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Fifth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

Postdam, Germany - September 23-26, 1996
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01 Bioencapsulation technology Jekel M., Vorlop K.
O02 Entrapment of biological Agents Patel A.V., Muller J., Muller R., Ehlers R., Vorlop K
O03 Cell entrapment within PVA-cryogel carriers : state of art and potential Lozinsky V.I., Plieva F.M.
O04 Structural molecular buildings provoke complex intercations between immobilized Nava Saucedo J.E., Roisin C., Bienaime C., Asanza Teruel M.L., Ribiero T, Barbot
O05 Inhomogeneity in alginate gel beads - Assessment of polymer gradients by mr-imag Skjaek-Braek G., Thu B., Goserod O., Rizzo R.
O06 Bioencapsulation within sol-gel silica matrices Roux C., Livage J., Burstein C., Da Costa J.M.
O07 A new encapsulation method Prusse U., Bruske F., Breford J., Vorlop K.
O08 The novel polymer Gels and the technology of producing thereof Tsarik L.Y.
O09 Immobolized cell technology for the production of beverages and foods Willaert R.
O10 Bioluminescent immobilized sensors Abakumova V.V., Kratasyuk V.A.
O11 Encapsulation of salt hydrates for water activity control in enzymatic catalysis Hessbrugge B.J., Vaidya A.M.
O12 New approaches to microbial transformations of organic coumpounds (sugar, steroi Spassov G., Pramatarova V.
O13 Two-stage immobilized cell reactor of the bacterium Zymomonas mobilis for simult Amin G.
O14 Enzymatic catalysis in organic media : entrapping enzymes and cofactors in hydro Koch M., Hartmeier W.
O15 PCS-hydrogels for the immobilization of viable cells - preparation and biologica Jekel M., Bettin A., Willke B., Vorlop K.
O16 Use of a biomatrix for fungal immobilization in the production of enzymes Iqbal Zafar S., Iqbal M.
O17 Medical applications of biocapsules Sandford P.
O18 Polyelectrolyte-liposome interaction Yaroslavov A.
O19 The effect of bio-co-polymers and plasticisers on the in-vitro release of chlorp Chukwu A., Mbanisi J.
O20 Microencapsulated hepatocytes as the cellular component in an extracorporal live Stange J., Mitzner S., Aldinger S., Peszynski P., Freytag J., Klammt S., Schmidt
Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O21 External versus internal source of calcium for the gelation of alginate beads fo Quong D., Neufeld R., Poncelet D., Skjaek-Braek G.
O22 Bioencapsulated thrombin as controlled delivery device for woung healing Markvicheva E., Dugina T., Kuptsova S., Strukova S., Kolokolchikova E., Chekmare
O23 Water soluble polymers for immunoisolation : complex coacervation and cytotoxici Hunkeler D., Prokop A., DiMari S., Haralson M.A., Wang T.G.
O24 Microcapsules as a novel alternative for systemic in vivo virus vector delivery Saller R. M., Stange J., Mitzner S., von Rombs K., Hutzler P., Dautzenberg H., G
O25 The use of magnetic beads sensitized by peptides for receiving of human monoclon Sidorova E., Borisova T., Rosen A.
O26 Mechanical strength of single microcapsules determined by a novel micromanipulat Zang Z., Saunders R., Thomas C.R.
O27 Packing and volume elasticity of microcapsules and microbeads. Possibilities of Fromer D., Lerche D., Dautzenberg H., Boeden H.-F.
O28 Animal cell immobilization Degooijer K.
O29 Artificial seeds as an aid to clone white mulberry (Morus alba L.) Pattnaik S.K., Chand P.K.
O30 Potential applications of nitrifying bacteria by immobilization in PVAL and PCS Jahnz U., Willke T., Jekel M., Vorlop K.
O31 Immobilization of enzymes and living cells by multilayer microcapsules Rilling P., Pommersheim R., Vogt W.
O32 Cell co-immobilization within polysaccharidic gel beads : a model system of bact Mater D.D.G., Barbotin J.N., Truffaut N., Thomas D.
O33 Construction of special consortia of cryoimmobilized microbial cells for multist Rainina E., Harvey S., Efremenko A., Badalian I., Wild J.
O34 Dynamics of artificially immobilized Nitrosomonas europaea : effect of biomass d Leenen E.J.T.M., Boogert A.A., van Lammeren A.A.M., Tramper J., Wijffels R.H.
O35 Removal of chlorinated compounds using mixed bacterial cultures immobilized in c Tartakovsky B., Petti L., Guiot S.
O36 Colloid-chemical aspects of bioencapsulation Babak V., Poncelet D.
O37 Physico-chemical properties of alginate gel beads and their incidence on retenti Velings N., Ouwerx C., Mestdagh M., Axelos M.
O38 Structures and magnetic properties of the spherical polyoxovanadates prepared by Yamase Toshihiro
O39 Development and characterisation of a new highly elastic carrier for immobilizat Bettin A., Muscat A., Vorlop K.
P01 Microencapsulated cis-cinnamoyl-chymotrypsin as detector of light signals Aisina R.B., Varfolomeyev S.D.
Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P02 Properties of microencapsulated hydrogen storage alloy Chen J., Dou S.X., Liu H.K.
P03 Encapsulation of yeast cells in protein-alginate coated beads : a preliminary st Michel S., Edwards-Levy F., Andry M.-C., Darsonville J., Levy M.-C.
P04 Conversion from glycerol into 1,3-propanediol by immobilized cells Reimann C., Wittlich P., Willke T., Vorlop K.
P05 The effect of immobilization on the viability and luminescence of recombinant Es Marincs Ferenc
P06 Membrane immobilized Bacillus Lichenformis cells for alpha-amylase production Dobreva E., Tonkova A., Ivanova V., Stefanova M., Kabainova L.
P07 Thermal conversion of vitamin D3 incorporated into silica gel porous system Dmitrenko O., Terenetskaya I.P., Eremenko A.M., Chuiko A.A.
P08 Immobilisation of Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 8014 as a strategy to improve the Condron P., Upton M., McLoughlin A.J.
P09 Potential of immobilied C. reinhardtii as biocatalyst in inorganic nitrogen remo Garbayo I., Vilchez C.
P10 Coupling of independent enzyme reactions by the use of a thermosensitive gel for Eremeev N.L., Kukhtin A.V., Sigolaeva L.V., Komarovskaya Y.G., Kazanskaya N.F.
P11 Immobilization of alkaline phosphatase by entrapment in chitosan beads Busto M.D., Garcia A.M., Ortega N., Perez-Mateos M.
P12 Calcium pectate gel to immobilize yeast for continuous beer production Domeny Z., Smogrovicova D., Gemeiner P., Malovikova A., Sturdik E.
P13 Polycarbamoylsulfonate (PCS)-prepolymers. A new matrix material for stable immob Grundig B., Jekel M., Vorlop K.
P14 Control of particle size and distribution during microencapsulation processes Jobmann M., Rafler G.
P15 Microcontainers (LUMITainers) for preparation of biological objects for electron Lerche D., Hesse R., Kiesslich O., Dautzenberg H., Lukanoff B., Tiersch B.
P16 Microencapsulation of enzymes and microorganisms for technical processes Dashevsky A., Hoffmann M., Pietzsch H.-R.
P17 Hollow beads for artificial seed construction Patel A., Muller I., Mix-Wagner G., Vorlop K.
P18 Entrapped mixed microbial cell technology for wastetreatment in land limited con Yang P.Y.
P19 Conjugated oxidoreductase reaction using enzymes-coenzyme co-immiblized alginic Nakamura Y., Suye S., Tabata I.
P20 Application of bioencapsulation by sol-gel method for construction of biosensor Branyik T., Kuncova G., Paca J., Jurek K., Kastanek F.
P21 Application of entrapped cells Gluconobacter oxydans for optimization of bioconv Svitel J., Gemeiner P., Vostiar I., Danielsson B.
Ref. Contributions 61 to 75 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P22 Immobilized enzyme system to avoid diacetyl formation : a new tool to accelerate Dulieu C., Boivin P., Dautzenberg H., Poncelet D.
P23 Improvement of urease-based biosensor for heavy metal ion determination Volotovsky V., Patskovskyi S.
P24 Powders containing iron : process of preparation Berk Z., Dumoulin E.
P25 alpha- and beta-galactosidase in immobilized cells of higher plants Stano J., Born I., Bezakova L., Kovacs P., Neubert K.
P26 Gelatin microcapsules impregnated with non-toxic antimicrobial agent having a br Krylova E.A., Babak V., Mulyukin A.L., Kozlova A.N., Duzha M.V., El-Registan G.I
P27 Preparation and antigen encapsulation of the PLA-PEG microspheres with micron si Xiongwei Li, Wenxiang Jia, Xianmo Deng
P28 Encapsulation for the production of synthetic seeds in agronomic crops Rao P.S., Ganapathi T.R., Bapat V.A.
P29 Immobilization of pectin methylesterase isolated from Vigna sinensis seeds Kumar A.
P30 Influence of cation-solution parameters on the carrageenan gel beads formation Michel A.S., Mestdagh M.M.
P31 Development of highly stable multifunctional pectin/chitosan coacervate capsules Dornenburg H., Knorr D.
P32 Cellulose sulfate/PDMDAAC polyelectrolyte complexes for the encapsulation of cel Stange J., Mitzner S., Aldinger S., Peszynski P., Freytag J., Klammt S., Schmidt
P33 Cryoimmobilized microbial cells for the production of useful compounds, for the Rainina E., Lozinsky V., Wild J.
P34 Comparison of different immobilized reactor configurations to accomplish the app Durieux A., Nicolay X., Jourdain J.-M., Garre V., Plaisant A.-M., Pietercelie A.
P35 Did the drying of entrapped cells in natural hydrogels stabilize those immobiliz Simon J.-P., Leloup R., Aranossian J.Y., Pietercelie A., Defroyennes J.-P., Duri
P36 Light-addressable potentiometric multisensor Patskovskyi S., Zhylyak G.