26th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Strasbourg, France - August 27-29, 2019

Scientific programme
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Posters [1 - 10] [11 - 20] [21 - 30] [31 - 40] [41 - 43]
Posters from 41 to 43
P-01 study and in vitro evaluation of microparticles containing laurus nobilis l. extract prepared by spray-drying
Berta Estevinho (Universidade do Porto , Portugal)
P-02 microencapsulation of enrich polyphenols extract of two species of lamiaceae family
Berta Estevinho (Universidade do Porto , Portugal)
P-03 3d printing an islet macroencapsulation device: engineering an immunoisolating alginate bioink
Brenden Moeun (McGill University, Canada)
P-04 co-encapsulation of chemo- and biocatalysts for chemoenzymatic one-pot reaction in tandem
Jan Pauly (Bielefeld Univ. Applied Sc., Germany)
P-05 kinetics of growth and digestion properties of protein-polyphenol multilayer films
Hooi Hong Lau (STAR, Singapore)
P-06 optimizing antigen encapsulation for a fish oral vaccine
José Miguel Troncoso (Cargill Aqua Nutrition, Chile)
P-07 survival of probiotics in non-aqueous skin formulation
Hans Tromp (NIZO food research, Netherlands)
P-08 preparation of artificial garlic cell by spray drying process
Lucie Mašková (U. Chem.&Technol. Prague, Czech Republic)
P-09 improve quality of a feed product using a mix-coating process
Anne-Laure Chapeau (MixScience - Avril Group, France)
P-10 microcapsule caking capabilities and applications
Bradley Scott (Encapsys, LLC, USA)