2nd Latin-America Symposium on Encapsulation

Joao Pessoa, Brazil - November 24-26, 2014

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Hotels and accommodation

Each participant has to make his/her own room reservation in the hotel of his/her choice.

Hotels from the Group Nord which have a special price for the symposium.

Click here to get the price list of 6 hotels from the Group Nord which have a special price for the symposium.
When booking the hotel please inform that you are going to participate to the 2nd Latin-American Symposium on Encapsulation organized by UFPB and that you wish to get the special price agreed with UFPB. This should be valid for all hotels from the Group NORD.
Quando fizer a reserva de um hotel do Grupo Nord informar que irá participar do II Simpósio Latino-Americano de Encapsulação e que deseja a Tarifa especial para UFPB.

Additional options

João Pessoa has many lodging options. The campus is located in Castelo Branco district, thus the hotels listed here are on the beaches of Cabo Branco and Tambaú.

Ambassador Flat

Adress: Av. Cabo Branco, 1890, Praia do Cabo Branco
Phone: +55 (83) 3044-6700/ fax: +55 (83) 3044-6702

Quality Hotel

Adress: Av. Cabo Branco, 2870, Cabo Branco
Phone: +55 (83) 3041 7000 / fax: +55 (83) 3041 7001

Ibis Hotel

Adress: A. Cabo Branco, 4350, Praia do Cabo Branco
Phone: +55 (83) 21089200/ fax: +55 (83) 21089201

Anna Mar Hotel

Adress: Praça Santo Antônio, 36, Praia de Tambaú
Phone: +55 (83) 2108-7000

Imperial Hotel

Adress: Av. Almirante Tamandaré, 612, Praia de Tambaú
Phone: +55 (83) 3107 7777

Other options

There are also websites that offer promotions and accommodation booking with different prices: