22nd Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Zurich, Switzerland - June 3-6, 2019

Convention Speakers

Antoine Beziau, BASF - Germany
Antoine Beziau Antoine Beziau is Laboratory Leader in Micro-encapsulation and Encapsulation Platform Leader at BASF SE - Germany
2016-2017: Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon Univ. USA – Matyjaszewski Laboratory on Controlled Radical Polymerization.
2011-2014: PhD at Strasbourg Univ. in Supramolecular chemistry.
2011: Master Degree at Strasbourg Univ. in Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry.
More info on https://www.basf.com/en/company/innovation.html
Jörg Brunemann, Harke Pharma - Germany
Jörg Brunemann Study of chemistry/biochemistry at university of Münster, Germany
Since October 1988 Harke Pharma (formerly Syntapharm)
1988-2006 Technical Sales Manager
2007-2016 Managing Director
Since 2017 Technical Sales Manager
Harke Pharma
Philipp Erni, Firmenich - Switzerland
Philipp Erni Philipp Erni has been a laboratory head at Firmenich’s R&D Division in Geneva since 2008. His research interests focus on delivery systems for flavors, perfumes and other active ingredients, and on soft materials & colloid science. Previously, he was a researcher at MIT in Cambridge MA, USA and at ETH Zürich, where he also obtained his PhD and MSc degrees. Firmenich
Stephan Heinrich, TUHH - Germany
S. Heinrich Stefan Heinrich received his Ph.D. at the Univ. Magdeburg in the field of fluidized bed spray granulation, where he was from 2000-2002 Assistant Professor and from 2002-2008 Junior Professor with Habilitation in particle technology in 2006. In 2008 he became full professor and Director of the Institute of Solids Process Engineering and Particle Technology of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH).
He is an executive board member of the German Working Party on Drying and chairman of the German Working Party on Agglomeration and Bulk Solid Materials of VDI-ProcessNet. He is also a chairman of the EFCE Working Party on Agglomeration and member of the EFCE Working Party on Mechanics of Particulate Solids. Stefan works also as Editor of the journals „Advanced Powder Technology“ and „Particuology“ and is chairman of the Partec 2019 in Nuremberg.
His main research interests are fluidized bed technology, particle formulation (granulation, coating, encapsulation, agglomeration) as well as multiscale simulation methods for particle systems. For his research activities in fluidized bed spray granulation he received the DECHEMA-Prize 2015.
Christophe Lacroix, ETH Zürich - Switzerland
C. Lacroix Christophe Lacroix was trained in food engineering, and is Professor for Food Biotechnology, Dep. Health Science and Technology, ETH-Zurich, since 2002, after being Professor of Dairy Biotechnology for 18 years at the Univ. Laval, Quebec, Canada. His main research interests include the fundamental and technological characterization of functional microbes and their roles in food and intestinal ecosystems, with multidisciplinary system-oriented aspects. This includes ecosystem study and microbe screening and characterization, functional studies and mechanisms, microbial technology, and intestinal research (from in vitro modeling to in vivo human studies). ETH Zurich
Léon Marteaux, Dow Silicones - Belgium
Léon Marteaux Léon Marteaux is Principal Research Scientist at Dow Performance Silicones. He pioneered the alkoxysilane-based inorganic microencapsulation technology. He earned a Food Engineer degree from the University of Louvain and a MSc in Cosmetic Science from the School of Pharmacy of the University of Brussels. He co-authored 5 academic papers, 2 chapter books and co-invented 30 patents. Dow
Gabrie Meesters, Delft University, The Netherlands
Gabrie Meesters Experience: 27 years of industrial formulations at Gist_brocades, Genencor International and DSM. 23 years as part time professor at TU Delft in Particle technology and product design. Currently full time professor at TU Delft, Fac of Applied Sciences, Product and Proces Engineerting.
Contributor to several books on formulations; Editor of three books on product design and solids.
Over 70 refereed papers, more than 20 patents, Supervised more than 100 BSc, MSc and PhDs.
Speaker at many conferences and workshops. Organiser of the 2010 Partec and the 2010 World congress on Particle Technology.
Delft Univ.
James Oxley, SwRI, Texas - USA
James Oxley James D. Oxley, Ph.D. is a Staff Scientist in the Microencapsulation section at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®) in San Antonio, TX, USA. Dr. Oxley directs staff engaging in contract research pertaining to encapsulation and controlled release. His responsibilities include delineating a research approach in encapsulation, process development, formulation development, analytical studies, and the development of novel micro- and nanoencapsulation techniques. Through his work over the past fifteen years at SwRI, Dr. Oxley has collaborated with hundreds of clients to develop encapsulated and controlled release products for use in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, cosmetics, consumer products, agriculture, paints and coatings, and energy storage. Dr. Oxley is former Secretary on the board for the Controlled Release Society, Steering Committee for the Bioencapsulation Research Group, and a member of the American Chemical Society. SwRI
Todd A. Schwantes, Encapsys - USA
Todd A. Schwantes Todd A. Schwantes, Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology, is a Principal Scientist at Encapsys in Appleton, WI, USA. Dr. Schwantes has been doing research and development in the microencapsulation field for the last 25 years and is the inventor or co-inventor of 23 US patents and numerous counterparts worldwide. He and his team currently focuses on developing new-to-the-world technologies and products for Encapsys’ customers. Encapsys
Rolf Tona, Erbo Spray - Switzerland
Rolf Tona Rolf Tona obtained his PhD in organic chemistry at the university of Bern 2005. He worked six years as process chemist in pharmaceutical industry before he joined Erbo Spraytec 2011. After being responsible for quality and R&D for five years he became head of production 2016. His main interests include development and production of innovative granules as additives in feed, food and cosmetics. Erbo
Jerome Vallejo, Lesaffre - France
Jerome Vallejo Jérôme Vallejo graduated as an engineer from ENSIA, France, and has a post-graduate diploma in Enzymology, Bioconversion and Microbiology Engineering (and has published works for the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, GB). He joined Lesaffre group in 1995, based successively in Mexico and Argentina as manufacturing manager of dry yeast, prior to joining the LIS in Cérences (France) as drying production manager. He is now in charge of the Process and Innovation Department, which includes in particular an expert laboratory for the characterization of powders in Rennes The Powder StudioTM and also provides process assistance throughout the Lesaffre group for the commissioning of installations all over the world: China, USA, etc. Lesaffre Ingredients Services
Jenny Weissbrodt, Symrise - Germany
J. Weissbrodt Dr. Jenny Weissbrodt studied food technology at the University of Bonn. She works on the microencapsulation of food ingredients, food additives and bioactive components since 1999.
Jenny's main focus area is drying technologies especially spray drying. In 2011 she took over the leadership of the technology scouting and development group for the flavor division of the SYMRISE AG in the headquarter Holzminden. Her tasks include the search for new technologies and materials for flavor encapsulation, improvement of existing technologies and development of new products and processes.