10th Microencapsulation Training School

Trondheim, Norway - September 18-21, 2018

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Deadline and submission
Oral submissionsPoster submissionOral and grant selection
Before May 30, 2018Before June 30, 2018June 15, 2018

To be eligible to a grant your text must be submitted before May 30, 2018

Authors' recommendations

Instructions before to submit your text

Any author may submit several contributions. The person who submit a contribution must be the first author and presenter of the abstract.

  • The content of your contribution can not exceed one page, including:
    • Title
    • Authors
    • Your text divided in Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion & Conclusions, References,
    • Figures, and tables
    • Your picture, and you must be the person submitting the abstract,
    • Your name (in bold), affiliation and a short CV (3-4 lines).
    • You have to save your abstract at least every 15 minutes to ensure data logging.

As you click on some part of the form, a menu will appear allowing to select styles and functions available in this section (see below).

  • Before to start editing your abstract, prepare all images and keep them as png, jpeg, jpg or gif with a high resolution.
  • You have also to convert equations in images.
  • Images have to be uploaded using the menu and not paste from any software.
  • Avoid copy/paste from any word editor as it may include some undesirable code in the text.

Editing menu