2nd Latin-America Symposium on Encapsulation

Joao Pessoa, Brazil - November 24-26, 2014

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Travel to João Pessoa/PB
By plane

The closest major airport to João Pessoa is Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport. It is located just 20 minutes away from UFPB and 30 min from most hotels. The price of the taxi ride is 60 to 80 reais (depending on the timing). Tip: Airport taxis are more expensive because the airport is located in another city (Bayeux). Best is to book in advance a taxi from João Pessoa city!

Moving downtown

Taxi is the quickest and safest way to get around the city. From the airport one can easily get a taxi to your destination. To order it, you can use the following numbers:

  • Coopertáxi: 0800-0831234
  • Radiotáxi: 3241-6500 or +55 83 32233333
  • Rota táxi: 8809-3817
  • Use Taxi: +55 83 32346090 ou 08000830500
  • Disk Taxi: +55 83 32231700
  • Tele Taxi: +55 83 32415656
  • Gertúlio: +55 83 99774999
  • Sr. Souza: +55 83 88423620

You may also use the online taxi service, Easy Taxi. The tool allows you to know the exact location of where the car is, and the average time of arrival.
It’s even possible to calculate the value of the ride using the tool Taxi Price

Rental cars

For the ones who wish to rent a car, the city has several licensed companies. Find out more on:

Travel to Recife/PE

The Gilberto Freyre International Airport (Guararapes) can also be a good alternative for foreigner destinations. It is located in Recife, the capital of Pernambuco. From there one can order a taxi in advance to João Pessoa, and it costs from 200 to 250 reais. The time of the trip is 2 hours long.
Those that are flying to Recife can get in contact with the Conference organization, which will give you support on booking the taxi and grouping the participants according to the flight arrival.

Public transport from hotels to UFPB
  • From Hotels in Cabo Branco: Bus nº 507 direction “Integraçäo”. Change on first stop of Av. Epitácio Pessoa to any of the following buses: 5600, 5603, 5605, 1510, 1519, 2501, 2514, 2515, 3507, 517 direction “UFPB” (Federal University of Paraiba).
  • From Hotels in Tambaú: Buses nº 5600, 5603, 5605 direction UFPB (Federal University of Paraiba).
The fare of each bus ride costs R$2,20 and it’s paid inside the bus. For a better understanding, the website www.onibusjp.com shows all buses routes and directions for the public transportation of João Pessoa.

Taxis: The ride from the hotels located at the beaches of Cabo Branco and Tambaú to UFPB costs between R$20 and R$25.