18th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Eindhoven, Netherlands - April 22-24, 2015

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and discover Eindhoven. The country’s fifth-largest city is unmistakably the most adventurous city in the south of The Netherlands. A bustling city centre with a huge variety of shops, numerous bars, pubs and restaurants, welcoming terraces, a lively nightlife, an overflowing events calendar and art and culture of the highest quality! But Eindhoven also has a rich historical background; at first sight a young and modern city, it is actually one of the oldest in The Netherlands!. You will find all type of information:

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DAF Museum
A visit to the DAF Museum means a journey through time, along the historical heritage of Doorne's Aanhanhwagen Frabriek. This from the founding of the company by their brothers and Wim van Doorne to the most modern trucks that come in Eindhoven DAF factories of the band.
The tour begins at the place where the brothers Van Doorne had made available their first workshop. The workshop was in fact a large smithy which has been completely restored and shows what tools were used then.
The history of the DAF car goes past a variety of historic vehicles with plenty of attention to the revolutionary drive DAF, the Vario Matic, popularly referred to as "smart gear stick."
Cutaway models on the components gallery showing the many possibilities of the stepless drive, which is currently used worldwide.
DAF cars performed over the years in motorsport. The museum can be visited them unique pieces. The DAF 55 which include Rob Slotemaker in 1968 London-Sydney Marathon harsh completed. A feat that was 25 years later, repeated in 1993. Are also to be admired racing cars Vario Matic.
In addition, there are found many prototypes of cars that were never put into production, such as the royal beach car, which was designed by Michelotti based on a DAF 32 and as a beach wagon served in Porte Ercole. And not to mention built by Hub van Doorne home "driving raincoat", a tricycle that could be at home in the corridor based.