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November 2015
The combination of nanocores for- mation by nanoprecipitation with LbL self-assembly allowed for the nanoen- capsulation of RSV by using a PAH/ DS-composed shell. Modification of the traditional LbL technique avoided the use of intermediate washings. We changed a traditional microencapsu- lation approach for well soluble drugs encapsulated in multilayer shells to a nanoarchitectural design of well dis- persed low soluble RSV nanocolloids. The RSV release rate of LbL coated NPs was controlled by varying the number of PEs bilayers and shell composition. Moreover, using a PAH/DS-composed shell showed to significantly retain RSV in simulated stomach conditions, being the present technique proposed to for- mulate a viable oral delivery system for RSV.
• Santos, A. C., Veiga, F. & Ribeiro, A. J. New delivery systems to improve the bioavailability of resveratrol. Expert Opin. Drug Deliv. 8, 973-990 (2011).
• Santos, A. C., Pattekari, P., Jesus, S. et al. Sonication-assisted layer- by-layer assembly for low soluble drug nanoformulation. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, doi:10.1021/ acsami.5b02002 (2015).
• Díez-Pascual, A. & Shuttleworth, P. Layer-by-layer assembly of biopo- lyelectrolytes onto thermo/pH-res- ponsive micro/nano-gels. Materials 7, 7472-7512 (2014).
• Nokhodchi, A., Amire, O. & Jelveh- gari, M. Physico-mechanical and dissolution behaviours of ibuprofen crystals crystallized in the presence of various additives. Daru, J. Pharm. Sci. 18, 74-83 (2010).
*FFUC, Portugal; ‡ Lousiana Tech Univ. , USA
9th International Confe- rence on Advanced Tech- nologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2016) February 3-6, 2016
Milan, Italy
11th biennial Conference and Workshop on Biologi- cal Barriers
March 7-9, 2016
Saarland Gerlmany
https://www.kwt-uni-saar- riers-englisch/conference- program.html
10th Workd Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biophar- maceutics and Pharma- ceutical Technology
April 4-7, 2016 Glasgow, UK
http://www.worldmeeting. org/home/
19th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention
April 4-6, 2016
Frankfurt, Germany
http://bioencapsulation. net/2016_Frankfurt
Design and Manufacture of Functional Microcapsules and Engineered Particles
April 3-8, 2016 Siracusa (Sicily), Italy conferences/materials- science-including-nanotech- nology/
10th World Biomaterials Congress
Injectable biomaterials for cell therapy and tissue engineering
May 17-22, 2016 Montreal, Canada
8th Training School on Microencapsulation
May 30 - June 2, 2016
Cork, Ireland
http://bioencapsulation. net/2016_Cork
2016, May 31- June 5, 2016, Le Gosier (Guadeloupe, FWI) (France)
International Symposium on Polyelectrolytes 2016
June 27-30, 2016 Moscow, Russia
24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
August 21-26, 2016 Montréal, Canada
Ana Claudia Santos
University of Coimbra Pharmaceutical Technology Coimbra - Portugal
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