3rd Latin-America Symposium on Microencapsulation

Pucon, Chile - November 27-29, 2017

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Scientific programme
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Posters [1 - 10] [11 - 17]
Session 1. Bioactive, cell and enzyme encapsulation

Francisca Acevedo (Universidad de la Frontera, Temuco, Chile)
Marijana Dragosavac (Loughborough University, UK)
Paul de Vos (University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands)

O1-1 Use of proteins as delivery vehicle of food bioactives
Brodkorb, A.
O1-2 Effect of size on load capacity and releaserate on microcapsules with carvacrol
Molina, V.,et al 2017.
O1-3 Polyphenols-loaded liposomes: incorporation stages and size reduction method
Silva-Weiss, A., Silva, W., Osorio, F., Giménez, B., Ahumada, M., Quilaqueo, M
O1-4 Cell-laden hydrogel bioprinting using enzymatic hydrogelation and inkjetting
Sakai, S., Enkhtuul, G., Ueda, K., Taya, M.
O1-5 Cellular solids & capsule formation, properties and food applications
A. Nussinovitch
O1-6 Essential oil loaded in freeze-dried lipid systems: an experimental design study
Baldim, I., Oliveira, W.P.