20th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Nantes, France - April 10-13, 2017

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Convention Speakers

Ron Versic, RT Dodge, USA
Ron Versic Ronald J. Versic, PhD is the Founder and President of the Ronald T. Dodge Company. His interest in controlled release includes microencapsulation, macroencapsulation, and small particle formation. The principle intended applications are in consumer products and in industrial uses. Dr. Versic was formerly with Pitney Bowes Corporation (Monarch Marketing subsidiary), where he was Director of Chemical R&D. Prior to that, he was a Project Engineer for the Standard Register Company where he worked on the development of chemical (carbonless) copy paper. RT Dodge
Rolf Tona, Erbo Spray, Switzerland
Rolf_tona Rolf Tona obtained his PhD in organic chemistry at the university of Bern 2005. He worked six years as process chemist in pharmaceutical industry before he joined Erbo Spraytec 2011. After being responsible for quality and R&D for five years he became head of production 2016. His main interests include development and production of innovative granules as additives in feed, food and cosmetics. Erbo Spray
Emmanuel Lavocat, Clextral, France
Emmanuel_Lavocat Emmanuel Lavocat, Engineer from Compiegne Technology University, works for Clextral since 1999, where he develops extrusion process for the agrofood industry. He is responsible for the pilote scale tests of extrusion process and product development for Clextral customers. Clextral
Patrice Bellon, CosmetoScent, France
Patrice_bellon Patrice Bellon PhD Pharmacist & Doctor in Pharmacy Medicine & Process, is President at Cosmetoscent since the 1st of July 2015, and President of The French Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SFC).
He was Vice President for Innovation Applied Research at Symrise during 15 years, after being R&D Headmanager for 6 years at Shiseido. He began his career as General Director, Head Pharmacist in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory (LHF). He continued to work as Director of Pharmaceutical Operations for OHF, then for Clonatec as General Director Head Pharmacist and at last for the Coryse Salome Franchise as General Director.
Maria Flores, Ingeniatrics, Spain
Maria_flores Maria Flores Mosquera is Director of R&D department at Ingeniatrics since 2004. She got her PhD in Chemistry from the Universidad Automoma of Madrid. She has extensive experience in R&D in the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) and the biopharmaceutical company Pharmamar. She is responsible for approving, planning and managing the design, verification and validation of the various R&D projects/services.  Her activity includes investigate, analyse and evaluate existing innovations in the sector.  She published 14 papers in high-level international journals and has more than 16 patent applications. ingeniatrics
Yu Hwan Kim, HS HI-Tech, South Korea
Yu_Hwan_Kim Yu Hwan Kim is R&D Director at HSHI-Tech since 2015.
He was Senior Engineer at Semiconductor Cleaning Lab of SEMES from 2012 to 2015.
Senior Engineer at Semiconductor Package Simulation Part of SK Hynix from 2009 TO 2012.
He got a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Solid Mechanics) at Inha University in 2009.
Carl Lentz, Microtek, USA
Carl_Lentz Carl Lentz has been the Technology Development since 2012 at Microtek Laboratories, Inc. in Dayton, OH, USA, working to improve and develop new microencapsulation techniques and products. He graduated from James Madison University in 1973 with a degree in chemistry, and then went on to earn a PhD from The Johns Hopkins University in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in 1978.
Since then, he’s had experience in both laboratory and production scaled projects for companies such as Eastman Kodak and Ferro Corporation with his most recent work at Microtek Laboratories Inc. He currently holds 24 patents and many publications in academic journals.
Yves Duccini, Seppic, France
Yves_Duccini Yves Duccini got a PhD in organic chemistry from Marseille University in 1983. He worked for Rohm and Haas from 1985 to 2005 and occupied several research and marketing functions in this company, particularly research director for Europe for detergent and water treatment applications of polymers, surfactants and preservatives from 1994 to 2005, and marketing director for water soluble polymers from 1994 to 2000. He owns 25 patents on polymers used for dishwashing, cleaners, oil production and water treatment, and patents for new preservatives for cosmetics and aqueous nail varnishes.
He joined Seppic in 2005 as global research director, was in charge of 110 research employees and Seppic filed on average 10 patents on new products every year. Since 2014 he is responsible for development of new markets and new opportunities such as encapsulation of actives and new applications.
Claus Jurisch, Koehler innovative solutions, Germany
Claus Jurisch Claus Jurisch is since 15 years specialized in development of carbonless copy paper and the corresponding microcapsules. Since 6 years additionally microencapsulation of other core materials, especially fragrances in homecare and laundry, self-healing systems and some other specialties. Much experience in requirements of microcapsules for tailor-made solutions, focus on triggered release by rupture. koehler-innovative
Claudio Ortiz, Colgate Palmolive, USA
Claudio_ortiz Claudio Ortiz has been working for Colgate Palmolive for 25 years in Personal Care Products. He worked in the Fragrance Technology Personal Care group for the last 15 years. The group has implemented several Fragrance Technologies in Personal Care Products. We mainly obtain technologies from suppliers that we evaluate in our products and validate that they give a consumer perceivable benefit. He has been an active member of the Controlled Release Society organization for more than 10 years. colgate-palmolive
Elodie Bourgeat-Lami, LCPP-CEP, France
Elodie_bourgeat_lami Elodie Bourgeat-Lami got a PhD on the “Study of the Physico-chemical and Catalytic Properties of Zeolite Beta” at University of Montpellier, and was appointed as a CNRS researcher in 1991, and currently is research director at the C2P2 laboratory (CPE, Lyon). She is an expert in colloidal architectures. She has been actively involved in developing novel chemical strategies toward the design of nano-structured particles with original shapes and controlled morphologies including (but not limited to) organic/inorganic particles, pigment encapsulation and polymer/polymer hybrids, using conventional and/or controlled radical polymerization techniques in dispersed media. She has co-authored 147 research articles, 9 review chapters, 7 patents and contributed over 40 invited lectures in national or international conferences. C2P2
Andreas Wagner, Polymium Scientific, Austria
A_Wagner Andreas Wagner is currently Head Liposome Technology at Polymun Scientific GmbH. He has significant expertise in formulation of hydrophilic, lipophilic and amphipathic substances into liposomes, LNPs and polymer based drug delivery systems. He is leading projects for development and optimization of GMP compliant products and processes of drug products for companies like AC Immune SA, Mirna Therapeutics or Nitto Biopharma Inc. He studied Food- and Biotechnology in Vienna, Austria and earned his Master and PhD degrees in the field of biopharmaceutical technology/ liposomology at the Institute of Applied Microbiology. He is listed as inventor on many patents on liposome technology and liposomal formulations. He published more than 20 articles dealing with liposomes, the technology, and application in preclinical and clinical studies. polymun
Denis Poncelet, Oniris, Nantes
Denis_Poncelet Denis Poncelet, PhD in Science from University of Liege, Belgium, is involved in microencapsulation since 1986, first at McGill University (Canada), and Flamel Technologies (France). Since 1993, is full professor at ENSIAA, Nancy and then Oniris, Nantes. He is funder of Capsulae company. He has published near to 100 articles and book chapters on microencapsulation. As president of the BRG, he has organized more than 60 microencapsulation events. Oniris