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VIth International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Barcelone, Spain - September 29- , 1997
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
01-1 Fundamentals of dispersion in encapsulation technology Poncelet D., Dulieu C., Neufeld R.
01-2 A novel vibrating nozzle extrusion system for the application of microbial and a Marison I., Brandenberger H., Catana E., Heinzen C., Kuhn O., Pluss R.
01-3 Encapsulation by polyelectrolyte complex formation - current state of developmen Dautzenberg H., Lukanoff B., Schuldt U., Tiersch B.
01-4 Influence of the immobilization technique on the efficiency of stereoselective r Christov P., Spassov G., Pramatarova V.
01-5 Polyvinylalcohol (PVAL)-hydrogels for the entrapment of nitrifiers Jekel M., Buhr A., Willke T., Vorlop K.
01-6 Inclusion of large hydrocolloids in microcapsules by reversible porosity change Woehlecke H., Ehwald R.
01-7 Basic physicochemical properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogels determining the Lozinsky V.I., Zubov A.L.
02-1 Mechanical damage to microcapsules in turbulent capillary flows Sia S.T., Zhang Z.
02-2 Characterization of alginate gels : relation between structure and retention/rel Ouwerx C., Deghorain B., Mestdagh M.M., Axelos M.A.V.
02-3 Non-invasive monitoring of cell-based bioartificial tissue constructs by NMR Constantinidis I., Long Jr R.C., Sambanis A.
02-4 Encapsulation of living cells in alginate and alginate/PVAL hydrogels Kujawa P., Lemiesz M., Kolodziejczyk M., Narebski J., Pajewski L.A., Rosiak J.M.
02-5 Stable polysaccharide gelling systems for bioencapsulation Krylova E.A., Lukina I.G., Mulyukin A.L., Kozlova A.N., El-Registan G.I., Plashc
03-1 Bioencapsulation for high-throughput screening Nasby N., Cantafio A., Aronson N., Sherman D.
03-2 Gel beads containing cells as versatile autopoietic machines Nava Saucedo E., Bienaime C., Roisin C., Gosselin M.L., Asanza Teruel, Barreleir
03-3 Effect of alginate gel structure on bacterial conjugation Mater D.D.G., Nava Saucedo J.E., Truffaut N., Barbotin J.N., Thomas D.
03-4 Bioluminescence as indicator of cells viability of immobilized E. coli cells car Brovko L., Romanova N., Makhlis T., Zubov A., Lozinsky V., Ugarova N.
04-1 Magnetically guided drugs of cytostatic and anaesthetic action based on high dis Chuiko A.A., Shklovskaya N., Fedorenko O., Rurbatova G., Oranskaya E., Sokhov S.
04-2 Photosensitized erythrocytes as active agent delivery/targeting vehicles Rollan A.M., McHale A.P.
04-3 Human liver cell lines proliferate freely and maintain their differentiated phen Selden C., Leiper K., Ryder T., Roberts E., Parker K., Winlove P., Hogson H.J.F.
04-4 Improvement of biocompatibility of A-P-A-microcapsules with PEG-amine for bioart Chen J.P., Shiao M.Y., Chu I.M., Hsu B.R.S., Fu S.H.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
04-5 Polycomplex-liposome interaction Yaroslavov A.A., Kuchenkova O.Y., Yaroslavova E.G.
05-1 Encapsulation of caraway (Carum carvi L.) essential oil in different matrixes Bylaite E., Venskutonis R., Kvietkauskaite D.
05-2 Cider production by immobilized yeast and Leuconostoc oenos : comparison of diff Durieux A., Nicolay X., Jourdain J.M., Depaepe C., Pietercelie A., Plaisant A.M.
05-3 Flavour formation during beer fermentations with immobilized Saccharomyces cerev Nedovic V., Leskosek-Cukalovic I., Milosevic V., Vunjak-Novakovic G.
05-4 Immobilized enzyme system as a tool for beer maturation Dulieu C., Dautzenberg H., Poncelet D.
05-5 Demethoxylation of pectin using immobilized Cuscuta reflexa pectinmethylesterase Kumar A.
06-1 Production of itaconic acid by Aspergillus terreus immobilized within vegetable Akhtar N., Iqbal M., Iqbal Zafar S., Iqbal J.
06-2 Mass transfer by convective flow in marine sponge Wijffels R.H., Osinga R.
06-3 Alginate production by Azobacter vinelandii immobilized in compsite agar layer/m Saude N., Junter G.A.
06-4 PVAL-immobilized 1,3-propanediol-producing bacteria Reimann C., Wittlich P., Jekel M., Willke T., Vorlop K.
06-5 Ethanol production at 45degrees by Kluyveromyces marxiamus IMB3 immobilized in c Barron A., Gough S., Zubov A.L., Lozinsky V.I., McHale A.P.
07-1 Polymers for bioartificial organs Hunkeler D.
07-2 Encapsulation of animal cells and cultivation in serum-free medium Markvicheva E., Vikhrov A.A., Mareeva T., Khaidukov S.V., Zubov V.P., Nesmeyanov
07-3 Advantages of clustered microcapsules as demonstrated by plant cell wall materia Ehwald R., Woehlecke H.
07-4 Long term survival of bacteria encapsulated in polymer microparticles Amiet-Charpentier C., Richard J., Gadille P., Digat B., Benoit J.P.
07-5 Are hollow beads suitable for artifical seed construction ? Patel A., Fiegert A.K., Mix-Wagner G., Vorlop K.
08-1 Biodegradation of aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures in heavily contaminated streams Martins dos Santos V.A.P., Ramos J.L.
08-2 Transport of free and alginate-encapsulated Pseudomonas aeruginosa UG2Lr in soil Hall B., McLoughlin A.J., Trevors J.T., Leung K.T., Lee H.
08-3 Escherichia coli cells immobilized in a biofilm-like structure exhibit a high su Perrot F., Jouenne T., Feuilloley M., Vaudry H. , Junter G.A.
08-4 Recovery of heavy metals by immobilized microalgae Iqbal M., Pohl P.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
08-5 Aerobic sludge digestion by immobilized bacteria Takizawa S., Komatsu K., Vasanthadevi A.
P01 Transformation of immobilized competent cells instead of free cells and their us Efremenko E., Aliev T., Badalian I., Panina A., Varfolomeyev S., Wild J.
P02 Morphology of disperse oxides and features of the interfaces Gun ko V.M., Chuiko A.A.
P03 Air suspension coating of fine pharmaceutical powders with acrylic latices for p Ichikawa H., Fukumori Y
P04 Bacterial cell immobilization on polyacrylates with cyclic carbonate function in Dobreva E., Stefanova M., Ivanova V., Tonkova A., Kabainova L.
P05 High pressure encapsulation technology for functional ingredients from surplus m Onwulata C.I., Smith P.W., Holsinger V.H.
P06 Encapsulation by the jet cutting method : new development Prusse U., Bruske F., Breford J., Vorlop K.
P07 Development of a new method for the production of porous silicone carrier with i Bettin A., Hansen J., Breford J., Vorlop K.
P08 Adsorption or encapsulation of viable cells- what is the better choice for nitri Wilke T., Jahnz U., Vorlop K.
P09 A new multinozzle encapsulation/immobilisation system Brandenberger H., Widmer F.
P10 Polarographic determination of the diffusion of polyethylene glycols through cap Schuldt U., Stange J., Dautzenberg H.
P11 Chromatographic determination of porosity and permeability of microcapsules Woehlecke H., Ehwald R., Dautzenberg H., Schuldt U.
P12 Lipid vesicles coated by poly(oxyethylene) layer Yaroslavova E.G., Koulkov V.Y., Yaroslavov A.A., Kabanov V.A., Menger F.M.
P13 Interactions between immobilized cells and gel matrixes Bienaime C., Roisin C., Ribiero T., Nava Saucedo J.E., Barbotin J.N.
P14 Preparation of encapsulated whole cell enzyme beta-galactosidase using E. coli Bienaime C., Roisin C., Ribiero T., Nava Saucedo J.E., Barbotin J.N.
P15 Immobilisation of luminous bacteria into starch gel Shilova E.V., Abakunova V.V., Rodicheva E.K., Kratasyuk V.A.
P16 Capsulation and immobilization on network copolymers and their usage in biotechn Novikov V., Tzarykh K.
P17 The immobilization of incorporated fat-soluble bioactive substances and drugs on Golovkova L.P., Bidzilya V.A., Vlasova N.N., Chuiko A.A.
P18 Applied enzymology and glycobiology Lakhtin V.M.
P19 Design and preparation of gadolinium-reservoir microcapsules for neutron-capture Miyamoto M., Ichikawa H., Fukumori Y., Akine Y., Tokuuye K.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P20 Oral immunization of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss against vibriosis with mi Murano E., Gatta P.P., Mazzolini E., Giorgetti G., Bauce G., Perbellini A.
P21 The effect of encapsulated thrombin on the mast cell H secretion at wound healin Shestakova E., Umarova B., Dugina T., Markvicheva E., Kuptsova S., Strukova S.
P22 Biosorption of some metal ions by Propionibacterium sp. immobilized in alginate Czaczyk K.
P23 The applicability of covalently immobilized naringinase for the debittering of k Puri M.
P24 Reactor design and concept for application of immobilized living cells in the ci Durieux A., Depaepe C., Nicolay X., Pietercelie A., Jourdain J.M., Simon J.P.
P25 Enhancing the ecological competence of brewers yeast inocula through immobilized Walsh P., Mcloughlin A.J.
P26 Crosslinking treatment of loaded erythrocytes increases delivery of encapsulated Alvarez F.J., Jordan J.A., Lotero L.A., Diez J.C., Tejedor M.C.
P27 Acid phosphatase immobilization in chitosan beads and characterization Busto M.D., Garcia A.M., Ortega N., Perez-Mateos M.
P28 Differential macrophage recognition of carrier erythrocytes treated with differe Jordan J.A., Alvarez F.J., Lotero L.A.,Olmos G., Tejedor M.C., Diez J.C.
P29 In vitro studies of ADH and ALDH encapsulated into human RBCs by an electroporat Lizano C., Sanz S., Luque J., Pinilla M.
P30 Zymomonas mobilis cells entrapped into poly(vinyl) alcohol cryogel as the biocat Rainina E., Makhlis T., Bachurina G., Efremenko E., Lozinsky V.
P31 Zymomonas mobilis cells entrapped into poly(vinyl) alcohol cryogel as the biocat Bachiri Y., Cock-Gallaire L., Bajon C., Sauvanet A., Morisset C.
P32 Short-term cold storage and N2 drying of in vitro produced spores of an arbuscul Declerck S., Bottu P., Ouwerx C., Mestdagh M., Corbisier-Colson A.M., Delvaux B.
P33 Encapsulation of somatic tissue using electrostatics Al-Hajri H., Al-Maskari S., Al-Kharousi L., El-Mardi O., Goosen M.F.A.
P34 Immobilization affects transport properties of plasma membrane of algae cells Rudkovskaya E.E., Yurin V.M.
P35 Ca-alginate microencapsulation of hybridoma cells for continuous perfusion cultu Tinto A., Vila P., Tello R., Cairo J.J., Casas C., Godia F.
P36 Bio-entrapment evaluation and formulation of rhizobium isolates in alginate bead Ciampi L., Schobitz R., Fuentes R., Oyarzun J., Araya J., Gomez R.
P37 Bio-encapsulation of bacterial cells associated with the biological control of p Ciampi L., Bernal G., Schobitz R., Fuentes R.
P38 The influence of encapsulation of microbial cells on phenol degrading activity. Branyik T., Kuncova G., Paca J.
P39 Encapsulation for the production of synthetic seeds in agronomic crops Rao P.S., Ganapathi T.R., Suprasanna P., Bapat V.A.
Ref. Contributions 81 to 85 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P40 Encapsulation for the production of synthetic seeds in agronomic crops Rao P.S., Ganapathi T.R., Suprasanna P., Bapat V.A.
P40 The nature of interaction between immobilized nitrification and denitrification Kotlar E., Ramon O., Tartakovsky B., Sheintuch M.
P41 Bioencapsulation and studies on metal detoxification Chandran B., Subramanian T.V.
P42 Formation of microgel beads containing biocatalyst by electric dispersion of pol Poncelet D., Neufeld R., Goosen M.F.A., Burgarski B., Babak V.
P43 Microencapsulation of a somatostatin analogue into PLGA microspheres Blanco-Pietro M.J., Orsolini P., Heimgartner F., Besseghir K., Merkle H.P., Gand