23th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

Delft, Netherlands - September 2 - 4, 2015

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Touristic information
  • The Lindenhof conference dinner venue.
    The Lindenhof lies in the middle of the rural quarter in Delft that was built around 1880 for staff of the nearby Gist- en Spiritusfabrieken. The monumental building served as a cultural centre and lies in the Agneta park which was designed by the famous architect Zocher (also known for the Vondelpark in Amsterdam). The Lindenhof also thanks its nomination on the list of national monuments to its interior: the authentic Toneelzaal (theatre room) and the beautiful wall paintings.
  • Touristic information : Delft enjoys a worldwide reputation due to its connection with Johannes Vermeer, Delft Blue earthenware and the Royal House relive its glorious past as you wander along canals, churches, mansions and courtyards. This university town also offers canal tours, museums, markets and many pubs. Discover Delft