10th Microencapsulation Training School

Trondheim, Norway - September 18-21, 2018

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Uriel Barkai, Beta-O2 technologies, Israel
Uriel Barkai Cell Biologist. Authors of more than 35 papers and 8 patents. He has been involved in developing the bioartificial pancreas since 2006. Entrepreneur, SAB member and officer in the Biomed industry and involved in establishing companies in the fields of biosensors, cell therapy and wound healing. Beta-O2 technologies
Bjorn E. Christensen, NTNU, Norway
Bjorn E. Christensen Professor in biotechnology. Research of polysaccharide engineering: Structure, function, chemical and physical characterization (Chitosan, alginate, HA, xanthan, β-1,3-glucans++), Author of more than 100 papers in the area. NTNU
Anne des Rieux, UCL, Belgium
Anne des Rieux Following a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Université Catholique de Louvain (2006), and a post-doctoral research fellowship (BAEF) at Northwestern University, IL (2007) in the Shea Lab, she set up a research group within the Advanced Drug Delivery and Biomaterials unit focused on drug and stem cell delivery for the central nervous system repair. UCL
Terje Espevik, NTNU, Norway
Terje Espevik To be completed NTNU
Tim Kieffer, University of British Columbia, Canada
Tim Kieffer Professor in Departments of Cellular & Physiological Sciences and Surgery, member of the School of Biomedical Engineering, Head of Diabetes Research Group, author of more than 175 manuscripts. His Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Medicine is focused on gene and cell therapy approaches for diabetes. https://kiefferlab.com UBC
Igor Lacik, Polymer Institute SAS, Slovakia
Igor Lacik Research professor in macromolecular chemistry. Director of Polymer Institute SAS and Head of department for biomaterial research. Synthesis, characterization and application of water-soluble polymers. Over 120 publications. Development of polyelectrolyte microcapsules for islet encapsulation since 1994. Polymer Institute SAS
José Oberholzer, Virginia, USA
José Oberholzer To be completed #
Gorka Orive, University of Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Gorka Orive Full-time Permanent Associate professor of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics. He has been involved in cell microencapsulation since 2000. Author of more than 240 papers, 4 books, 35 book chapters and an H-index of 52. He has taken part in more than 300 events and coordinated more than 18 scientific research projects. University of Basque Country
Gudmund Skak Braek, NTNU, Norway
Gudmund Skak Braek To be completed NTNU


Paul de Vos, UMCG, The Netherlands
Paul de Vos The de Vos group has a major focus on cell-encapsulation for treatment of disease. The group has been instrumental in identifying causes of bioincomatibility. During recent years we have designed new approaches to support longevity of encapsulated cellular grafts. The group has published more than 190 scientific papers on the subject. UMGC
Denis Poncelet, Oniris, France
Denis Poncelet Professor in Food engineering, Denis Poncelet has been involved in developing microencapsulation methods since 1986. Author of more than 100 papers in the domain, he is president of the Bioencapsulation Research Group since 1992 and organized more than 70 microencapsulation conferences, training schools and industrial conventions. Oniris
Berit Strand, NTNU, Norway
Berit Strand To be completed NTNU


Finn Aachmann, NTNU, Norway
Finn Aachmann To be completed NTNU
Sven Even Borgås, Sintef, Norway
Sven Even Borgås Senior research scientist, PhD. Undergraduate in Physics and Mathematics, specialised in biophysics. PhD in molecular biology, post doc. In systems biology. For the last ten years working on advanced analytical chemistry, mostly by mass spectrometry including MALDI MS imaging, current focus is on nanomedicines. Sintef
Kurt I Draget, NTNU, Norway
Kurt Draget To be completed NTNU
Geir Klinkenberg, Sintef, Norway
Geir Klinkenberg To be completed Sintef
Elena Markvicheva, Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia
Elena Markvicheva Prof Elena Markvicheva is an author of more than 100 papers, 7 chapters in books and 7 patents. Her research interests deal with microencapsulation of tumor cells, anticancer drug delivery, evaluation of 3D in vitro models to test drugs and drug-loaded nanocarriers; encapsulation of bioactive molecules (peptides, proteins, DNA plasmids etc); development of biomaterials for tissue engineering. Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry
Anne Mari Rokstad, NTNU/CEMIR, Norway
Anne Mari Rokstad Research Scientist, Dr. philos in molecular medicine. She has worked with biomaterial biocompatibility within the field of alginate microencapsulation research and contributed with new insight through a blood model for molecular understanding and efficient screening of microcapsules inflammation. NTNU/CEMIR
Ruth Schmid, Sintef, Norway
Ruth Schmid Preparation and characterization of micro- and nanoparticles, as well as surface modification of polymers and polymer particles for applications in various industrial segments, e.g. medicine, animal health, cosmetics, house-hold and body care products, food and beverages, agriculture, etc. Special interest is in the emerging fields of nanomedicine. Sintef
Borjn Torger Stokke, NTNU, Norway
Borjn Torger Stokke Professor in Physics; with focus on Biophysics and Medical Technology. Stokke’s research interests are biopolymers structure function relationships, and applies various physical techniques (AFM, scattering, rheology, interferometry). Structure, molding and responsiveness of hydrogels are widely explored. Recently, we have adopting microfluidics for preparation of Ca-alginate gel microbeads. NTNU