jahnz U., Wittlich P., Vorlop K-D.
P-02 Application of the JetCutter technology for the production of spherical beads fr Wittlich P., Jahnz U., Vorlop K-D.
P-03 Development of biodegradable polymeric microparticles for the controlled deliver Kiparissides C., Bachtsi A., Alexandridou S., Dini E.
P-04 Production of microbeads containing immobilized yeast cells for continuous beer Nedovic V., Trifunovic O., Pesic R., Leskosek-Cukalovic I., Bugraski B.
P-05 Hollow beads on basis of the polyelectrolyte sulfonethylcellulose (SEC) Rose T., Neumann B., Thielking H., Koch W., Vorlop K.-D.
P-06 Polyelectrolyte complex particles as carrier systems Dautzenberg H.
P-07 Rheological and NMR characterization of Monoglyceride-based gels DiAntona P., Parker W.O. Jr, Esposito E., Nastruzzi C.
P-08 Colloid-chemical aspects of encapsulation by formation of insoluble complexes be Babak V., Skotnikova E.A.
P-09 Biodegradation of polychlorinated biphenyls by immobilized microorganisms Kunkova G., Poncelet D., Burkhard J., Demnerova K., Pazlarova J.
P-10 Two-dimensional fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for estimation of growth and Vankova R., Kunkova G.
P-11 Mechanical staility of food gum gels for immobilization of probiotic bacteria Nicetic M., Kailasapathy K., Tarasoff L.
P-12 Malolactic fermentation of apple juice by entrapped Leuconostoc oenos in LentiKa Durieux A., Peeters J.-L., Wittlich P., Vorlop K.-D., Simon J.-P.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 49 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-13 Control of cell release with chitosan and alginate coatings in continuous fermen Klinkenberg G., Lystad K.Q., Dyrseth N., Levine D.W.
P-14 Quantitative study of encapsulated CHO cells in bioreactor : capsule stability a Gugerli R.
P-15 Continuous production of cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase by immobilized cells Ramakrishna S.V., Prakasham R.S.
P-16 Stability of encapsulated caraway (Carum carvi L.) essential oil into milk origi Bylaite E., Venskutonis P.R., Mazdzieriene R.
P-17 The use of kappa-carrageenan gel to immobilize lager brewing yeast Pilkington P.H., Margaritis A., Mensour N.A., Sobczak J., Hancock I., Heggart H.
P-18 Encapsulation of allergen using of hydroxyapatite-polysaccharide granules Krylova E., Babachin A., Ivanov A., Lukina I., Andeev S., Orlovski V., Poncelet
P-19 New developments in the conception of the fluidized bed bioartificial liver (FBB David B., Dore E., Legallais C.
P-20 Insulin-fiber bioactive complexes : a possible source of insulin release in the Djordjevic P.B., Skundric P., Lalic N.M., Klajic L., Kostic M., Nokolic A., Uper
P-21 Characterization of the toxic and cytokine inducing properties of poly-L-lysine Strand B.L., Ryan L., In t Veld P., Kulseng B., Skjak-Braek G., Espevik T.