24th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Lisbon, Portugal - September 21 - 23, 2016

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Getting to Lisbon Lisboa
By plane
  • Air Lisboa International Airport is the largest Portuguese airport, located 7km from the city centre. Lisboa Airport operates daily flights to and from major cities worldwide. Lisboa Airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
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  • Lisbon city center can now be reached from Lisbon Airport directly by metro (see below). The Airport Metro Station operates from 06:30 to 01:00. This connection takes you from the airport to the city centre in about 21 minutes.
  • The average fare between the Airport and the center of the city by cab should be around 9€ to 12€. Call for a cab anytime at (+351) 21 811 1100 (Antral), (+351) 21 343 0677 (Eurocoop) or at (+351) 21 936 2113 (Radio Taxis co)
By train
By car
  • Coordinates: Latitud: 38.758023 | Longitud: -9.15312
Travelling downtown and to the conference venue

Carris Transportes Lisboa offers a webpage to plan your journey your journey using Carris (buses and trams), without performing transhipment.

By metro
  • To travel by metro, you have to get a 7 colinas or Viva viagem card, which you can use to charge several tickets of a single type of fare.
  • metro card When you charge the card for the first time, it is necessary to buy the card, which costs 0.50 € and is valid for one year. During this period, the card can be charged and reused as and when necessary. However, should you wish to recharge your 7 Colinas card with a different type of ticket, you will first need to use up the original type. Once the validity period of a year has expired, the cards can no longer be recharged, but any remaining tickets may still be used or transferred to a new card.
    Further details about Metro Transportes de Lisboa.
  • Travel Tickets Carris / Metro: 1.40€
    Tickets 24H: 6 €
By bus and tram
  • Bus Lines 36, 83, 701, 706, 735, 738, 745, 747, 750, 755, 767, 777, 778, 796/798.
    Nearest stops will be at Campo Grande Norte or Campo Grande (Metro).
  • Complete information here.
By taxi
  • The local taxis work with two main rates:
    • Rate 1, during the week between 6am and 9pm
    • Rate 2, at night 9pm - 6am and on weekends. Rate 2 is 25% more expensive.
    The fare outside of the city is calculated on a km basis upon leaving the city limits, about 0,40 €/km. Any motorway tolls are paid by the client. When taking a cab, try to enquire about the price to your destination first. Save your receipt and check if the licence plate matches the receipt details. See if the meter is running and rate code is correct. The rate code is displayed on the top of the car.
    • Taximeter starting rates are:
      • Rate 1 day - 2,00 €.
      • Rate 2 night and weekends 2,50 €.
    • Luggage: 1,60 € (bigger than 55x35x20cm)
    • Animals: 1,60 €
    • Call: 0.80 €
  • Call for a cab anytime at (+351) 21 811 1100 (Antral), (+351) 21 343 0677 (Eurocoop) or at (+351) 21 936 2113 (Radio Taxis co)
  • The average fare between the Airport and the center of the city should be around 9 € to 12 €.