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Third International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

Brussels, Belgium - October 20-22, 1993
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Ox-y means Oral session x paper y. Px-y means Poster group x number y.

Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01 Immobilized cell technology in beer production Masschelein C.A., Ryder D.
O02 Continuous fermentation of apple juices Durieux A., Zellit A., Simon J.P.
O03 Ethanol tolerance of immobilized brewer s yeast Norton S., D Amore T., Watson K.
O04 Immobilized Enzymes as Process Tracers Pietercelie A., Lenges J.,Simon J.P.
O05 Production of alginate-chitosan beads containing a high hemoglobin concentration Huguet M.L., Dellacherie E., Groboillot A., Neufeld R.J., Poncelet D.
O06 Protein adsorption in alginate gel beads Velings N.M., Mestdagh M.
O07 Production of alginate microspheres by emulsification/internal gelation : applic Neufeld R.J., Poncelet D., Poncelet De Smet B., Groboillot A., Huguet M.L., Boad
O08 A novel method for coating alginate beads with a stable membrane made of covalen Edwards-Levy F., Andry M.C., Levy M.C.
O09 Multilayers entrapped cells production using drying process Vanderhaegen F., Simon J.P.
O10 Characterization of chymotrypsin immobilized in liposomes Dufour P., Laloy E., Vuillemard J.C., Simard R.E.
O11 Effect of time and cheese processing parameters on the leakage of immobilized en Laloy E., Dufour P., Vuillemard J.C., Simard R.E.
O12 Study of in vitro and in vivo stability of liposomes loaded with calcitonin or i Arien A., Goigoux C., Baquey C., Dupuy B.
O13 In vivo entrapment of carcinogen metabolites by microencapsulated targets in ass O Neil I.A., Loktionov A., Ridgway O., Poncelet D., Quong D., Neufeld R.
O14 Entrapped articular chondrocytes : the usefulness of supplemented alginate media Ramdi H., Lievremont M.
O15 Do alginate-polylysine microcapsules immunoprotect all pancreatic islets ? de Vos P., Wolters G.H.J., van Schilfgaarde R.
O16 Microencapsulation of tumour cells Vandenbossche G.M.R., Remon J.P., Mareel M., Clemminck G., Bracke M., Bruyneel E
O17 Performance and long-time stability of alginate/poly-lysine microcapsules Thu B., Smidsrod O., Skjak-Braek G.
O18 Alginate polycation capsules : interaction of polycation and alginate Thu B., Soon-Shiong P., Skjak-Braek G.
O19 Nitrogen removal with immobilized bacteria : the magic bead concept Santos V.A., Vasilevska T., Tramper J., Bruijnse M., Wijffels R.H.
O20 Pharmaceutical type capsules as coatings for artificial seeds Dupuis J.M., Molle F.
Ref. Contributions 21 to 26 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O21 Bioencapsulation of somatic embryos : a tool for the production of synthetic see Bazinet C., Timbert R., Kersulec A., Dufrene-Devillers V., Barbotin J.N., Thomas
O22 Stability of bacteriocin-producing strain Pediococcus acidilactici UL5 during co Huang J., Lacroix C., Simard R.E.
O23 Studies on encapsulated Rhizobium meliloti : morphological features, exopolysacc Jan S., Courtois J., Courtois B., Goethals G., Nava Saucedo J.E., Barbotin J.N.
O24 Rapid shunt to secondary metabolism by Gibberella fujikuroi biocatalyst beads Roisin C., Nava Saucedo J.E., Barbotin J.N.
O25 The procedure for protoplast immobilization affects morphogenesis and cell wall David H., Dargent R., Savy C., Liners F., Van Cutsem P., David A.
O26 The spatio-temporary evolutionary physiology of immobilized yeasts Simon J.P.