2nd Latin-America Symposium on Encapsulation

Joao Pessoa, Brazil - November 24-26, 2014

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Participant registration fees

Registration fees include:

  • Entrance to the conference and exhibition rooms, proceedings, coffee breaks, meals, conference dinner.
  • BUT are not included accommodation, transport to the conference, transfer from hotel to conference.

Registrants as student must be less than 30 years old.


Class Industrial Academic Student Exhibitor Exhibitor2
Before 15-10-2014 1500 R$ 900 R$ 600 R$ 3000 R$ 600 R$
After 15-10-2014 3000 R$ 1100 R$ 800 R$ 6000 R$ 600 R$

Payment will be done through the BRG account in Euros

Accompanying persons are not allowed on the conference site, but will be welcome to attend the gala dinner (50 R$, to be paid in cash on site, please advise us in advance).

How to pay ?
  • Login, select Registration, then Payment and invoice.
  • You may pay by:
    • Credit Card → click on Credit card logo
    • Bank Transfer or Check drawn on a French Bank → click on invoice logo to get instructions
    • You have to pay the banking charges. We advice to pay by credit card to avoid them.
  • Once registered, printable and editable invoices are available (select Registration, then Payment and invoice)
  • If needed, you may edit a new address and include your own reference.
  • Acquitted invoices will be provided to each participant at the registration desk.
Invitation letter
  • Invitation letter will be sent only to confirmed participants (who at least paid their BRG annual membership).
  • Original invitation letter will be sent upon request (consider minimum one week to get it).
  • Invitation letter will be sent to the address given in your registration form.
  • The invitation letter specifies that you have been registered, if you paid your participation fees, if you submitted a contribution, and if you have got a financial.
  • No responsibility is endorsed by the organizers regarding your travel and accommodation expenses.
  • No special format letter is provided.
How to get an Invitation letter ?
  • Request an invitation letter only if you really need it.
  • Login, select Registration, then Invitation letter
Cancellation policy
Cancellation done
BRG membershipbefore 15-10-2014before 15-10-2014after 15-10-2014
Non-refundableFees are fully refundedFees are half refundedFull payment is due
  • Note that registrants who do not cancel their participation before 15-10-2014 and do not pay their participation fees will be removed from the BRG address book.
How to cancel your participation ?
  • To cancel, log in, select "Status & grant", then go at the bottom of the page and click on "Click here to cancel your registration".
How to reconfirm your participation ?
  • To reconfirm, log in, select "Status & grant", then click on "Click here to reconfirm your registration".