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November 2015
necessary to improve this parameter. Further analysis of melting behavior, crystalline state and rheological be- havior of the particles are necessary for the full physicochemical charac- terization of NLCs. Finally, the poten- tial of these lipid particles as safe and efficient nanocarriers, to be used on cosmetic formulations, is being eva- luated by the determination of the en- trapment efficiency to different active ingredients with commercial interest.
• Badea G., Lacatus I., Badea N., et al. Use of various vegetable oils in designing photoprotectivena- nostructured formulations for UV protection and antioxidantactivity. Industrial Crops and Products. 67, 18–24 (2015)
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• Zheng M., Falkeborg M., Zheng Y., et al. Formulation and characteriza- tion of nanostructured lipid carriers containing a mixed lipids core. Col- loids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 430, 76– 84 (2013)
Journal of Microencap- sulation Vol. 32, Number 7 (2015) imnc20/32/7
• Exploitation of pleiotropic actions of statins by using tumour-targe- ted delivery systems
Emilia Licarete, Alina Sesarman & Manuela Banciu
pages 619-631
• Enhanced stability of oral insulin in targeted peptide ligand trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles against trypsin Jiexiu Chen, Chong Liu, Wei Shan, Zhijian Xiao, Han Guo & Yuan Huang pages 632-641
• Synthesis of microcapsules contai- ning different extractant agents Ángela Alcázar, Manuel Carmona, Ana M. Borreguero, Antonio de Lucas & Juan F. Rodríguez
pages 642-649
• Cotton fabric functionalisation with menthol/PCL micro- and nano- capsules for comfort improvement Raffaella Mossotti, Ada Ferri, Ric- cardo Innocenti, Tereza Zelenková, Francesca Dotti, Daniele L. Marchi- sio & Antonello A. Barresi
pages 650-660
• Inhalable, large porous PLGA microparticles loaded with pacli- taxel: preparation, in vitro and in vivo characterization
Shohreh Alipour, Hashem Monta- seri & Mohsen Tafaghodi
pages 661-668
• Study on the effects of microencap- sulated Lactobacillus delbrueckii on the mouse intestinal flora Qingshen Sun, Yue Shi, Fuying Wang, Dequan Han, Hong Lei, Yao Zhao & Quan Sun
pages 669-676
• Optimization of paeonol-loaded microparticle formulation by res- ponse surface methodology Sha-Sha Li, Guo-Feng Li, Li Liu, Hui Li, Xiao Jiang, Xue-Ling Li, Zhi-Gang Liu, Ting Zuo, Li-Dong Weng & Qiang Liu
pages 677-686
• ICAM-1 targeted cata-
lase encapsulated PLGA-b-PEG nanoparticles against vascular oxidative stress
Ece Sari, Yeliz Tunc-Sarisozen, Hu- lya Mutlu, Reza Shahbazi, Gulberk Ucar & Kezban Ulubayram
pages 687-698
• Preparation and cellular targeting study of VEGF-conjugated PLGA nanoparticles
Yaling Shi, Mingyao Zhou, Jie Zhang &WenLu
pages 699-704
• Fabrication of redox-responsive magnetic protein microcapsules from hen egg white by the sono- chemical method
Shuangling Zhong, Xuejun Cui & Fangyuan Tian
pages 705-710
• Preparation, release and phy- sicochemical characterisation of ethyl butyrate and hexanal inclusion complexes with β- and γ-cyclodextrin
Yang Zhang, Yibin Zhou, Shengnan Cao, Songnan Li, Shanshan Jin & Shu Zhang pages 711-718
• Effect of emulsification and spray- drying microencapsulation on the antilisterial activity of transcinna- maldehyde
Nga-Thi-Thanh Trinh, Raja Lejmi, Adem Gharsallaoui, Emilie Dumas, Pascal Degraeve, Mai Le Thanh & Nadia Oulahal
pages 719-723
Vol. 32, Number 8 (2015) imnc20/32/8
• Spray congealing as a microen- capsulation technique to develop modified-release ibuprofen solid lipid microparticles: the effect of matrix type, polymeric additives and drug–matrix miscibility Priscilla Chui Hong Wong, Paul Wan Sia Heng & Lai Wah Chan
pages 725-736
• Preparation, characterisation and thermal properties of calcium alginate/n-nonadecane microcap- sules fabricated by electro-coextru- sion for thermo-regulating textiles Meghdad Kamali Moghaddam & Sayed Majid Mortazavi
pages 737-744
• Drug–carrier interaction analysis in the cell penetrating peptide-modified liposomes for doxorubicin loading Chang Liu, Qi Luo, YingFeng Tu, Gui- Ling Wang, YingChun Liu & Ying Xie
Fatima Pinto
Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon Bioengineering
Lisbon - Portugal

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